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Toppers And Extensions

Sunday, 11 February 2018 09:47:45 Europe/London

Your hair has been thinning, maybe for years, and now it’s gotten too thin to look how you want it to. You’ve tried thickening powders and makeup to no avail. But you’re not ready or willing to go head first into a wig. You do have some hair and either it’s thinning and showing more of your scalp than you’d like, or it’s just getting harder and harder to manage your slow hair loss. What other hair options are out there? There are some awesome options that add to your existing hair and help you have beautiful, thick locks that look amazing (and stay in your hair for weeks at a time.)

Toppers, also called toppettes or hair pieces are a small section of hair that covers only the top portion of your head. Toppers are attached to your own existing hair by gluing, weaving or clipping. The type of topper that you choose will dictate the length of wear. Long term wear toppers will be woven or glued in, shampooed and styled with your own hair and removed and replaced by a professional every 4-5 weeks. Short term or daily wear toppers will be clipped in and taken off each day and shampooed after 10-12 wearings. Far from your idea of a 'wiglet' or ‘toupee’, the topper is perfect for women with thinning hair due to age, hormones, or androgenic alopecia. You’ll be shocked at how GREAT you look with more hair! It blends in with your natural hair and it’s comfortable and easy to care for. Toppers can be human hair or synthetic and no matter which one you choose A Wig and a Prayer has amazing options!

Like toppettes, extensions add fullness and body to existing hair. They can lengthen short, thin locks, and turn them into gorgeous, thick ones. They’re perfect for when you need more hair but due to androgenic, hormonal hair loss, just can’t grow it any more. Keep in mind that with extensions you have to have enough hair to hide the extension attachment. Extensions are best when your own growing hair is strong enough to hold them. If you have any questions about whether you are a candidate, give us a call! Your hair CAN look better. Odds are you’ve gotten used to the thinness of it, maybe haven’t noticed just how much of your scalp you can see. With a topper or extension, you can have the beautiful hair you had (or maybe always wanted!)

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Heatless Curls or Waves

Thursday, 8 February 2018 05:51:11 Europe/London

Dampen your synthetic hair. Squeeze a small amount of whichever cream-based moisturizer you have for your wigs at home onto the palm of your hand. Once you’ve done that rub your hands together and make sure to run the moisturizer through your synthetic hair until it’s completely gone from your palm. Also, that the product is in your hair thoroughly throughout the hair so there is not more product on it in one spot. The moisturizer will help the synthetic wigs hold the curls better and will also protect it depending on what product you have.

An alternative would be to use an olive oil in place of the cream moisturizer.

Roll the hair with the perm rods or cold curlers. Settle on the size you desire your curls to be and lay out more than a few sizes of perm rods (depending on how you’d like to style your hair). Next you are to divide your hair into petite sections and rotate it up and onto a perm rod. Be certain that you do snap the ends together so the hair stays tightly wound on the rod. Continue this process until you’ve rolled all of the hair against perm rods.

Some advice would be to try and differ the sizes of the rollers to get diverse sizes of curls. If you are seeking a more natural look, keep the curls near your neck and the back of your head larger and looser for a fuller look. Use smaller perm rods for the curls near your face so they’re lesser and tighter.

Immerse the perm rods in hot water. Fill up a mug 2/3 full of water and heat it for about a minute. Cautiously, submerge each perm rod with hair into the hot water and hold it in the mug for about 15 to 20 seconds. Please make sure to do exactly how it says so you do not have any damage done to your cap or hair. Elevate the perm rod out and douse each of the other perm rods in one at a time.

If your water cools, reheat it and continue the dipping procedure.

Of course, always use caution when handling hot water. If the mug is too hot to handle, wait till it’s comfortable to pick up with your bare hands.

Let hair dry. Keep the hair in the perm rods and let them cool and dry completely before you begin to take it out. If you take them out to soon the curls will not hold properly. They may dry quickly or take a full day to dry, depending on how much hair you wrapped on each curling rod. If you want to sleep with the perm rods in so your curls set overnight, you must wear a protective cap so they do not fall out.

If you’re short on time, you could set it next to a low setting fan. Just ensure that the fan does not blow too hard or it will creating tangles.

It’s Time! Once the hair has entirely dried around the entire human hair wig, it’s time to gently remove them! The curls will most likely be tense and bouncy when pulled. If you’d like them to stay tight and close to your head, just leave them alone. If you’d like the curls to look softer or fluffier, run your fingers through your hair and play with the curls a little.

You can also separate curls into smaller ones. This can make them look softer and adds volume to your hair.

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Care For A Synthetic Wig

Friday, 2 February 2018 10:34:47 Europe/London

While synthetic wigs require less maintenance than their virgin human hair counterparts, they still need some care in order to last as long as possible. Even though synthetic wigs look perfect as soon as you take them out of the box, it will take some effort on your part to make them stay this way.

Always Shake It Out
When you first take the wig out of the box, shake it out. Don’t brush it. Allow it to hang for a while before wearing. Each time you take the unit off your head, shake it out and let it hang until you need it again. Don’t fold it into the box. The wig will last longer if you have a mannequin head to keep it on. If you don’t, you can use hooks and hangars with pins or invest in a special wig stand. As long as the hair is hanging, it will keep its good looks.

  • Perruque Royale Lisse Lace Front Synthétique

Wash It Properly
Synthetic wigs need to be washed every ten to twelve uses. Before running it under water, untangle it carefully with your fingers. Always wash your synthetic wig in cold water. Apply special wig shampoo. In order to avoid frizz, you can add a bit of a fabric softener to the water. Leave the wigs to soak for five minutes and rinse thoroughly. Pat the wig dry. Never wring it. Allow it to air dry while hanging.

Be Smart About Brushing
If you want your wig to look as beautiful as natural hair, be smart about brushing. Purchase a special synthetic wig brush or a boar-bristle one. Start brushing from the bottom, carefully going up to the roots. Make sure the wig is completely dry before brushing. Don’t use hair gel on your synthetic wig. However, water-soluble hair sprays are permitted.

  • Perruque Magique Lisse Lace Front Synthétique

Remove Before Sleep
If you don’t remove your wig before sleep, you reduce its life expectancy by half. All your efforts to keep it looking brand new will be in vain if you decide to sleep on the wig. It may become wrinkled and frizzy. No matter how tired you are, make sure you take the wig off and hang it. Even drag queen wigs may be ruined by sleeping on them.

Keep Away From Heat
Unless you have a heat safe wig, you have to keep it away from the heat and open fire. Synthetic wigs may melt and become frizzy upon touching a heated surface. Be careful when cooking. Boiling water will ruin your hair just as fast as an open fire. Even the best wigs are helpless against scolding heat.

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How to Wash A Human Hair Wig

Wednesday, 31 January 2018 09:30:34 Europe/London

Washing a human hair wig is a lot like washing your own hair. The main difference is that you don’t get shampoo in your eyes and you don’t have to wait for your hair to dry before you go to bed! Another very important difference is that you have to use cold water when shampooing human hair.

  • Perruque Plaisante Ondulée Synthétique Lace

Begin by squirting a small amount of shampoo (about the size of a quarter) and swish it around in a basin or sink of cold water. Gently twirl the wig in the water without tangling it. Think of it like the hair equivalent of folding egg whites into a recipe.

After twirling for a minute or two, leave to soak for ten to fifteen minutes. Remove the wig from the water and gently squeeze out the excess moisture. Drain the soapy, grubby water and rinse. If you do not have good water pressure, put your hand under the cap of the wig and hold it under the bath tap to rinse it really, really well. If your water pressure is okay, you can simply rinse it under a strong flow in the bathroom sink.

As the water runs over the wig, just squeeze, never rub. If you don’t get rid of all the shampoo, the wig will turn out all gummy and horrible, so it is essential to be through. Wrap a towel around the wig and squeeze, just like when you wash your panty hose, to get rid of excess moisture. By now, the wig should look and smell clean. That’s right. Give it a little whiff.

Perruque Splendide Ondulée Lace Front Cheveux Naturels De Style Wendy Williams
Perruque Splendide Ondulée Lace Front Cheveux Naturels De Style Wendy Williams

Now, take some conditioner. This is very important because it keeps it from frizzing and helps it retain the style. Gently squeeze the wig to get the conditioner all over. Make sure you spray the conditioner at the base. This is where the curl starts, it’s where the silhouette starts. Use about nine spritzes.

If it is a straight wig, lay it on the towel and let it dry. If it is curly, spiky or has a lot of little things going on, turn it inside out to maintain the integrity of the style.

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What style of wig do you prefer?

Thursday, 25 January 2018 11:45:34 Europe/London

Wigs are available in many different styles and colors to suit any look. Choose one that is flattering and makes you feel confident and attractive. For the most natural look, choose a wig in the texture and color of your natural hair or the hair of your close family members .

Haircut: The haircut and style of your wig is mostly personal preference, but there are a few general guidelines to keep in mind. Choose the style of wig before choosing the color, since most styles are available in specific colors that are unique to their particular brand. Human hair wigs can be cut and styled just like natural hair. People with medical conditions that make them tire easily or those who don’t have much spare time might want a cut that requires little daily styling.

Colour: Natural hair wigs are most commonly made from black or dark brown hair that is stripped of its color and dyed, so there may be some color fading over time. Keep in mind that your wig will look most natural if you choose one in your natural shade and texture. If you have naturally curly, red hair, a curly, red wig will appear more natural than a straight, black one.

Texture: Wigs and hair pieces are available in many textures to mimic the natural hair of people of different backgrounds. For example, you can purchase a wig with straight, wavy or curly hair types. The texture of natural hair wigs depends on their source, typically Indonesia, India, China and Europe. Hair from China has the thickest strands and is very straight and harder to curl. Hair from Indonesia is the most common and affordable and its texture varies from slightly wavy to curly.

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How to select a wig or hair piece?

Monday, 22 January 2018 10:47:17 Europe/London

When most people want to change hair style or loss their hair, they probably think of a cap that stretches over the entire top and back of the head. But wigs and hair pieces come in several different types and cuts. You may not need or prefer to purchase a full wig.

Full wig: Full wigs provide the most coverage and will cover the entire top of your head or all of your natural hair. Anyone can wear a full wig, but they are usually recommended for those with substantial or total hair loss, or those who want to cover all of their natural hair to completely change their hair’s appearance.

  • Perruque Romantique Cheveux Natureles Lisse Lace Front

3/4 wigs: Three-quarter wigs are great for people who want to show their natural hairline or who want to avoid using wig glue or tape on their foreheads. Three-quarter wigs sit slightly away from the face and secure to the remaining hair with combs.

Clip in bangs or extensions: For women who are losing hair at their hairline and want to mask the receding line, clip in extensions or bangs, sometimes called a lace frontal, might be a good solution. These attach to your natural hair, usually with small alligator clips. Choosing one in the same color and texture as your existing hair will help it to blend with your hair and look more natural.

Top pieces: A top piece, is a partial wig designed to sit on top of your head and cover hair loss that is localized to one area. Many women lose hair along their part lines, while men tend to lose hair in a circle on the crown of their heads. Top pieces can clip to your remaining hair or glue or tape to your scalp, then blend with your remaining hair to give a natural appearance.

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Find A Wig To Match You

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 11:42:28 Europe/London

For most of the women, growing hair naturally is not a simple task. They actually turn to wigs and also several other methods of temporary lengthening their hair, whereas others try to find a permanent solutions of lengthening their hair. One of these methods is said to be hair extension method, which is used by in fact numbers of celebrities these days to a large extent.

The problem actually comes with pricing. Most of the extensions are actually highly expensive in fact you buy them with the help of your local salon or beauty supply store. However, they don't need to be. Here is the most important method to get the affordable hair extensions online, in order to save you a ton of money.

When you are actually ready to find your human hair wigs online, you will definitely need to follow the most important method of buying online, you will require a genuine online retailer to buy these. You must choose a perfect online retailer offering their products at genuine costs. You should never approach unidentified online retail store for getting such products as there you will get an opportunity to get your products.

First and foremost, you may be seeking to access website to search for cheap hair extensions and then the most popular brand you will be able to pull out. However, this is something that could be extremely expensive in stores in your location; it is certainly quite convenient to find out inexpensive human hair extension online with the help website. You can also set your eyes on different auctions for their extensions and also find that exact length which you are seeking to get. In addition, sometimes you can also find quite longer, but this is quite longer and is length of the extensions, the more actually they will cost you.

Once you find the length, you can then look at the cost as well as shipping. Some sellers will definitely provide affordable costs, but the shopping is quite higher. So, there is need to pay close attention and also the shipping together. Most of the seller actually prefer to the idea of selling products at affordable prices with expensive shipping. So, you are advised to consider the things properly to make decision accordingly.

Moreover, the last but not least thing that you should do is to select a proper color that you actually seek to have. Most of the real hair wigs are available in completely different shades that are quite easy to match your color of hair.

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Various And Stylish Cheap Mens Hair Wigs (2)

Thursday, 14 December 2017 09:38:52 Europe/London

Cheap mens wigs are absolute behindhand of the purpose.

Abounding of them can be acclimated to about-face amid across-the-board hairstyles and users can break in blow with the latest trends after spending months growing their hair. The balding ones are far added able at accoutrement balding and can be acclimated as an abiding band-aid abnormally a part of average age-old men who ache from balding. With abounding styles accessible cheap wigs are accessible for users to acquisition one that matches their appearance and above hair.

Cheap human hair wigs are ideal for accustomed acceptance and can be absorbed to the arch with little or no effort. With abundant layers of cheap hair wigs activated the cheap hair wigs alone have to be removed during sleep. With them a user can extend the breadth of their accustomed hair to a measurement they adopt giving an added complete and affected attending for abounding women.

There are abounding altered types accessible online and users can acquirement these cheap hair wigs at any accustomed time.

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Various And Stylish Cheap Mens Hair Wigs (1)

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 10:08:47 Europe/London

The cheap hair wigs are able solutions for administration hair loss. The ancillary furnishings in some treatments can aftereffect in all-encompassing hair loss. Abundant bargain ones can be purchased for those who ambition to add a fashionable attending to their cheap hair wigs. They can be beginning online and through salons. Abounding of them appear in altered colors and styles advised to accommodate the user with capricious options.

All of cheap human hair wigs are fabricated from accurate hairs and contains no constructed fibers that are generally acclimated with cheap wigs. The band is ancient for hair extensions and coloring as well. With them a user can extend the breadth of their accustomed hair to a measurement they adopt giving an added complete and affected attending for abounding women.

The cheap mens wigs also appear in abounding varieties and styles. Each will alter due to color and purpose. However abounding of cheap wigs is advised for fashionable abrasion and can be absorbed and removed calmly after the charge for any securing. Accoutrement up balding with them can be annoying due to the attributes of the condition. For this purpose abandoned abounding of cheap wigs appear with an abounding attic and can be acclimated to awning the absolute breadth of balding. To acquisition the appropriate ones users accept to aboriginal appraise the areas that accept to be covered. Balding generally occurs in several patches and bargain wigs accept been ancient to awning abounding of these regions.

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How to choose The High Quality Artificial Wigs

Thursday, 7 December 2017 10:27:57 Europe/London

At the same time the quality of artificial wigs is constantly improving and for some groups of clients it may be a better choice than a much more expensive natural product. This way more and more clients when buying a wig are on the horns of a dilemma what to choose? Let me help a little bit.

There are two questions you have to answer before buying a wig. The first is for how long you need wigs. The second is what is your main objective? - to be absolutely sure nobody can guess you are wearing a wig or are you simply willing to have a great look from time to time with a new, jazzy hair-do?

In such a case good quality artificial hair wig can be an equally good proposition as human hair wigs and it is undoubtedly less expensive. Artificial wigs are also the first choice for transvestites and cross dressers who often prefer simply to impress people around. On the other hand transsexuals who invest a lot in a transition process buy human hair wigs much more often so that the transition is full.

African american wigs are also a good source of fun and entertainment and a part of make-up in cinema and theater. In both cases the purchase of a more expensive human hair wig would be nothing but unjustified wastefulness.

Summing up - if you need a wig perfectly imitating your own hair-do for more than half a year buy a human hair product. Otherwise, good branded artificial hair wig will be just enough for you.

And at the end a small curiosity. The most specific group of clients buying wigs are Jewish orthodox women. It is abandoned to leave home without a headgear for them and a wig is considered a qualified headgear equal to a headscarf or a hat.

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Wigs Are Available For Cancer Patients

Monday, 4 December 2017 10:12:01 Europe/London

The next decision is what type of wig to get. There are many wigs made for cancer patients available. Some people like a synthetic wig because the way it is made allows air to flow through it. Of major importance to think about is that the patient may be shy about trying on wigs so it is best to pick a shop that respects their privacy. A shop that specializes in wigs for cancer patients will be aware of this and will be able to provide the necessary privacy.

A custom made natural hair wigs is probably not going to be a choice as they can take months to create. A synthetic or mix of synthetic and natural hair would be the best choice. A synthetic wig has easier maintenance. After all, the wig will be worn seven days a week, all day long.

They will require cleaning and perhaps some styling. All of this needs to be considered. Perhaps buying two wigs is a possibility, maybe in different styles and/or colors. Then there can be a style change and it will let one of the wigs air out.

Perhaps you shop at a boutique or jewelry store and have encountered the same sales person a few times, then you also may have encountered her wearing a new wig. If you feel comfortable with her you may ask her about her new hair do. She might reply that she had chemotherapy and it is a wig. But other than those occurrences, it is not a topic you think about.

Wigs online are a big business. These wigs are made slightly different than the wig you might see at the hair dresser or beauty sales shop.

Another reason you may think about wigs for cancer patients is if you might be diagnosed with a form of cancer and may be looking to have chemotherapy yourself. So maybe it is time to give some thought to the subject of wigs for cancer patients.

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Front Lace Wigs And Full Lace Wigs For People

Thursday, 30 November 2017 10:09:43 Europe/London

Wigs come as the savior, different wigs can help different people to solve their hair loss problem. You can apply different kinds of wigs just according to the color of your hair and the shape of your head. There are plenty of wigs selling on the market, such as lace wigs, full lace wigs, human hair wigs, lace front wigs, synthetic wigs and so on, you can choose any one you like or any one that fits for you.

Well, among all these wigs, lace wigs are preferred by most people as lace wigs are better than other kinds of wigs. This kind of wigs are made of thin lace, so when people wear this wig, others just can not find the trick. Wigs are not only used for solving hair loss problems, but also used by women who want to change their figure. You know that if women go to salons every time they want to change their hair style, they will spend a lot of time and money, but with a wig, they can easily solve this problem.

It known to be worn by celebrities, but now its use and versatility has become quite popular with the general public. This is favored by those who love to wear wigs to enhance their appearance or to be able to hide mild to severe hair loss.

Basically, there are two types of lace wigs – the front lace and full lace. The two types differ on how they are used. The front lace wig can be developed with different types of hair such as Indian or Synthetic and it has style limitations.

Wigs developed from all lace also known as full lace wigs are generally developed from 100% Indian, Brazilian, Mongolian, European and Malaysian hair and has more of a natural appearance once applied properly. In addition, the style versatility is limitless.

You can create up dos, place it up in a low, mid or high pony tail, and they can be parted anywhere in the scalp. Thus, wearers find this wig breathable and comfortable to wear and are found to be more versatile than any other wigs. The way this wig has been developed manifests how technology has taken part in the field of fashion.

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The Style-Able Wigs

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 10:56:37 Europe/London

It seems that a lot of women really love their hair. They seem to think it is defines them or makes them look pretty. Or that phrase 'Oh you have such healthy hair' makes them think lots of healthy hair means a healthy body.

If this is the case the thought of actually shedding all of their hair, yes perhaps including eyebrow, underarm and facial hair to name a few, is scary. Of course this doesn't happen to everybody in the same way nor does it happen the same way with all cancer treatment chemotherapy. It depends on the type of drugs used in the treatment.

The main thing to remember when you are with your friend or family member who is losing their hair is to keep cheerful and positive. It helps no one to also be depressed. If you are depressed then perhaps you should wait until another day to visit. The same is true if you are facing chemotherapy. Keep a positive attitude. Think positively.

If a person is looking at getting a wig to cover their hair loss from chemotherapy, they do have a few choices. Human hair wigs, synthetic hair and a combination of both. Going even further, natural hair generally comes from three types of people, Asian which is the least expensive and the thickest. The second is Indonesian which is considered a mid-grade hair and has somewhat finer strands. The third natural hair is European hair which is the finest and can be very expensive.

You can either choose to go for synthetic wigs or can opt for human hair wigs when undergoing chemo treatments. Synthetic wigs are less expensive and easy to maintain. Most of them have a specific style molded in them but there are some that can be reset. The advantage of using the style-able cancer wigs is that their looks can be changed as per your choice. More wigs information, please click wigs online.

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Have a Good Treatment With Your Hair Loss(2)

Thursday, 23 November 2017 09:53:53 Europe/London

Fortunately, most of the time hair loss from chemotherapy is temporary. You can expect to regrow a full head of human hair six months to a year after your treatment ends, though your hair may temporarily be a different shade or texture.

Remember the hair loss from chemotherapy is temporary. It usually starts to grow back about six weeks after the person finishes their chemotherapy, and it may look and feel different from the person's original hair. It may be curlier or a slightly different color.

Sometimes hair grows in grey until the person's hair color (also called pigment) cells begin to work again. Most people will have a full head of hair again about six months to a year after they stop taking chemotherapy.

There is always a special offer for the wigs online.

The decrease in blood cell counts does not occur right at the start of chemotherapy because the drugs do not destroy the cells already in the bloodstream (these are not dividing rapidly). Instead, the drugs affect new blood cells that are being made by the bone marrow.

Radiation only causes hair loss on the particular part of the body treated. If radiation is used to treat the breast, there is no hair loss on your head. But there might be loss of hair around the nipple, for women who have real hair in that location. Radiation to the brain, used to treat metastatic cancer in the brain, usually causes complete hair loss on the head.

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Have a Good Treatment With Your Hair Loss(1)

Tuesday, 21 November 2017 10:19:22 Europe/London

Can hair loss be prevented during chemotherapy treatment? There is no known way to prevent chemotherapy-induced hair loss. However, not all chemotherapy medications cause human hair loss. You should consult with your doctor about the type of treatment recommended for you and what its side effects are likely to be.

Whether or not you lose your hair depends in part on the specific medication and dosage administered. Women should consider visiting a wig salon before they begin losing their hair so that the specialist may become familiar with her present hairstyle and color.

Some wig salons specialize in hair loss from chemotherapy and are able to offer women specific advice. A wig specialist may also wish to measure the woman's head size to make sure an average wig will fit. Custom-made wigs sometimes take several weeks to have made.

There is always a special offer for the wigs for sale.

Chemotherapy drugs are powerful medications that attack rapidly growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, these drugs also attack other rapidly growing cells in your body - including those in your hair roots. Chemotherapy hair loss, and changes in skin and body can be devastating after effects of cancer treatment.

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The Fashion Lace Front Human Hair Hairpieces

Thursday, 16 November 2017 09:43:21 Europe/London

The lace front human hair wig looks extremely realistic and it is produced from innovative lace materials having the original look. Not only does it look real, but it also gives a trendy new look to the face. The hair in this hairpiece generally looks like it's growing from the head and equally dispersed.

A few producers right now want to help to make their lace front human hair hairpieces affordable to ensure that women who actually need it can manage to purchase it.

When these types of hairpieces are used the proper way, it truly gives an organic appearance. That's the reason it's significant for clients to understand the various styles since hairpieces are glued on the natural hairline and it can additionally glue directly into the tip of the hair.

Lace front human hair wigs are often used in a fashion that enables you to definitely style hair naturally. A high quality front lace hairpiece is created from human hair, either hand crafted or factory created. However lace hairpieces produced out of a factory are the most often bought by customers. It is costly, but it's also high quality. Absolutely no one would regret spending their money on getting one.

In choosing for your lace hairpiece, one should think about how the way the hair had been produced. Because most hairpieces are factory created, their own front-lace hairpieces are created from what's called Remy Indian hair.

This particular hairpiece could be connected in the identical direction that hair develops in order to appear extremely real. Even though factory made are regularly found on the market these days, hand crafted wigs are more genuine to look at.

Generally, this kind of hairpiece is now regarded as a secret beauty item at the moment. Some advertise stunning african american wigs in customized hairpieces, colored hairpieces, and long hairpieces.

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Short Curly African American Wigs

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 09:59:03 Europe/London

There are various hair wings sellers provides curly wigs for African American with many of styles and colors experiential in curly wigs for sale. There are several people wear the wigs that equivalents with the skin texture of their skin. African american wigs are an excellent model of it. These are normally used to highlight the beauty of black African American women and come up to in diverse dark shades. Here is the most popular with African American wigs. It supports to emphasize the facial appearance of African American women and come in a variety of styles like long, wavy, short, straight and many etc.

While you are buying cheap curly wigs, you should be well-known with its concerned and maintenance. Offensive cleaning method can reason weakening of it speedily. It is all the time give advice, that it must be cleaned after wearing it for 8 to 10 times. However, regular washing is essential if you continue in a humid place or in a district where many of smoke is created.

Drip drying is the most excellent of drying that must be followed. In no way compress it to exhaust water as it is able to damage its style and shape. After quite a few cleaning if you get that it has turn into a small hard then employ conditioning spray to insert smoothness to the African American wigs.

Once you are planning to purchase one cheap short black wig from us and you will find an extensive collection of styles in it. If you would like to give you an idea about straight lengthy hair then go away for curly ones. These have trivial effect in African American women and include curls that that will decrease elegantly down your backside.

Short and curly fashion is a very general kind and gives a normal permed hair seems. A number of the human hair wigs of this type have emphasized strands by light colors. This style is very fashionable along with youthful girls. You will find several of stores selling short curly wigs for black women of special color and style.

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How to Install Lace Frontal 2

Thursday, 9 November 2017 09:13:44 Europe/London

4. Trace lightly where you would like the lace front wig to rest, using a makeup pencil, as you do not want the edge of the human hair lace front wig to lie directly over the hair at the hairline. To reasonably recreate the appearance of a natural hairline, trace no further than 1/2 inch away from your actual hairline.

5. Trim off any excess lace left around the hairline of the lace front wig carefully, using scissors. Cut all the lace off directly up to the hairline of the lace frontal.

6. Apply a thin coat of adhesive bond along the edge of the wig cap (this prevents wig cap from slipping backward while underneath the wig), in between the actual and traced hairlines, and along the nape of the neck. Do not apply the lace front on wet glue or it won’t secure properly. Allow “soft bond” adhesives to set or get “tacky” to the touch. However, “hard bond” adhesives do not require drying time as they dry immediately upon application.

7. Position the lace front human hair wigs on your head starting from the back and it lifting forward over your head. Keep the wig slightly elevated over the scalp so the wig won’t slide down onto the adhesive once you’ve reached your forehead. Line up the perimeter edge of the wig over the desired hairline or tape. Glue users press down along the entire perimeter of the lace frontal so as to secure it in place. Tape users press and hold the entire perimeter of the lace frontal for up to one minute.

8. Tie the scarf securely around your hairline to allow the lace wig to thoroughly bond to the adhesive on your skin. If the lace front is made of human or heat resistant hair you may sit under a dryer as long as needed to assist the bonding process — this is optional. Do not wash or vigorously manipulate the lace front wig for 24 hours.

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How to Install Lace Frontal 1

Tuesday, 7 November 2017 10:27:31 Europe/London

Understanding the proper application of a lace frontal is essential to aesthetics and safety. Otherwise, the process may lead to hair loss and skin and/or wig damage. Unlike traditional wigs a lace frontal, commonly referred to as a “lace front wig,” features a mesh of Swiss or French lace constructed along its front perimeter. The hair along the perimeter of the wig is hand-tied onto the lace, allowing it to emulate a natural hairline. In addition, specially made adhesives are applied directly beneath the hairline of the wig in order to secure the lace frontal closure along the scalp.

1. Secure your hair so it lies flat underneath the lace wig. This can be achieved by two methods: Cornrow braid your hair. Take the tooth end of your rat tail comb and part your hair into vertical sections one by one. Part in a straight line beginning from the middle of your hairline on back to the nape of your neck (how small you want your braids is determined by the width or amount of hair in between each part). Take three sections of hair left in between these parts and braid the hair into a cornrow. Repeat the process until all your hair is securely braided. Place the wig cap over your hair. Tightly gather your loose hair. Comb or brush the hair back flat and away from your face. Pin the hair as you see fit. Place the wig cap over your hair. Tuck any loose strands of hair underneath the wig cap.

2. Wet a gauze pad generously with rubbing alcohol. Rub it along your hairline wherever adhesive will be applied so as to cleanse away dirt, oil and debris that may be on your skin. Allow the skin to air dry completely.

3. Apply scalp protectant as directed along your hairline wherever hair adhesive will be applied on the skin. Allow it to air dry completely.

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Professional Wigs Shops Sell Afro Wigs

Thursday, 2 November 2017 09:16:50 Europe/London

To make Afro appear large and fluffy, picks or combs are typically slid through the hair, which creates the distinctive look. African american wigs can be found in different locations, from wig stores to costume shops, which depend on the use of the wig.

A wig store is the first place when it comes to looking for an Afro wig, which can be worn everyday while seeming like human hair wigs. These are usually made of real human hair or of a high-quality synthetic hair substitute that fits on the head securely. Such comfortable African American wigs allow you to do daily activities without the uneasiness of the wig sliding or moving off your head. Oftentimes, wig stores offer such hairpieces in different sizes and forms.

A wig store assistant can help you measure your head properly and look for the right cap size for you. If you have made an order from an online store, you will have to measure your head by yourself to determine the right size for you. By simply using a tape measure, starting from your forehead, stretch the tape measure towards the front center part of your hairline.

Then, run the tape behind your ear to your nape downwards, then back up again around the other ear all the way to the starting point on the center of the forehead. This will provide you the circumference of your head, which is how the cap size is determined. Online wig stores often have chart for determining cap sizes for African American wigs.

Costume shops sell Afro wigs that are worn during costume parties. These wigs are usually not made of real hair or any material that perfectly resembles human hair. Ideally, they should be only worn as a costume hairpiece. Even though most costume shops are only open for a few months, some stay open all year round especially before the Halloween.. Costume African American wigs usually come in a general size with a stretchable cap.

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The Raw Materials of Wigs

Tuesday, 31 October 2017 09:07:38 Europe/London

By the early 1900s, jute fibers were being used as imitation hair in theatrical wigs. Today, a favorite material for theatrical wigs, particularly those worn by clowns, is yak hair from Tibet. The hair of this ox species holds a set well, is easily dyed, and withstands food and shaving cream assaults.

Synthetic wigs are popular for several reasons. They are comparatively inexpensive (costing one-fifth to one-twentieth as much as human hair wigs). During the past decade, significant improvements in materials have made synthetic hair look and feel more like natural hair. In addition, synthetic wigs weigh noticeably less than human hair versions. They hold a style well—so well, in fact, that they can be difficult to restyle. On the other hand, synthetic fibers tend not to move as naturally as human hairs, and they tend to frizz from friction along collar lines. Synthetic hair is also sensitive to heat and can easily be damaged (e.g., from an open oven, a candle flame, or a cigarette glow).

Human hair remains a popular choice for wigs, particularly because it looks and feels natural. It is easily styled; unlike synthetic hair, it can be permed or colored. During periods of scarcity of cut human hair for wigs, manufacturers have used combings (hairs that fall out naturally at the end of their life cycle). However, actively growing hair that is cut for wigmaking is preferred. United States wigmakers import most of their hair. Italy is known as a prime source of hair with desirable characteristics; other colors and textures of hair are purchased in Spain, France, Germany, India, China, and Japan. Women contract with hair merchants to grow and sell their hair. After cutting, the hair is treated to strip the outer cuticle layer, making the hair more manageable. Wigmakers pay $80 or more per ounce for virgin hair, which has never been dyed or penned; a wig requires at least 4 oz (113.4 g) of hair. Then comes the wigs for sale.

Some manufacturers blend synthetic and human hair for wigs that have both the style-retaining qualities of synthetic hair and the natural movement of human hair. However, this can complicate maintenance, since the different types of hair require different kinds of care.

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Wigs For Black Women Hair Loss

Thursday, 26 October 2017 10:06:35 Europe/London

Choosing a premium quality option, for example lace front wigs for black women, is commonly the most cost-effective and natural looking option. Unfortunately, many black women go for lower quality, synthetic wigs. While lace front wigs for black women are the superior alternative, these less expensive wigs give you a quick fix at the time.

To know the absolute necessity of real looking lace front wigs for black women, a person must first try to understand hair loss in black women, and some of its causes. For many women, their head of hair is a definitive component to their style, personal expression, and character. Hair loss in women can often bring on feelings of embarrassment, disappointment, and stress. Black women are commonly suffering from hair loss, for several reasons.

Due to coarse texture of african american wigs, several black women can get motivated to change it, sometimes in the name of style and sometime just as a method of controlling it. In doing so, these types of women often utilize a number of a variety of severe styling methods, which often bring about some type of hair loss.

Corn rows and weaves are 2 examples of this. These styles usually involve continuous tugging on the hair. Styles such as this which might be too tight can in fact pull a woman's hair out by the roots. Often it may grow back, but repeated tight styles may lead to permanent hair loss in black women.

These styles also make it challenging to scrub the crown accordingly, which usually can result in a buildup of oil, dirt, and also bacteria. This could certainly contribute to an infection on the scalp, which may cause hair loss.

Recurrent chemical treatments are another frequent cause of hair loss in black women. Many black women who use chemical relaxers may suffer from chemical burns on the scalp. These types of harsh chemicals can also destroy the hair shaft, plus the hair follicle, preventing damaged hair from growing back. After years of mistreatment, permanent hair loss is usually an outcome. Many black women often look for a solution. Human hair wigs for black women is just one popular remedy.

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Wigs For Cancer Patients Online

Tuesday, 24 October 2017 10:44:00 Europe/London

Synthetic wigs tend to be supplied in 'set' styles i.e. they hold a particular style even after washing. This makes it easier for you to be confident with your wig, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. It is recommended that you avoid using heated appliances on ready-to-wear wigs and most manufacturers recommend towel-dry only.

Human hair wigs are not usually supplied styled so that they can be cut according to your desire. Like natural hair, real hair wigs can be washed and blow-dried. Heated appliances can be used but only according to manufacturer guidelines.

Real hair wigs are ideal for women and teenagers who are looking for a simpler, unfussy hairstyle. Real hair, ready-to-wear wigs come in different lengths and shades; custom-made human hair wigs can copy your own colour combination and highlights. Ultimately, choosing a wig is really a question of personal preferences and lifestyle!

These days, wigs for cancer patients are supplied in a wide range of base materials. A good quality base from a reputable manufacturer will be made from fabric that is breathable and allows heat to escape. Most bases are made of a fine mesh on top with a more spaced out back for fitting and breathing. Bases often feature a complementary material: you will often see wigs for cancer patients with 'monofilament tops'.

This means that the base on top is made of monofilament nylon allowing a variation of partings and fringes and affording a scalp like appearance. The technique allows for individual styling as a lot of women like to change their parting or style a fringe. 'Lace front' wigs, where the hair is knotted onto micro-fine lace around the temple, offer a virtually undetectable hairline. No base material is better than the other and each offers different benefits - so you're better to try as many as you can until you feel comfortable! Here are some wigs for sale.

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Choose The High Quality Artificial Wigs

Friday, 20 October 2017 10:33:45 Europe/London

At the same time the quality of artificial wigs is constantly improving and for some groups of clients it may be a better choice than a much more expensive natural product. This way more and more clients when buying a wig are on the horns of a dilemma what to choose? Let me help a little bit.

There are two questions you have to answer before buying a wig. The first is for how long you need a wig. The second is what is your main objective? - to be absolutely sure nobody can guess you are wearing a wig or are you simply willing to have a great look from time to time with a new, jazzy hair-do?

In such a case good quality artificial hair wig can be an equally good proposition as a human hair wig and it is undoubtedly less expensive. Artificial wigs are also the first choice for transvestites and cross dressers who often prefer simply to impress people around. On the other hand transsexuals who invest a lot in a transition process buy human hair wigs much more often so that the transition is full.

Artificial wigs are also a good source of fun and entertainment and a part of make-up in cinema and theater. In both cases the purchase of a more expensive human hair wig would be nothing but unjustified wastefulness.

Summing up - if you need a wig perfectly imitating your own hair-do for more than half a year buy a human hair product. Otherwise, good branded synthetic wigs will be just enough for you. If you want some wigs for sale, we are one good choice.

And at the end a small curiosity. The most specific group of clients buying wigs are Jewish orthodox women. It is abandoned to leave home without a headgear for them and a wig is considered a qualified headgear equal to a headscarf or a hat.

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Seek Out Quality Wigs Online

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 10:04:03 Europe/London

Varieties of costume wigs are applied by the theatrical men and women to offer the stylist form in hair style. It’s hard to seek out the variation involving the all-natural hair and customized style. They are frequently utilized in cinemas and road shows. Common people today in some cases use them in distinct ceremonies and in popular events. It really is extensively utilize by the general people inside the playing field and some international events. Performers in different fields also use these types of wigs.

Hair is enhanced and changed inside the all-natural way and we’ve not adequate handle to transform its basic attitude. Beside that situation, hair fall and synthetic hair may be the wonderful concern towards the men and women. Costume wigs have come to resolve your wonderful concern which is associated to hair style. Dramatic people frequently don’t wish to change their hair color, hair style and cosplay wigs because organic hair grows in all-natural way and may not be grown quickly.

Costume human hair wigs have turn out to be a part of the amusement in cultural events and all sorts of folks take pleasure in the people that put on them and act in the events. Distinctive sorts of wigs are observed in varieties colors. Wigs from time to time become the part of the style in addition to the t-shirts, caps along with other parts with the dress. It may well bring the new dimension of your style.

They are generally created by the plastic fibers and some low-cost supplies. Those fibers aren’t tied with the scalp cap and for that cause they may fall at any time. It is best to use them carefully and you don’t brush the fiber hair. Superior wigs are the successful tool to improve the hair style and also you can use them with good cozy.

If you wish to take pleasure in any moment utilizing wigs online, then you’ll want to gather the branded and quality product. You’ll really feel incredibly uneasy if they fall out of your hair in the period of acting in the ceremony or occasions.

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4 Steps from straight to wavy

Thursday, 12 October 2017 12:32:38 Europe/London

1.Separate the hair. Separete the hair into 4-5 sections for each side, if you have a heavier density hair, 1 or 2 more sections may needed to create the same curls.

2.Dampen the hair then apply setting lotion before braiding.

3.Braid your hair one section by another, and use perm rods roll the ends, cornrow back for textured roots.

4.Lay down air dry. let your hair dry naturally for 3 days.

After totally dried, realease the braids one by one, and the bouncy curls have been done. And some tips of how to wear your wig more naturally.

1.Sew in a elastic band to make your hair more fitable.

2.Apply some concealer which color is a little lighter than your skin color, to the parting area, to make the hairline look more natural.

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Lace front wigs Vs Full lace wigs

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 10:16:35 Europe/London

Wigs have become one of the top styling choices for women today. And I’m not talking about the wigs grandma used to wear. Wigs today have been revamped and constructed in a way that is natural looking and where you can style it with the latest colors and trends. It used to be that only the stars wore these coveted wigs. Now, they are available to every woman. And if you’re the type of woman that likes to change her look up and keep it fresh, then a lace front wig or full lace wig is the best option for you. But, before you go out there and go wig shopping, there is a slight difference between the two and you will want to understand what they are so that you can choose wisely.

A lace wig uses a fine thin lace that extends about 1 inch outward from the front base of the unit. This creates the look of natural hair growth along the hairline which gives a realistic appearance and allows for styling away from the face. The lace front wig can also be parted in the middle and on the sides. The rest of the wig is made with a net that still makes the wig feel comfortable. Lace front wigs are applied with an adhesive strip. They can be custom ordered or ready. They also can’t be worn in high up dos or ponytails.

Full lace wigs base have lace around the unit and require the lace to be cut around the unit. It can be parted anywhere on the scalp, has more versatility and can be styled in up dos, ponytails and braids. Full lace wigs are breathable and light. They also give the appearance of hair growing right from the scalp.

The most popular types of lace to use are French lace and Swiss lace. The French lace is known to be more durable and the Swiss lace is finer. It requires a lot more attention to maintain, but this may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Lace front wigs and full lace wigs are available in different textures and the best quality wigs are made with 100% human hair. Wigs made with 100% virgin remy hair can be colored, cut, relaxed, or texturized to fit your perfect style.

When you decide to purchase your lace front wig or full lace wig, it’s best to have it applied by a professional.

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Getting Dumped On Your Custom Hair Wigs

Friday, 29 September 2017 11:36:49 Europe/London

While you buy an Indian Remy custom lace unit, the unit will come with directions on how to look after it, you should pursue the directions. You have to make certain that you are taking care of your hair system appropriately. If you take proper care, it will formulate your lace wigs last for several years fetching you a breathtaking appearance and will make your speculation worth.

Each one hair on a lace unit is independently attached on the lace. Another most imperative key factor in creating the unit last longer is to wash it frequently. Washing the wigs daily will avert dust from developing in the hair and the lace. It will also defend your full lace unit and your natural hair from the damage. In addition to clean-up full lace wig, you should furthermore maintain to wash up your natural hair.

This is the means to evade dirt from getting dumped on your custom hair system. If you are greatly worried on the subject of refurbishing any damage of your lace unit, you have to bring expert cleaning or maintenance. It might charge few bucks from your wallet. However, professional safeguarding will formulate custom lace wig enduring. It is quite significant to gain knowledge of how to make use of the hair systems to keep away from damaging the style or the fundamental design of the lace unit. To maintain wigs and hair long lasting, it is essential to apply quality hair related cosmetics.

An additional thing you have to purchase for the protection of your wigs that is a good quality lace unit stand. While you are not utilizing the hair system, maintain it on the stand. It will assist the unit to continue its true shape. The stand also supports air out the wig, and it is a nice place to put the hair system on after cleaning.

A quality wig stand will facilitate the style your hair very simply. If you look after your lace unit daily it will be long lasting and will defend you from the difficulty of buying a new unit. So be wary with hair systems and save your cash. As a first time consumer the thought of a hair system might be thrilling.

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017 10:04:23 Europe/London

The second most common cap construction is the “Monofilament-Top.” This is a wefted wig that features an inset of transparent micro-mesh sewn in at the crown, with the individual strands of synthetic fibre or human hair hand-tied into the mesh. Mono-top wigs are generally more natural-looking, as the hair appears to be growing out of a real scalp.

This type of cap was first developed for women who had experienced significant hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, or other medical reasons, as the transparent mesh allowed the bare scalp to show through. You may sometimes see mono-top wigs referred to as "medical wigs" for this reason. However, many women with full heads of hair prefer the mono-top wigs for their superior natural appearance. With a mono-top wig, the hair can be more sharply parted on either side of the head than with a conventional wefted cap wig.

All mono-top wigs feature "tape tabs" on the inside of the cap, usually in 4 or 5 spots. These tabs are made of a shiny plastic material, and allow the wearer to use double-sided tape to secure the wig to the head, if necessary. Generally, mono-top wigs are recognized as a higher quality wig product, and are more expensive than standard wefted cap wigs. A slightly less expensive alternative is a wig featuring a monofilament part, rather than a full monofilament top. These are wigs that have a thin strip of monofilament mesh sewn in just at the left, right, or centre part line. In these cases, the location of the part cannot be changed.

Monofilament wigs online are specially designed for those with severe or total hair loss. Most of their advantages are in comfort, but there are some advantages to their natural styling ease as well. All of the comfort advantages are brought back to square one, if you have a full or average head of hair.

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How to care for a synthetic wig

Thursday, 14 September 2017 10:25:49 Europe/London

Synthetic wigs are styled using water and a comb. If your hair is not long, you can backcomb it at the roots, spray some water over it and lay it down in strands; making the hairdo look elegant and charming. If you’d like, you may use hair spray for even better management. If you have long hair, you can make a high hairdo, pony tail or braids. Curly hair can be styled by means of gel or wax with each strand twisted into a separate lock.

You can brush and style only dry wigs. Curly and wavy hair should be styled with fingers. If curls are small and dense, they cannot be combed. Medium sized curls can be combed through by using a wide tooth wig comb or brush, whereas wavy wigs may be smoothed out by an ordinary comb.

There is always a special offer for the human hair wigs.

Before styling you can sprinkle hair with little amount of water. You can use hair varnish of weak fixation for a wig styling. Give the desirable hairstyle shape for a wig with the help of your hands and fingers. Synthetic hair wigs keep the initial hair shape quite well even after hair washing.

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Keep Your Looking Healthy And Stylish

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 11:13:15 Europe/London

If you are one of the individuals who happen to have this less-manageable condition, you don't have to feel hapless as there are still ways for you to keep your locks looking healthy and stylish.

Hair care tips for African American hair comprise a number of combing methods. One of which is to use wide tooth combs that can let you fix your curls without breaking its strands. Hair brushes like wigs and paddle brushes are considerable options, too.

A narrow toothed comb is an absolutely inappropriate tool for firmly coiled locks, so do not go for this item. In case you are left with no choice, finger combing your locks is a rather harmless option. Comb it from its bottom portion upwards to further prevent unwanted fractures.

In most cases, they tend to alter their hair styles using various salon treatments such as hair straighteners and relaxers. Others prefer using electronic gadgets like straightening and curling irons instead, which they can use wherever and whenever they want. Among these gadgets, the most commonly used are hair dryers.

With curly and tightly coiled strands, drying your mane is definitely a tricky process. The invention of the hair blow dryers must have been one of everyone's most appreciated innovations, for it makes drying a less demanding thing to deal with.

However, as most hair care tips for african american hair suggest, you have to refrain from setting the blow dryer to its utmost heat level. Also keep an eye on the distance between the dryer and your strands. Too much heat contact can cause severe damage to them.

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The Style-Able Cancer Wigs

Thursday, 7 September 2017 09:35:23 Europe/London

It seems that a lot of women really love their hair. They seem to think it is defines them or makes them look pretty. Or that phrase 'Oh you have such healthy hair' makes them think lots of healthy hair means a healthy body.

If this is the case the thought of actually shedding all of their hair, yes perhaps including eyebrow, underarm and facial hair to name a few, is scary. Of course this doesn't happen to everybody in the same way nor does it happen the same way with all cancer treatment chemotherapy. It depends on the type of drugs used in the treatment.

The main thing to remember when you are with your friend or family member who is losing their hair is to keep cheerful and positive. It helps no one to also be depressed. If you are depressed then perhaps you should wait until another day to visit. The same is true if you are facing chemotherapy. Keep a positive attitude. Think positively.

If a person is looking at getting a wig to cover their hair loss from chemotherapy, they do have a few choices. Human hair wigs, synthetic hair and a combination of both. Going even further, natural hair generally comes from three types of people, Asian which is the least expensive and the thickest. The second is Indonesian which is considered a mid-grade hair and has somewhat finer strands. The third natural hair is European hair which is the finest and can be very expensive.

You can either choose to go for synthetic wigs or can opt for human hair wigs when undergoing chemo treatments. Synthetic wigs are less expensive and easy to maintain. Most of them have a specific style molded in them but there are some that can be reset. The advantage of using the style-able cancer wigs is that their looks can be changed as per your choice. More wigs information, please click wigs online.

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How to Wash a Wig(2)

Tuesday, 5 September 2017 09:24:59 Europe/London

Washing a Wig

1. Brushing out the fibers of a wig is the first step involved in the washing process. Without brushing the wig, tangles and knots are only made worse once the wig is washed in water. Using a wig brush, a wide-tooth comb, or just fingers, gently brushes out the wig's fibers. The most effective method for brushing is to begin at the tips of the hair, carefully combing in a downward motion. From there, slowly work up the hairs to the wig's roots, until the entire wig has been thoroughly brushed.

2. Bathing the wig in water, and then shampooing it, is the next step involved in washing a wig. A sink or bathtub should be filled with lukewarm water. Any temperature higher than that can damage the wig's fibers. Users should note that there is a slight, yet crucial, difference in shampooing synthetic wigs and Real Hair Wigs.

3. The rinsing aspect of washing a wig is particularly important. If not done correctly, the wig can become very tangled. Once the shampoo has been applied throughout the wig and its cap, it must be carefully rinsed with, preferably, cold water. The direction of the water flow is crucial in order to maintain a smooth and silky wig. The water should flow in the direction of the wig's hair, from root to tip. If water flows in any other direction, tangling can easily occur. The wig must be rinsed thoroughly, to ensure that no shampoo is left in the fibers. Buildup of leftover product can lead to a greasy, matted look.

4. Applying conditioner to the human hair wigs is relatively similar to applying conditioner to normal human hair. A small amount of product should be dolloped onto the washer's hand, and then distributed throughout the wig's fibers, from root to tip. For best results, wig conditioner should be massaged into small sections of hair. The product should then be rinsed from the fibers as described above. If a conditioning spray is used, it should be applied from at least 10 inches away from the wig. Be sure to spray it evenly over all the fibers. Conditioning sprays are typically leave-in products and do not need to be rinsed from the wig.

5. The physical washing process is not enough. The wig must still be dried in a specific manner in order for the entire procedure to effectively maintain the wig. Wigs should also never be brushed while wet, although the drying process can be sped up by blotting the hairpiece with a towel. Never wring the water out of a wig, and avoid drying it in direct sunlight, as this can cause the color to fade.

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How to Wash a Wig(1)

Thursday, 31 August 2017 11:01:48 Europe/London

Beauty trends, from makeup to nail polish, are always changing. But of all variations of beauty, hairstyles seem fairly consistent. Although some extreme versions will come and go, classic styles are timeless and can be worn fashionably for years. Wigs are a great accessory to have on hand, as they easily embody stylish hair and can be worn effortlessly with almost no preparation. Whether a woman is interested in wigs because of hair loss, graying hair, or simply to try out a new hairstyle, wigs can provide the perfect solution. While wig care, particularly the washing of wigs, is relatively straightforward, careful steps must be taken in order to properly wash a wig. By following a few simple steps, a woman can help prolong the lifespan of her wig, and also keep it in excellent condition. By understanding the different types of wigs, knowing what equipment is needed for proper wig care, and precisely following the appropriate procedure, any woman can easily wash her wig.

Human hair wigs are the highest quality hair pieces available. The real human hair from which they are made gives these wigs a very realistic appearance. It is almost impossible to tell if a woman is wearing a human hair wig, or if it is her own natural hair. Because the fibers of the wig are genuine human hair, the wig can be styled in any way the wearer chooses. The wig can be curled, straightened, and colored to suit a woman's tastes. These benefits of wearing human hair wigs come with the slight disadvantage of increased necessary care, along with a price increase as well. However, the lifespan of real hair wigs is also longer, as long as they are properly maintained.

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Human Hair & Synthetic Hair(2)

Tuesday, 29 August 2017 09:47:42 Europe/London

Advantages of Synthetic Hair:

•technological advances have produced modacrylic synthetics (like kanekalon) which are so similar in look and feel to protein-rich hair fibers that they can even fool some stylists.

•a great value; not only are they realistic, but they are less expensive than human hair wigs; they are also easier to maintain at home; shampooing with cold water will not change the style, nor will exposure to extreme humidity

•synthetic wigs tend to be made according to current styles with cut, color and texture already set; usually only needs custom trimming to be ready to wear

•color availability is almost unlimited (from natural to fantasy colors); cheapest wig styles tend to be more solid in color, while higher-quality synthetics have blended colors for natural looking hair

•synthetic colors will not fade or oxidize even after long periods in direct sunlight

•tend to be lighter in weight, thus more comfortable to wear.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Hair:

•must avoid extreme heat such as from hair dryers, hot-rollers, flat irons and curling irons

•can appear shiny and unnatural; quality and price affect how natural the hair looks; thick synthetic wigs will look unnatural on fine-haired women.

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Human Hair & Synthetic Hair(1)

Thursday, 24 August 2017 10:30:46 Europe/London

One of the biggest considerations in choosing wigs is whether you want to go natural or synthetic. The synthetic fibers used in making wigs today look far more realistic than in previous generations, but they can still look less than natural.

How to Tell the Difference:

The traditional way to tell if a wig is made with human hair or synthetic hair is to pull a strand out of the wig and burn it. Natural hair will burn slowly and give off a distinctive odor, while synthetic hair will usually tend to melt and/or ball up when placed near flame, depending on the particular composition of the synthetic fiber, or will burn out quickly. In either case, synthetic hair will not give off an odor.

Advantages of Human Hair Wigs:

•Human Hair Wigsare more realistic appearance than synthetic wigs

•greater durability

•the same styling and maintenance requirements as your real hair; can be custom-colored to suit; and can tolerate heat from styling appliances.

Disadvantages of Human hair Wigs:

•it reacts to climate the way your real hair does (may frizz or lose curl in humid weather)

•hair must be reset/restyled after shampooing, which can be challenging for someone attempting to do so at home

•color will oxidize/fade with exposure to light

•hair will break if mistreated by harsh brushing, back-combing or overuse of heat styling

•can be heavier than synthetic wigs of similar style/length.

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Why We Need to Wear a Wig?

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 11:28:24 Europe/London

Have you always considered yourself as one of those people who wish they had better looking hair? Is your level of confidence is somehow always compromised due to your struggles with the kind of hair you naturally have – whether you want it kinky or straight? Or probably in a different color, style or length? Many of us choose to wear a wig to practice spontaneity all the more and be able to sport various styles without having to ruin our hair.

At present day, wigs are not used anymore just for social status. Some mens wigs just due to the thinning spots on their bald. For women, those who suffer from thinning hair are usually those who are sick with some kind of serious ailment like cancer. No one would surely want to walk around bald but this is only because it was dictated by society. We have been gotten used to the fact that the ones we see in magazines are the ones that are considered as beautiful or handsome and that they are not bald. Hence, it is one sure way of making yourself feel better by knowing that others would see you look good.

Aside from the above reason, there are many women today especially the African-American ladies out there who wear wigs just to be able to set a different stylish look. Wigs can help you wear your hair long today and make it extremely short by tomorrow. These days, wigs are not just limited to the usual hair pieces, but it also includes other hair accessories like the hair extensions. Some other women also choose to wear human hair wigs when they find that they have a hair texture that is too difficult to style. Instead of spending hours in the morning just to get your hair ready for work, then it is much easier to just pull a human hair wig and have your entire hair appearing amazing.

There are certainly lots of other reasons why people wear wigs. Some even wear it for religious traditions while others use it for their craft such as when you act in movies or on stage. They are even used for those who like doing cross-dressing. One thing is for sure: when you choose high quality wigs, you can be sure to have it appearing all-natural as your finishing touch to your own unique style.

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Wig Care Instructions(2)

Thursday, 17 August 2017 10:50:29 Europe/London


Your wig can be styled by using a wig brush, a wig comb, or your fingertips. Avoid using a brush designed for human hair. These brushes can create excessive tension, over-stretching the hair with abrasive strokes that may damage the hair.

The best styling tool is the most inexpensive; a spray bottle of clean, cool water. Lightly spritz your synthetic wig with water to remove static electricity and return your wig to its original look.

To achieve style variations, liquid wig mousse is an essential styling tool. For curly or wavy styles, just mousse, hand scrunch, and pick the style into curls. On straight styles, mousse and brush lightly.

Your human hair wigs were designed with a basic style but the variations you can achieve through styling are limitless. Added height can be achieved by gently lifting with the wig comb. If you want added fullness as well, tease or back-comb and then smooth the surface hair over the teasing. Your wig can be returned to its basic style by washing it and allowing it to air dry.

P.S To completely restyle, we recommend taking your wig to a professional stylist.

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Wig Care Instructions(1)

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 09:33:31 Europe/London

The proper care of your wig will keep it looking new. Most women prefer to have more than one wig, not only to alternate hairstyles, but to allow time for cleaning and drying. The frequency of washing depends on factors such as air quality and humidity. Generally, a wig should be washed after it has been worn 8 – 12 times. To take care of your wigs, follow the manufacturer's instruction or follow these simple instructions below that apply to your type of wig:


All human hair wigs need to be washed carefully. Before washing, gently brush the wig thoroughly with a wig brush. For wigs with a tight curl, do not brush, use fingers and gently remove tangles.

Use a mild shampoo. In a sink or basin, add a small amount of shampoo to cold water. Turn wig inside out and immerse. Gently swirl and let soak for approximately 5 minutes.

Rinse the wig gently in cold water until all of the shampoo is removed. Rinse twice.

Gently apply conditioner through the wig and leave on for 2 minutes to allow it to penetrate the hair.

Rinse the wig gently in cold water until all of the conditioner is removed.

Wrap the real hair wig in a towel and gently pat out excess water.

Optional: Apply conditioning spray very lightly over wig, spraying 10 - 12 inches from the wig.

Place clean wig on a wig stand and allow to air dry thoroughly before brushing or combing. Do not allow the wig to dry in direct sunlight.

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Choosing The Right Wigs Online

Tuesday, 25 July 2017 12:31:36 Europe/London

Choosing the right one can be overwhelming at such times. Another reason many women wear wigs is to achieve hairstyles that are impossible to do with their own hair.

The lace front wig is one type of wig. This wig has individual hairs that are hand stitched into a lace material that are found only at the front part of the wig. By hand stitching the hairs into the lace front it gives the impression that the hairs are growing straight from the scalp. Once you have the wig secured into place, the lace material is trimmed off at the hairline without cutting any of the knots.

The lace can then be glued into place and depending on what type of adhesive is used, can last from days to weeks. After gluing the lace down, cosmetics can be applied to conceal the lace. You won't be able to identify where the wig line begins and this way you will have a natural looking hairpiece. This is the very reason why it is the best type of lace wig you can find. The lace material used is either French or Swiss. The French lace is durable but delicate. The Swiss lace is more delicate and can tear easily and because of this it's more suited for advance lace wig users.

These wigs are made from synthetic fibers or from real human hair. The lace wigs made of human hair wigs will always be more expensive since they are in short supply but, they are more durable and flexible when it come to styling different ways. You can also use heat styling tools with these wigs without being concerned of causing any damage. Regular hair care products can be used on these real hair wigs and when proper care is taken they can last well over a year.

When it comes to synthetic lace front wigs they are not as durable as real lace fronts but, these wigs are low maintenance and more affordable. They come ready to wear and don't require styling. Avoid any heat to these types of wigs as this can destroy your wig. You will need special hair care products for these kinds of wigs. A properly taken care of synthetic front lace wig will last up to six months.

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Wonderful Human Hair Lace Front Wigs For Women(2)

Thursday, 20 July 2017 09:46:34 Europe/London

Always check the colour of the extensions with your natural shade. One shade darker is not a problem however a lighter shade will look odd and stand out. Ask the shop whether you can style your extensions with hot tongs or hair dryers. Most human hair wigs allow for re-styling.

Wigs are pretty common and come in synthetic hair as well as natural. The way they are made can vary from wig to wig. Check to see which will suit you. Online shops will provide detailed information about the way the base is made and woven.

There are different kinds of wigs available like hair pieces, wedding wigs, synthetic lace wigs, hand tied wigs or monofilament wigs. Monofilament wigs are unique. These are high quality in which the hair is woven into a thin mesh like fabric. It looks a lot like skin at the base on the hair and hence gives a very natural look.

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Wonderful Human Hair Lace Front Wigs For Women(1)

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 10:33:50 Europe/London

Everyday can be a new hair day. Lace front human hair wigs are common and can be used every day. Many recovering cancer patients opt to use such wigs. They do not make you sweat and are easy to put on. The wigs usually have a clip system where you can just attach it to you hair.

This way you can adjust it without it being too difficult. Many brides opt for wigs and hair pieces for the big day in order to look their best. If you are more comfortable with a natural look, try the real hair wigs and extensions. These are made out of real hair from a donor and can be styled as per your requirement.

Getting the natural look with extensions can prove to be tougher than you think. This may be because you have the wrong quality extensions. Cheap extensions will look fake and synthetic. There are superior qualities extensions available in stores online which may are not a strain on the pocket. Sale items are extremely well priced and are surprisingly easy to use as well. Synthetic wigs do not look unnatural if you get it from the right shop.

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3 Tips for a Completely Natural Look With Wigs(2)

Thursday, 13 July 2017 10:09:57 Europe/London

Tip #2 Lace Front and Monofilament Top are Key!

Having good quality human hair or synthetic hair and the right color is important but the right wig cap is key. You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensivewigs online to achieve a natural look.

Lace front is a feature which gives you a virtually natural hairline which is seamless and looks like the hairs along the hairline are growing right out of your head.

Monofilament tops feature the same benefit of lace front in that they also give the illusion of hair growing out of your scalp where the hair is parted. Because each hair is sewn in just like natural hair grows...It's a much more natural look.

TIP #3 Product and Heat From Your Hands

These simple tools can improve the look of any wig. Product is important to condition the hair (make sure to keep the conditioner mostly at the ends). Also... our favorite trick for tempering the glossy look some wigs may have is to use spray powder or dry shampoo lightly on the hair to bring the gloss to a natural shine.

Use the heat from your hands to tame the flyaway hair and to help the hair at the hairline stand up off your head. Warm your hands together to create heat. Then place your hand on top of the wig. The heat will help with any unnecessary flyaways and will help create lift where you need it.

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3 Tips for a Completely Natural Look With Wigs(1)

Tuesday, 11 July 2017 09:51:06 Europe/London

Look completely natural in your wig with these professional tricks used on celebrities everywhere. You're wig can look so perfect you'll actually want to tell everyone "it's a wig!"

Although human hair wigs are amazing... you don't have to have the most expensive wig to have a natural look. Don't break the bank thinking the most expensive wig is always the best.

Go with your budget, needs, and personal taste and then use some professional tricks of the trade to maximize your investment. Wigs are a game changer for every woman. Now we just have to learn to use them to our advantage! Use these tips to make you feel completely confident you look your best.

The most important wig tips are not about what brand to buy or what style to wear. You will get the best and most natural results when you focus on how you are wearing your wigs for sale and what features you don't skimp on! See all you need to know (below) to take it up a notch and make your wig look flawless:

Tip #1. Rooted Colors

Rooted colors give your wig dimension and a very natural look as it gives the illusion of the hair growth from your scalp. Rooted colors are also a product of a high-end salon visit. This also helps give the illusion of natural hair. However, if you just can't get used to the idea of the rooted look or If you cant find a rooted color for your wig, make sure you pick a color that has a blend of two or more colors to give you dimension. Highlighted color has relatively the same affect as rooted. Solid colors and wigs have a tendency to look less natural.

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Tips for a Completely Natural Look With Wigs(2)

Thursday, 6 July 2017 10:25:15 Europe/London

Having good quality human hair or synthetic hair and the right color is important when purchasing wigs online. You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive wig to achieve a natural look.

Lace front is a feature which gives you a virtually natural hairline which is seamless and looks like the hairs along the hairline are growing right out of your head.

Monofilament tops feature the same benefit of lace front in that they also give the illusion of hair growing out of your scalp where the hair is parted. Because each hair is sewn in just like natural hair grows...It's a much more natural look.

These simple tools can improve the look of any wig. Product is important to condition the hair (make sure to keep the conditioner mostly at the ends). Also... our favorite trick for tempering the glossy look some wigs may have is to use spray powder or dry shampoo lightly on the hair to bring the gloss to a natural shine.

Use the heat from your hands to tame the flyaway hair and to help the hair at the hairline stand up off your head. Warm your hands together to create heat. Then place your hand on top of the wig. The heat will help with any unnecessary flyaways and will help create lift where you need it.

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Tips for a Completely Natural Look With Wigs(1)

Tuesday, 4 July 2017 10:34:02 Europe/London

Look completely natural in your wig with these professional tricks used on celebrities everywhere. You're wig can look so perfect you'll actually want to tell everyone "it's a wig!"

Although human hair wigs are amazing... you don't have to have the most expensive wig to have a natural look. Don't break the bank thinking the most expensive wig is always the best.

Go with your budget, needs, and personal taste and then use some professional tricks of the trade to maximize your investment. Wigsare a game changer for every woman. Now we just have to learn to use them to our advantage! Use these tips to make you feel completely confident you look your best.

The most important wig tips are not about what brand to buy or what style to wear. You will get the best and most natural results when you focus on how you are wearing your wigs for sale and what features you don't skimp on! See all you need to know (below) to take it up a notch and make your wig look flawless:

Rooted colors give your wig dimension and a very natural look as it gives the illusion of the hair growth from your scalp. Rooted colors are also a product of a high-end salon visit. This also helps give the illusion of natural hair. However, if you just can't get used to the idea of the rooted look or If you cant find a rooted color for your wig, make sure you pick a color that has a blend of two or more colors to give you dimension. Highlighted color has relatively the same affect as rooted. Solid colors and wigs have a tendency to look less natural.

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How to Wash Wigs?

Thursday, 29 June 2017 10:17:55 Europe/London

Who doesn’t want to protect their investment? Fortunately there are numerous products out there that can help you to maintain your synthetic or human hair wigs. Timely cleaning with the proper method can help extend the life of your wig up to 6 months. Required things:

1. Clean Wash Basin

2. Baking Soda (1 Tsp.)

3. Synthetic Wig Shampoo (1-2 cupful)

4. Wide Tooth Wig

5. Hair Pick

6. Towel

7. Wig Head Stand

8. Synthetic Wig Conditioner Spray


1. Fill the basin with cool tap water; add baking soda, wig shampoo and mix properly.

2. Gently brush and remove knots & tangles before soaking in water.

3. Leave the wigs in the basin for about a minute then take it out and put on a dry towel and 

4. Clean it with your fingers.

5. Again put it in the basin for another 15-20 minutes.

6. Now without twisting the wig, gently rinse it under tap and squeeze extra water from all the areas.

7. Apply the conditioner on it from top to roots and let it for dry for another 30-40 minutes on a wig stand or towel.

Tips and warnings

1. Brushing isn’t preferable while it is wet, because it can damage the fibers permanently.

2. Only use the specially made for wigs products, regular human hair products can cause damages.

3. Don’t use hot water; cold tap water is preferable for washing.

4. Using heated tools is not recommended.

Latest deal on human wigs and synthetic wigs and even mens wigs too!

You can go through our website where you will be able to see so many different types of synthetic or human wigs at very reasonable prices with amazing discounts.

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Method of Fiber Wig Care(2)

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 09:53:07 Europe/London

Add a teaspoonful of wig shampoo to a bowl of cool water. Never use hot water on a synthetic wig.

Place the wig into the water for one minute until it’s saturated with the shampoo/water combination. Do use it lightly in the basin for an additional minute.

Remove your synthetic wigs from the basin and gently squeeze excess water from your wig. Never twist or wring your wig to avoid damage.

Gently blot your wig dry with a towel.

Place wig back on its form to dry completely before styling. Never style a wet wig!

You can periodically condition your wig by applying hair conditioner periodically after washing and before the final rinse.

Always store your wig on it’s wig stand when not being worn. This will help to maintain it’s form and style.

How often should you wash your synthetic wig?

It’s generally recommended that synthetic wigs be washed after every 15-20 wearings. If you wash too frequently, you risk shortening the life of your wigs. If you keep your own hair clean underneath the wig, you can reduce the frequency with which your wig needs washing which may further help to prolong the life of your wig. Be sure to take your wig in to be styled by a professional at regular intervals.

By following these guidelines for synthetic wig care, you should be able to enjoy your synthetic wig for a long time!

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Method of Fiber Wig Care(1)

Thursday, 22 June 2017 09:33:43 Europe/London

Although human hair have many advantage compare with synthetic wigs, such as feeling and breathability. Meanwhile, Synthetic wigs offer a lot of advantages over natural ones including the ease of synthetic wig care. They tend to be far quicker and easier to dry than human hair wigs, plus they tend to hold their style and shape better. Because they have a preset style, you’ll spend less time restyling and shaping them. They also tend to be lighter and cooler to wear in the warm summer months. Because they’re made of synthetic fibers, you don’t have to worry about them changing color in the sun. Combine that with the decreased cost and easy availability of synthetic wigs and you can see why so many women choose them over natural hair ones.

If you want your wig to last a long time, it’s important that you practice good synthetic wig care.

Here’s how to wash your wig safely :

You’ll need to purchase a synthetic wig shampoo designed specifically for synthetic wigs. Never use a regular shampoo on a synthetic wig.

Brush your wig lightly with a wire brush before washing. Never brush your synthetic wigs with a regular hairbrush as it can damage the fibers.

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Hottest Short Hair Styles(1)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 09:41:27 Europe/London

Hair above the shoulder is always sexy and totally cool! It is so easy to take a great short style and give your look an edgy and modern style. You can just as easily take that same short haircut and make it chic and sophisticated…. Its all up to you!

Short wigs have been and always will be a favorite for women all around the world. But if you are wearing wigs. It is a safe bet for almost anyone as styling is super simple and the low maintenance short haircuts make these wigs pretty irresistible. So before you get to a salon and commence chopping… make sure you take the easy route and take advantage of the versatility and freedom from commitment that wigs give you!

It doesn't matter if you are wearing a human hair wig or you a partial to synthetic wigs. Short wigs are cool and easy to manage in both human hair and synthetic hair... so pick your style first and then figure out what your budget is as you will surely find a great short wig in any budget!

With wigs online, celebrities of all kinds are flocking to the chameleon look they get from changing up their hair to match their mood or outfit! It isn’t enough to have the best make up, outfits, trainers or flawless bodies... even with all that... and fame....the look is not complete until the hair is just right.

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Cap Construction Of A Wig(2)

Thursday, 15 June 2017 09:09:10 Europe/London

Hand-tied Caps

As time goes by, classic weft-sewn human hair wigs no longer meet wig wearers’ needs. They seek for more comfort and more natural looking. That’s where hand-tied2(also refers to as hand-knotted) caps come to sight. This type of cap involves a great amount of manpower hours, yet it offers a highly natural look, lighter weight, and super comfort.

Depending on different materials human hair wigs are hand-knotted into, there are three types of construction fabrics used on UniWigs products: lace, monofilament, and silk. Each approach has its own features and meets various needs. And they are usually combined with each other or other materials due to high manpower demands and cost, such as wefts or stretchy mesh.

Lace base snuggles with scalp perfectly, it is soft, breathable, and can be freely combined with any other materials. Soft , snuggly, breathable, free parting, different colors available. 3-4 strands of hair knotted at each cross. Monofilament: Parting in any directions desired, the base is invisible, natural-looking. Fixed shape, perfectly fit the shape of your crown, natural looking, free parting, transparent skin tone available. 1-2 strands of hair knotted at each cross. Silk: Our highest end cap structure, most complicated crafts and looks most natural among all wigs online, invisible knots, looks just like your own skin. Just like each strand of bio hair growing from your own scalp.

Glue or Glueless

When we put on a wig, it is expected that the wig WILL securely stay in place. No moving around, no falling off. We do not want to encounter any of those awkward moments where our little secret is revealed. For this purpose, skin-safe adhesives or hair pins are the easiest options. We also offer more efficient options with none or less adhesive. With our uniquely designed, tight and invisible combs and clips sewn on temples and back, and adjustable straps fastened around nape, you can keep a peaceful mind that your wigs will always stay where it is.

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Cap Construction Of A Wig(1)

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 09:51:30 Europe/London

To choose a wig is to choose a lifestyle. When you look at a wig, you are not only looking at the hairs attached, you want to understand how they are made, with what kind of magic technologies can those hairs look so real. Here at UniWigs, we offer the highest quality wig products. We also make every effort to be informative and considerate. This is a detailed catalogue for our customers to understand what type of foundations (also referred to as caps) our wigs are attached to. Based on different materials used on a cap, we divide our wig constructions into the following categories. It is common to combine more than one material on a single cap.


Historically, a wig is used for adding the volume of hair or to disguise baldness. For a long period of time, the foundation of a wig is made of net or mesh with hair wefts1 sewn on it. This is the oldest and most economic way to manufacture a wig. Therefore such human hair wigs are the most durable and affordable.


1. Summary: The most classic cap, added a net layer to the crown in order to maintain the shape of the wig.

2. Material: Flower net front, ultra-thin wefts, memory mesh base.

3. Crafts: Open wefts sewn on cap base, with a net layer overlapping the crown.

4. Features: Durable, stable, affordable.


1. Summary: It is called capless because it’s super light weight, almost undetectable.

2. Material: Memory mesh, ultra-thin wefts.

3. Crafts: Ultra thin wefts sewn on memory mesh, with open space in between the wefts.

4. Features: Lighter weight, airy, affordable.

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How To Keep Your Lace Wig From Tangling?(2)

Thursday, 8 June 2017 09:19:20 Europe/London

3. Do not lay your wet wig on a flat surface to dry. After washing, place the full lace wig or front lace wig on a wig stand or styrofoam head, and add a light hair moisturizer or leave-in conditioner and finger comb the product throughout the hair. Allow the hair to dry before styling & attaching to your head.

Do not wash your wig too often and frequently. You should wash your human hair wigs no more than 2 times a week to preserve the strength & health of the hair. Washing too frequently will sap all the life and nutrients out the hair, leaving it dull, brittle, and dry.

4. Do not use a regular comb or brush to style or detangle your mens wigs. Use a wide-toothed comb, or a shower comb, or a vent brush to style your lace wig. Do not pull or tug on the hair.

5. Do not brush the front lace wig or full lace wig while it’s wet. Avoid brushing wet hair because the strands will break-off from the base of the cap and leave bald spots on your lace unit. Hair is in its weakest state when wet.

6. Do not use shampoos & hair conditioners in full strength to avoid heavy build-ups. Use an empty container that has a spray pump to make your own diluted shampoo or conditioner, and then apply to hair.

7. Do not use products that contain alcohol. Alcohol will dry hair out and damage the delicate structure of the cuticles.

8. Do not use overuse hair products. Adding too much hair products to your front lace wig of full lace wig will lead to a messy, clunky build-up. Excessive use of oils, mousse, gels, and other hair products will cause the hair to tangle, matte, and make the hair look unclean, limp & dull.

9. Do not hold on to dry brittle ends. Pay special attention that you add a little extra leave-in conditioner to the ends of the hair. Sometimes you cannot save the ends, and it’s best to clip or trim the ends off. Cut off the dry, split ends before they split all the way up and cause horrific tangles.

10. Do not blow-dry your wig hair. After washing your hair, allow it to air-dry so the hair will stay smooth & manageable. Blow-drying the hair will make it frizz and feel hard & stiff.

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How To Keep Your Lace Wig From Tangling?(1)

Tuesday, 6 June 2017 09:49:15 Europe/London

Once you bought an expensive human hair wigs and you are very excited about wearing it. But after just 10 days of wearing your beautiful front lace wig, it begins to tangle, which alarms you & crushes your confidence. You feel so upset, After all, it should not like you went out and bought a cheap synthetic wig at the beauty supply store. You decided to invest in a high quality human hair lace wig because it looks realistic & more natural than a synthetic wig. In addition, buying a good quality human hair wigs would last longer & actually save your money in the long term. So you ask yourself: “Why is my expensive Virgin Indian or Virgin Brazilian human hair wigs tangling?” Well, there could be a number of reasons why your lace unit starts to tangle or matte. Below are some dos and don’ts in the care & maintenance of your front lace wig along with some solutions to detangle your hair before the tangles start to consume your life & cause you grief. By following the guidelines below, you can prevent your lace wig from tangle or at the very least, keep the tangles to a minimum. I hope this guide helps you maintain beautiful healthy & smooth, tangle-free hair.

Guide to avoid tangle or prevent your human hair wigs from tangling:

1. Do not wash your real hair wigs with shampoos that contain harsh chemicals or a high ph-balance. Use salon brand moisturizing shampoos that are infused with vitamins & herbs and that have a low-ph balance. Normal healthy hair has a ph-balance of 4.5 – 5.5, so buy a shampoo that’s within that range or a little below it. Some shampoos have a very high ph-balance, which will damage the hair and leave it dry & dull looking.

2. Do not wash your human hair wigs while it’s on your head. Take the wigs off your head, add a little shampoo to a sink of luke-warm water. While holding the top of the cap with one hand, immerse the wig in the water, and gently glide your fingers through the hair, from root to tip to cleanse it. Next, add conditioner to the hair and rinse under a faucet of cool running water. Allow most the water to run off the hair into the sink, and then lightly wrap your lace wig with a thick towel to drain off excess water.

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About Human Hair Wigs

Thursday, 1 June 2017 09:14:25 Europe/London

There’s no greater feeling than when we know we're having an amazing hair day! Wigs make every day a great hair day. But just how much should you spend for great hair? Here are a couple of important points to keep in mind when making your decision:

1. Not all human hair wigs are created equal.

Premium features like lace-front and human hair can make all the difference in how natural your hair looks and feels. But just because one feature is more expensive than another doesn’t make it the right choice for you. Of course if you're going to buy human hair wigs, do you want to be able to buy the best quality you can afford. But keep the style you were looking for in mind. If you were going for bangs or a covered for head… You don't need lace front necessarily. This saves you a bit of money. If you were going for african american wigs the highest quality human hair also may not be necessary. So keep your wants and needs in mind before you go out and pay the highest dollar.

2. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Did you know that a good quality cap can take up to 30 hours to make! The meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each hand-made design ensures wearing your favorite, cute style feels like wearing nothing at all. Learn more about Wig Cap Construction.

3. Not having to spend hours in the salon chair…Priceless.

Think about the time drain of your last salon visit. Remember the anxiety of hoping they get the cut right? The awkwardness of convincing yourself that “It’s just a haircut” when they didn’t? Now, sometimes it comes out great… But it's a gamble. With a great real hair wig you get perfect hair every time!

4. You don't have to break the bank to look beautiful!

Higher-end wigs are all about giving you the perfect salon look without a trip to the salon. You get just the style you want. But, sometimes budget doesn't cover exactly what we want. Don't worry… You don't have to compromise. Synthetic fiber these days is pretty amazing and very hard to distinguish from human hair if the wig is a good quality fiber. And because the denier and texture of quality synthetic hair looks and feels so much like human hair, human hair wigs are not your only option. Checkout out the difference between synthetic vs human hair to find out which is really the best choice for you.

Having a great hair day is like a perfectly timed, witty comeback. You feel like you can take on the world. Give yourself permission to look and feel amazing...You’re totally worth it!

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Install Lace Frontal(2)

Thursday, 25 May 2017 09:55:59 Europe/London

4. Trace lightly where you would like the lace front wig to rest, using a makeup pencil, as you do not want the edge of the human hair wigs to lie directly over the hair at the hairline. To reasonably recreate the appearance of a natural hairline, trace no further than 1/2 inch away from your actual hairline.

5. Trim off any excess lace left around the hairline of the lace front wig carefully, using scissors. Cut all the lace off directly up to the hairline of the lace frontal.

6. Apply a thin coat of adhesive bond along the edge of the wig cap (this prevents wig cap from slipping backward while underneath the wigs), in between the actual and traced hairlines, and along the nape of the neck. Do not apply the lace front on wet glue or it won’t secure properly. Allow “soft bond” adhesives to set or get “tacky” to the touch. However, “hard bond” adhesives do not require drying time as they dry immediately upon application. To use adhesive tape cut the tape to the desired length. Firmly press the tape directly beneath the hairline of the lace front wig along your forehead and the nape of your neck. Allow small gaps in between the strips of tape so moisture can escape. Allow the tape to set for 5 to 10 minutes. Peel off the back of the tape to expose the adhesive.

7. Position the lace front wigs human hair on your head starting from the back and it lifting forward over your head. Keep the wig slightly elevated over the scalp so the lace wigs won’t slide down onto the adhesive once you’ve reached your forehead. Line up the perimeter edge of the wig over the desired hairline or tape. Glue users press down along the entire perimeter of the lace frontal so as to secure it in place. Tape users press and hold the entire perimeter of the lace frontal for up to one minute.

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Install Lace Frontal(1)

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 09:32:10 Europe/London

Understanding the proper application of a lace frontal is essential to aesthetics and safety. Otherwise, the process may lead to hair loss and skin and/or wig damage. Unlike traditional wigs a lace frontal, commonly referred to as a “lace front wig,” features a mesh of Swiss or French lace constructed along its front perimeter. The hair along the perimeter of the wig is hand-tied onto the lace, allowing it to emulate a natural hairline. In addition, specially made adhesives are applied directly beneath the hairline of the wigs in order to secure the lace frontal closure along the scalp.

1. Secure your hair so it lies flat underneath the wig. This can be achieved by two methods: Cornrow braid your human hair. Take the tooth end of your rat tail comb and part your hair into vertical sections one by one. Part in a straight line beginning from the middle of your hairline on back to the nape of your neck (how small you want your braids is determined by the width or amount of hair in between each part). Take three sections of hair left in between these parts and braid the hair into a cornrow. Repeat the process until all your hair is securely braided. Place the wig cap over your hair. Tightly gather your loose hair. Comb or brush the hair back flat and away from your face. Pin the hair as you see fit. Place the lace wigs cap over your hair. Tuck any loose strands of hair underneath the wig cap.

2. Wet a gauze pad generously with rubbing alcohol. Rub it along your hairline wherever adhesive will be applied so as to cleanse away dirt, oil and debris that may be on your skin. Allow the skin to air dry completely.

3. Apply scalp protectant as directed along your hairline wherever hair adhesive will be applied on the skin. Allow it to air dry completely.

To be continued...

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Amazing African American Wigs

Thursday, 18 May 2017 09:48:34 Europe/London

African American wig styles are in more demand now as our schedules get tighter. In the black community, great hair means sleeker and well-kept (aka never nappy). But the time you need to put in sitting in a salon chair is a big demand on a busy schedule (which we all have!).

However, you don’t always have to spend the time in the chair. A wig is the best option as it is a quick way to get a perfect hair style that only looks like you spent hours at the salon. Will look just like your hair… even better! Besides the convenience factor, wigs allows great flexibility in allowing you to change your hairstyle overnight! This is a good option for women who prefer having new looks every day or week.

African American wigs have improved in quality and range of choices in the past few years. Brands like Vivica Fox, Motown Tress, and Forever Young have grown as the demand for quality products has increased by women of color. But the many traditional brands are expanding their lines to include hair that is a bit more textured... and who says you have to stay with textured hair anyway? We can have any hair we want... if the wig fits... wear it!

Here are some great trends in the African American market we are seeing diversity at its most beautiful as these wigs for black women and women of color are right on trend:

Long sexy hair will never go out of style (pun intended;) These days long hair is not just for the young vixen anymore! Women of all ages and color can rock long locks. Just make sure to add some layers in and you will always look fresh and young in your long hair style.

Long hair style wigs are hot sellers all year round. You’ll be turning head and looking hot… just make sure you stay cool… look for a wig that is open wefted which means COOL!

Many black women complain about excessive heat when wearing wigs. This usually happens when you wear a lesser quality wig… yes… cheap wigs are hot (and not the kind of hot you want to be!) But like this Bori wig by Motown Tress you can choose a open wefted cap also called traditional or basic wig cap. This means each of the wefts of hair are connected but not completely sewn together in order to leave space to stretch and breathe between each weft. This allows air circulation with-in the wig… cool head… cool style! Actually you might even forget that you’re wearing a synthetic wig.

Every girl needs curls. No exception! But make sure you are getting the right look from your curls. Most black women love curly hair however, the best curls are not a hairstyle that is easy to achieve or maintain. So the best option is to buy a curly wig like the one featured in the photo above.

Don’t forget to keep your Curls looking soft and conditioned. Its super important to use great products for synthetic hair wigs as the fiber is not like human hair wigs at all and needs products formulated especially for keeping synthetic hair looking natural and well-conditioned. A great soft curly wig will give you a fresh and new look. Keep your curls in check… by placing it on a wig stand when not in use – this will preserve its style!

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Synthetic vs Human Hair(2)

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 09:10:21 Europe/London

Advantages of Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair has come a long way in the past 10 years. Because of the inconsistencies in the human hair market, the focus has been on perfecting synthetic hair to look and behave just like human hair. And the results have been amazing. The look is pretty indistinguishable from human hair and the feel is pretty darn close! The fact that most synthetic wigs can be worn right out of the box with minimal or no styling requirements makes it a more attractive choice. And, unlike human hair, synthetic hair will hold its style regardless of the climate. The curl pattern or style is basically baked right in to the wig and will not change no matter how terrible the weather is! Bonus!

Disadvantages of Synthetic Hair

The only disadvantage we can come up with is what we feel is its biggest advantage… you don’t have to take time to style because the style or curl pattern is set right in and stays that way! However, this means you can’t change wigs and so you don’t have the versatility of human hair. Kind of a plus in my book. As the prices are much more reasonable, it is easy to afford a straight and a wavy version and not have to put much styling effort in to either one. (but we had to find some kind of disadvantage so this is the closest we could find;)

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Synthetic vs Human Hair(1)

Friday, 12 May 2017 09:39:05 Europe/London

You’ve heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” And if you’ve spent any amount of time with wigs, you've noticed that the ones made of human hair are generally more expensive than the ones made of synthetic fiber. But does that necessarily mean human hair wigs are better than synthetic fiber wigs? How are you supposed to know which is the better choice for you?

You’ve heard that old add-age “you get what you pay for”… this doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive option is always what is best for you.

Advantages of Human Hair

Hands down, human hair looks and feels the most natural because…well…it is natural hair. There is nothing exactly like the feel, weight, and movement of a good quality human hair wigs. (however, quality being the operative word is important to factor in as poor quality human hair is not worth the money in the long run at all!) Remy human hair is considered a premium option because it is generally easier to style and tangles much less due to all the follicles being kept in the same direction during construction. Read our blog on Remy Human Hair for all you need to know about Remy hair! Human hair is remarkably soft with a shine and movement not easily duplicated by synthetic hair. Its versatility allows you to style it like your own hair with curls or bone straight with a durability that can last over a year!

Disadvantages Of Human Hair

So as we all know, human hair wigs and extensions are definitely not inexpensive! Good quality hair (which is the only human hair worth buying) is pricey. But is it also takes much more time to style and care for. Since it is natural hair, you have to style it each time you wear it just like you would your own natural hair. The style doesn’t really hold like a synthetic wig would. If you have a busy lifestyle or a tight budget, this may not be the choice for you. And just like natural hair, human hair will react to weather conditions and will go flat or frizz if weather dictates;

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Remy Human Hair(2)

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 09:12:31 Europe/London

Now the high end grade A hair which is truly Remy…is amazing and is sought after for a very good reason. It is the cream of the crop! But beware... some low end brands will mix in remy hair with low quality hair and say it is remy and you will of course get taken for a ride. Same goes with the quality of hair. This is why it is important to stick with the established and trusted wig brands as you know their product can be counted on for accuracy.

So everyone is looking for Remy grade A hair for a good reason, but it is very pricey and so not everywhere! So...Keep in mind, you may not always need the highest quality hair or remy hair for that matter. You may choose to save a little on cost and sacrifice a bit on the quality if you are not going to be wearing your wigs every day. This doesn't mean the lesser grade hair or the non remy hair is not good and wont look beautiful. It definitely will look great and in some cases, you will not be able to tell the difference enough to justify the cost. It simply may not last as long. But the important thing is you get to decide... It is all up to you and your needs.

So is human hair wigs really better? Yes…but remember, it is only better if the origin and grade of human hair is already top quality. You have the information you need to figure out what will work for you. You will look beautiful if you take good care of the hair you decide to purchase and if you feel confident. It's a bit like buying a piece of jewelry which is made with a cubic many cases it will still sparkle like a true diamond..but will not last you the same and will not have the durability in the long run. but you sure did save the money and still get to sparkle for now.

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Remy Human Hair(1)

Monday, 8 May 2017 09:17:43 Europe/London

Human Hair hair wig is the result of the gathering process only. This means, when the hair is gathered, it is then kept in bundles with all the hair going in the same direction. This means the cuticle is all going in the same direction in the bundle. The cuticle is the outer layer of each strand of hair and the protection. They lay over the hair strand like shingles on a roof which are all traveling in the same direction. To keep all the hair together and in the same direction through the gathering and then the processing of the hair (which means cleaning, dying, and then making the wigs with these bundles) is very costly. This is the primary reason remy human hair wigs and hair extensions are generally more expensive. Keep in mind, the quality of the hair is the biggest factor in the price… but if it is remy hair, no matter the quality... there is a ‘service charge’ of sorts added to the wig or hair piece.

These are some of our favorite human hair wigs within our production crew because the hair has been so easy to work with, holds up beautifully, and feels phenomenal!

There is a grading system of human hair… A,B, or C grade hair is generally found in the market. A grade is of course the best quality… but if it is remy, no matter the quality, there is an added cost to the wig. No-matter what grade of hair your wig or extensions are... it is of course, better to have Remy as there is less tangling overall.

Nothing moves like great quality hair and when it is real hair…The integrity of the hair is better because you have the entire hair shaft in tact and it is of course stronger and will move more fluidly... not so flyaway! You have an even smoother look to your style.

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Capless Wigs

Friday, 28 April 2017 10:16:36 Europe/London

Mentioning capless wigs, many may mistake them with half wigs. Today, we are going to discuss the differences between them.

First, Let’s discuss capless wigs

A capless wig is very similar to a standard cap design which consists of a “cap” and “hair”. However, instead of the closed lace layer at the crown, it just has vertical lace strips with open spaces between the wefts. The open-wefting in the crown, back, and sides allows for maximum ventilation. This makes the cap lighter in weight and cooler than a standard cap.

Capless Construction?

This lightweight cap construction is open all through out for maximum coolness and comfort.

Here are three of the advantages.

1 Ultra-thin weft offers the most natural appearance and ultimate comfort.

2 Wide velvet comfort band allows added security and prevents friction.

3 Adjustable straps allow you to loosen or tighter the cap up to a half inch.

So what about half wigs?

Half wigs are used by many women on an everyday basis. They are often also used in the entertainment industry in live theatrical stage shows as well as in the movies to make an actress’s hair appear longer or give her more of a “fuller period” hairstyle. These synthetic wigs are mass-produced and available for purchase everywhere from cheaper wig outlets to premium and expensive salons. The term half wig can also be interchanged with the term “fall”.

Half wigs do exactly what the name suggests: a wig that covers half of your hair. It is important for a human hair wigs to blend in with your natural hair color, as some of it will be exposed. Some half wigs contain clips placed in the hair, while others have false hair on a headband (and the half wig is subsequently worn like a regular headband). The natural hair may be left alone (in the case of the headband wing), or can be styled over it to disguise the clips that may be in place.

Now you know the difference.

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How To Cut Extra Lace(2)

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 09:14:16 Europe/London

5. Cut the lace back towards the beginning of the hairline in the front. The lace that is on the forehead of human hair wigs will be the most visible, so it should be cut back all the way to the hairline. Pull the lace tight with your fingers while cutting to ensure even, smooth strokes.

6. Trim the sides of the lace wigs so that only about an eighth-inch of lace protrudes out from under the hairline. It is not necessary to cut the lace all the way back on the sides, since this part is not as visible as the forehead area.

7. Double check the trimmed lace to ensure that there are no jagged edges. Make sure the lace is cut completely even, especially around the forehead area.

The excess lace is your what is known as “Your box is your guarantee’. Should your new wig not have the excess lace on, please do not accept it as it might not be new. You are only to cut off the extra lace once you have made sure the the unit fits your head perfectly and that there are no bald patches and tears in your unit. Only whilst it still has the lace on can it be returned. You cut off the excess lace as close to the hairline as possible taking effort not to cut off any of the babyhairs, if you get one or two that is fine, but be very careful.

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How To Cut Extra Lace(1)

Monday, 24 April 2017 09:16:41 Europe/London

Creating a lace wigs is a long, meticulous process that can take several hours to several days. Once the wig is complete, the excess lace that hangs over the forehead must be trimmed back into the wigs for the most natural look. This is a delicate process that takes a steady hand, a good pair of scissors and a lot of patience. Since a lace front wig does not reach all the way around to the nape of the neck, this process will be shorter and a little easier than a full wig.


1.Find the center of the front of the lace wig and slide the thin hair clip vertically to mark the position. There should be two even lace pieces on each side of the clip.

2. Clip the hair on either side of the center-marking clip back using the two large hair clips. This will keep any stray hairs from being cut.

3. Cut away about a quarter-inch of the lace all around the front and sides of the human hair wigs. Do this using long, fluid scissor strokes to avoid jagged edges. It is best to cut away small portions of lace instead of all of it at once, since cutting away too much lace will ruin the wig.

4. Remove the center-marking clip. Keep the hair clipped back, adjusting the clips as necessary.

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Why Choose Hand-made Products?

Friday, 21 April 2017 09:41:50 Europe/London

Today’s world is dominated by machines and almost everything is mass-produced. The majority of products in today’s market can greatly improve our quality of life and bring much more convenience in our day-to-day activities. Actually, it’s really a question, if they both disappear one day, can we live without it? But, why do we still prefer choosing something that is hand-made over machine made?

Hand-made Rolls Royce, originated in 1906, has been one of the worlds most prestigious luxury car manufactures.

Rolls Royce is indeed an outstanding car manufacture, which owns top of the range advanced technology and more importantly, hand makes every accessory in each cars interior. Although this results in a lower quantity when it comes to production in comparison to other car manufactures in the market, however it does guarantee the rarity and quality of the product itself. Which is what makes Roll Royce a world class car manufacture?

Now you can understand why hand-made products still hold a valuable position in the market.

With regards to wigs, it is very similar to that of cars. Machine-made wigs are often produced in large quantities, in many standard colors and styles, which can meet common needs, and most customers can afford.

Hand-made human hair wigs can be customized and are made by skillful wig makers. The makers have to go through many complicated processes to finish a hand-made wig, which naturally takes them a great amount of time, patience, and energy. Hand-made wigs fit more securely on the head, making them appear more natural than machine made wigs.

Generally, most customers prefer lace wigs because of their high quality level, and durability. Not to mention the unique styles, and comfort of hand-made wigs which are indeed worth their higher price tag.

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First Things First(2)

Wednesday, 19 April 2017 09:05:06 Europe/London

When you are considering human vs. synthetic hair, keep a few things in mind. Decide what you want. If you want easy, wash-n-go hair, consider purchasing a synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs are made of a plastic type fiber.

They typically will last about six months. They are easy to wash and will go back to their original style when washed, fluffed and dried.

If you decide that you want human hair wigs, understand what that means. Human hair is real hair. You have more styling options, but like real hair, if your hairpiece does not have a curl or permanent wave and you get rained on, it will go flat and you will need to restyle it.

After you decide the type of hairpiece that you are going to purchase or order, you may be asked if you want to have your wig precut or prestyled. DON’T DO IT! Remember that every person’s head and face shape is unique, and a wig should be cut and styled to fit you exactly. Wait for the wigs to come to you. Then carefully examine it before you do anything to it. Make sure the hair color is the color you ordered. Look at the construction of the hairpiece. Is it what you ordered? Make sure you are satisfied with your purchase before doing anything to it. And educate yourself about return policies. You want a company that will take care of you and guarantee their product.

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First Things First(1)

Monday, 17 April 2017 09:27:53 Europe/London

Find a professional hair stylist and cosmetologist that you trust and can communicate with. Consult with several different people until you are comfortable. Don’t leave yourself without options. There are many wig companies and many professional hair stylists. Don’t be talked into a purchase that you are not comfortable with. Sometimes it is helpful to take this first step with the help of a friend. They can be lifesavers.

If possible, gather old pictures of yourself and different wigs that you like. Take them with you to the consultant. If you want a new look, search magazines and hairstyle books. With the help of your professional hair stylist there may be a hairpiece that will look like the desired style you want, or one that can be cut and styled to suit you.

Be sure to find a person that will treat you with dignity and honor. You need this person to care about how you are going to feel and how you look when you leave. You want someone you will feel comfortable going back to.

Buyer Beware! Do your research! When considering your purchase wigs online, you may want to think about purchasing two hairpieces

Like shoes, one hairpiece will get worn out faster. It is also helpful to have a backup in case one is dirty.

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Care Tips For Day Hair

Friday, 14 April 2017 09:41:17 Europe/London

Feeling annoyed by your dry hair? Dry hair looks brittle and feels “frizzy”. There are many causes of dry hair. Find the respective reasons of your dry hair below.

Inactive oil glands can cause dry hair. If you have dry hair as a result of dry skin, consider washing your human hair fewer times each week as to protect the existing oil glands. In addition, pay attention to the type of shampoo and conditioner you use to make sure it replenishes your scalp with essential oils. Check out those products labeled as “hydrating” or “moisturizing.”

Be sure to take care with heat and chemicals, especially if you have dry hair. Nowadays electric hair straighteners (flat irons) are popular among girls. But notice: they do cause serious damage to hair. When used on high heat, hair dryers can damage synthetic hair, too.

Decreasing your use of these hot devices (or at least using a less hot setting) will help to keep your hair healthier.

Tips: if you really love different styles of hair with different colors, try hair extensions or wigs.

Harsh chemicals in hair color, permanents, and relaxers can strip the hair of vital oils. Watch out for bleaches and peroxides, because they can make your hair brittle and cause split ends.

Finally, take an extra care of your wigs in the summer sun. Sunshine and ultraviolet rays can both cause dry hair. The easiest solution is to wear a hat or simply avoid getting too much sun (your skin will thank you, too).

You can also protect your hair by wearing a swim cap when you go into the pool and then wash your hair in fresh water after swimming. If you swim frequently, consider using a shampoo designed to remove chlorine from hair.

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Don't Believe These Six Things When You Buy A Wig(2)

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 09:09:42 Europe/London

When they say our wigs is easily shape, This is true, certainly. But, this is true to them, the sellers, who commit themselves to the wigs for many years, not for you, a newer to wigs. For you, it may be hard to shape, even it is a hair extension. So, you should ask them carefully how to shape this wig and try it there. Please buy it when you are sure you could shape it well.

When they say our wigs don’t need any special care, They say so because in their eyes, wigs need care, but the care is just not special. When you know nothing about wigs, you should learn how to care the wigs you want. And you should know the different ways to care human hair and synthetic wigs. When you are familiar with wigs, you also could say, yes, the wigs don’t need any special care.

When they say our wigs could be maintained for a long time, Different wigs have different lifetime. It mainly depends on its material, as well as the way you care for it. So, you need to learn how to maintain your first wig.

When they say our wigs is and will be on fashion all the time, It may be true. But you need to find the answer by yourself. You can catch up with the fashion if you want to, with the help of magazine and web. It would be helpful if you know some great wigs brand such like Uniwigs. Their new wigs are the proof of fashion. But you also need to choose the one best for yourself. What you need is the best for you, the unique for you. Not simple fashion.

A high-quality human hair wig is very necessary for your daily life. Please polish you eyes and find the unique one for yourself.

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Don't Believe These Six Things When You Buy A Wig(1)

Monday, 10 April 2017 09:11:40 Europe/London

Every woman should keep a wig. But if you are new to wigs, you should pay attention to the sellers’ words about the wigs. Many wigs sellers are tend to exaggerate their products. Therefore, you must sharpen your eyes to tell if their words are true or false. Here are six things you should be careful to believe.

When they say our wigs are all human hair wigs, This is always a good reason for their high price. It is true that human hair wig would be much higher than synthetic wig. But you should have the ability to judge if their words are true. In fact, it is not so hard. Expose a strand of hair to flame. If the hair is natural, it will immediately catch fire and burn nearly instantly, curling into a ball. It smells like a barbecue and the ashes can be twisted into powder Synthetic hair, on the other hand, will slowly melt rather than burn, and it smells like plastic and the ashes will stay as a caking.

When they say our wigs for sale suits all the shapes of face, If you are still keep sane, you should definitely know there is no one wig could suit every shapes of face. You need to try it on by yourself and see the answer clearly. If you buy wigs online, you also should affirm its effect by others’ pictures. Buyers show could be a great help for your choice.

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Hot Hair Topper

Friday, 31 March 2017 09:14:07 Europe/London is manufacturer of real human hair enhancement & restoration solutions for hair loss like wigs, hair toppers, hair extensions and hair replacement systems for women, men and children. We produce premium quality products at competitive prices with delivery on time.

Every mono topper made by is gorgeous flexibility remy human hair. It gives you the option to style with heat tools and treat just like your own hair.

Meanwhile, has 13 different sizes hair pieces can be chosen, so no matter you are suffer hair loss from hairline or the top of head you can always find wigs online that perfect for you. Today, let’s we talk about one of the top sellers: P25001- Claire Remy Human Hair Topper:

1. Claire topper’s base size is 5.5″x5.5″, it almost cover the whole top of head. The hand-tied named lace front& mono crown and size is 3.75”X2.5”.

2. Creates the illusions of natural hair growth and allows you to part the hair. The hair can be pick out from the aperture of weft all around, seamless joint will be more natural.

3. It has some different colors can be chosen, you can choose one that you love, but if not, you can choose the “natural black” and “O-613 White Blonde” first and then DYE the color you want. In addition, other colors are not recommended to change the color on themselves, if necessary, try it from light to dark.

4. It’s made from Virgin remy 100 human hair so it can be styled again, no matter you want to cut it off or make it curly just like you nature hair. The finest elite-quality human hair wigs is stronger, healthier and less likely to tangle because the cuticle is still intact. It gives you the option to style with heat tools and treat just like your own hair.

5. The density of our wigs online is 130% and is perfect for most people, if you want a heavier density, you can pick the 150% option.

NEVER go out with thin hair again!!! Comes with Clips installed..its a no brainer!!!!

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017 09:47:00 Europe/London

Who says that hair loss occurs only on the natural hair? Actually hair loss does happen on the hair wigs as well. This is caused by bacteria and friction that the hair wig encounters every day. Either of the two or when combined together will affect hair loss in the hair wig however, this can be prevented so that the hair wig will last longer.

Hair replacement wig easily rubs off due to friction caused by the absence of Sebum which is natural oil that protects and lubricates the hair follicles from friction.Hair fall is caused by sleeping on a coarse material pillow case. Constant rubbing with the coarse fabric will cause hair breakage. The best way to avoid this is to use a satin fabric for your pillow case.Combing and brushing too often will cause hair fall, to avoid this, using of Spray Luster Mist which is a lubricating agent will keep the hair moist and reduces the friction between the hair and the comb.Bacteria cause the human hair wigs hair loss. The most vulnerable part of the hair wig are the knots because they hold and retain moisture, any build up will naturally break and weaken the hair shafts of the hair.

You can use Brandywine shampoos because it is made specifically for hair wigs, both synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. Use a knot sealer as often as possible whenever you use hair styling products. We can not avoid using styling products to help the hair look good however, with constant use this tends to weaken the knots and will cause hair fall. The knot sealer slows down and stops hair loss while locking the hair knots to the base of the hair wig.

Hair wig is the best non surgical hair loss solution, this is the most natural method of giving back our hair however, but hair loss in the hair replacement wig can be avoided is we only adhere to the proper caring of the hair replacement wig.

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How to Choose and Wear a Wig(2)

Monday, 27 March 2017 09:12:56 Europe/London

3. Choosing a size

• Carefully follow the directions that come with the wig.

• If you wear glasses, remove them before trying on the wig.

• Be sure to shake out the wig vigorously before putting it on.

4. How do I style my wig?

• Before styling, always tuck all of the hair behind your ears.

• Bring forward only as much hair as is needed to make the wig look natural.

• If needed, have a hair dresser trim the bangs and thin the wigs online to make it look more natural.

• Shorter Wigs—use a brush sparingly; your fingers will work better.

• Long, straight wigs—spray lightly with Wig Conditioner and brush with a Wig Brush, starting with the ends first, before styling.

• For a more natural look, don’t try to have every hair in place.

• Use scarf bands and other hair accessories as you would with your own hair.

5. No more “bad hair days!”

While losing one’s hair may be frightening, many women enjoy trying styles and colors in different human hair wigs that they would never have dared to try with their own hair. Some women buy more than one wig and change wigs to suit their mood, their outfit, or the occasion. Wigs always look good; there are no more bad hair days. In fact, many women continue to wear their wig(s) after their hair grows back, especially when they don’t have time to get their hair done.

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How to Choose and Wear a Wig(1)

Friday, 24 March 2017 08:39:33 Europe/London

1. Preparation

• Make sure you will need a wig. Not all chemo causes hair loss.

• If your hair is long, consider having it cut short so that switching to a wig or other head covering will be less noticeable.

• Hair generally falls out 2-3 weeks after your first chemo treatment.

• Once it starts falling out, consider having your head shaved (use an electric razor to avoid cuts).

• This can make you feel more in control and keeps you from waking up to find itchy hair all over your pillow.

• If you still need something to catch the hair, you may want to buy a Mesh Cap.

Hair usually grows back about six months after chemotherapy ends. Your new hair may be curlier or straighter, thicker or finer—or even a new color. Usually this change is short term; with time your hair will very likely go back to the way it was before treatment. After hearing they will lose their hair, some women rush out and buy a human hair wig.

The Human Hair Wigs will look more natural but you need to spend much time to style and take care of it. The synthetic wigs are much easier to maintain. With the money you save you can try different style synthetic wigs—even different colors.

2. Choosing a color.

• Chemo can make your face look pale. If you have black hair, consider choosing dark brown for a more flattering look.

• If you’re a brunette and going grey, consider choosing a wig in a lighter shade of brown, possibly with subtle highlights.

• White is very flattering, too.

• Be adventurous! Now is your chance to experiment without paying for a long, expensive salon dye job.

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Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Hair Wigs(2)

Wednesday, 22 March 2017 09:21:28 Europe/London

Human hair is by far the superior choice if quality is the only factor. Other than price, the main drawback to human hair is required maintenance -- as with natural hair, it requires effort. For many, daily styling is actually preferable as it allows for more control over the appearance as well as a sense of normalcy that can come with the daily hair styling ritual. Keep in mind that human hair does not come out of the box ready to wear. You may choose to have it customized by a professional stylist to get exactly the look you like.

With technological advances, synthetic wigs have come a long way in recent years. In some cases it is difficult to tell the difference -- the denier and texture are such that they feel almost like human hair. As a matter of fact, with some of the higher quality synthetic pieces, you would never know they were not natural human hair if you didn’t have the human hair right next to it to compare!

The most appealing aspect to synthetic hair wigs is it can often be worn right out of the box with little or no styling. The fiber used has "memory" for wave, curl and volume which lets hair bounce back into place with minimal effort -- the curl pattern is permanently set. It can even hold up in bad weather and can guarantee no drooping or frizzing.

However, what synthetic hair offers in ease, it lacks in versatility. It cannot be styled to look many different ways like its human hair counterparts. Only special Heat Friendly synthetic hair is heat styleable to change the curl pattern. Keep in mind, even the heat friendly fiber can be difficult to style as synthetic fiber is more resistant to change. Synthetic hair is also less durable than human hair. With proper care you can expect synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces to last about 4-6 months – heat friendly synthetic hair 2- 3 months.

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Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Hair Wigs(1)

Monday, 20 March 2017 08:24:41 Europe/London

Human Hair and Synthetic Hair have advantages and limitations which make them the right choice at different times. Both are great choices for you depending on your budget, time, and needs. Optimally, you will choose to have both on hand as they each have their pluses! Here are the facts so you can know what circumstance is most beneficial for each.

Human hair offers the most natural look and feel. It is remarkably soft with a shine and movement that is not easily duplicated in synthetic hair. It is also extremely versatile. Human Hair can be cut and styled to suit your personal tastes. And while it can be a more expensive pick, with the proper care, it is also more durable and can last over a year.

Here are generally four basic types of materials in human hair wigs: Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European/Caucasian. The majority of wigs are made from Asian hair. Chinese hair has a thicker denier (unit of fineness) which results in the hair being extremely straight. It is a bit more resistant to curl and can therefore be harder to style. Indonesian hair is found in greater supply and is less costly -- it can often be found in ethnic style wigs. Indian hair has thinner denier close to that of European hair but with a bit more texture. European hair is the most sought after for its fine denier but due to its increasingly limited supply in the marketplace, it is more expensive.

The origin of the wigs is not the only factor, however. Processing technique is directly related to the strength and quality of the end-product. The chemicals needed, to sanitize and strip away the original color to produce different curl patterns and colors, are very strong and can affect the integrity of the hair depending on method used. When a higher quality of chemicals and a more artful approach to processing is used, the results are higher quality product and thus higher price.

Remy human hair is considered a premium option. Hair follicles are kept running in the same direction when collecting and crafting the Wigs. With cuticles all running in the same direction, tangling is greatly reduced and hair looks and feels silkier.

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The Benefits of Wearing a Wig

Friday, 17 March 2017 09:27:51 Europe/London

Many women in the world today wear wigs for different reasons. The wig industry is a huge one and makes millions per year because of the demand and need for wigs. Below are the reasons why many women of different ages will wear a wig and how it benefits them and their daily lives.

1. Wigs can conceal natural hair issues Wigs are great for hiding hair issues that many young girls and women have. It can conceal the hair of those who have receding hair lines. This is an issue that many women, especially of an older age, are not comfortable exposing to the public. It can conceal the hair of those who suffer from hair loss. There are many different reasons why a person is experiencing hair loss. Poor nutrition, bad hair practices, and even illnesses such as cancer are examples that contribute to hair loss.

2. You can try different styles Many women love how easy it is for them to try different hairstyles by wearing human hair wigs. This is another great reason why wigs are beneficial. Maybe you’re a woman that loves to try different looks and likes change. You can change your hair color at will, you can wear your hair short, you can wear your hair long, and you can try different textures. You’re never stuck with a certain hairstyle if you ever feel bored with a look.

3. You never have a bad hair day Sometimes our hair can be annoying and not behave in the way we want. Instead of taking the time to figure out how to make it look right, you can choose to throw on a nice looking wig of your choice. This is convenient especially if you don’t have the time or the patience to deal with your natural hair on a particular day. Most wigs you can purchase are already styled and ready to wear. Just quickly runs a comb, your fingers, or a brush through the wig and you’re out the door!

4. Wigs can protect your hair Wigs are great for protection. The less you manipulate your natural hair, the more likely it’ll grow healthier, stronger, and longer. Many women choose to wear real hair wigs because they want to give their hair a break. Maybe their hair is damaged from heat, coloring, bleaching, or just too much stress on the hair in general. Women will also wear wigs to protect their hair from harsh weather conditions. A great example is wearing wigs during the cold wintertime. The winter weather can dry out your natural hair and for Black women that is something you must avoid. By wearing wigs as a protective hairstyle, many women have noticed more strength and growth in their hair.

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Get Charming Lace Wigs Of Wonderful Design

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 08:02:40 Europe/London

Ladies who have tresses troubles or just possess the target for getting charming can utilize wigs for just about any spice and span look. after you place on it, you will locate the fact that tresses may possibly be styled into unique design, in one more word, that which you have is not merely just one design of wig, it may possibly be altered to one other type of styles freely.

Fortunately, straight tresses is not complicated to design and wash, you do not need to be worried a whole whole lot about their tangle problem, that could possibly be the large benefit of straight hair. Even although full lace wigs are spontaneous in start looking contemplating that from the best texture, there also exists some awesome products for us.

Products and options are evolving to the situation that people are able to afford it with our ability. But, we also need to hold precautions in opposition to bad level of quality wigs, for they will not just cannot provide us the beauty, but in add-on be damaging to our body.

Women who have wigs should master some tresses treatment tips, using the situation that there will be the troubles of tresses tangling, the ideal process is comb it ideal now using the right vigor. To steer obvious of the trouble from happening, that which you need to undertake is take advantage of the silk or satin to place the hair, that will by no suggests induce tresses loosing or tresses tangle.

The time after you desire to go swimming with you lace wigs, clean the tresses ideal right after you go out away from your poor, using the factors using the bad will harm the tresses a whole whole lot if do not remove them completely. Coloring or heating tresses will certainly provide harm to hair.

Affordable Synthetic Wavy Lace Front Wig Vivacious Short Human Hair Wig
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Classification of Human Hair Wigs

Friday, 10 March 2017 08:12:55 Europe/London

The human hair wigs could be mainly divided into three types based on the differences of workmanship.

The first one is the handmade weaving wigs. The workers will crochet the hair onto the end of the small holes of private network one by one. This kind of full lace wig has a fantastic natural feeling. The workmanship should be the same with the embroidered mother, which is the pure hand-made working. This work requires very excellent patience, perseverance and eyesight. With the more and more expensive labor cost, this method has become very little and the wigs crocheted mechanic is slowly disappeared. However, there are also some luxury wigs products also make use of this method.

The second one is the machine-made Wigs. This method make use of the high efficiency machine to finish the wholly production process. However, the lace wigs which are made by this method do not have the real hair feeling and the price of them is very low.

The third one is the semi hand-woven wig. The first half of the whole making process should be based on the hand working and the rest part relies on the machine operating. Frankly speaking, the price of the semi hand-woven wigs is cheaper than the totally hand-woven wigs but this product has more natural feeling than the machine-made wigs.

After the description of classification of the wigs, people also need to know the information about the mixed hair wig which is combined by the real human hair and chemical fiber hair. The real hair wigs are instability and it is unable to maintain the nice curvature which leads to the difficult styling. This should be the big shortcoming of the real hair wig. Hence, the mixed hair wigs were created by people. This sort of hair wig could not only maintain the comfortable feeling of real hair but also to ensure the good-looking hairstyles curvature.

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To Restore Your Confidence By Mens Wigs

Tuesday, 7 March 2017 10:02:37 Europe/London

People suffering from this problem often avoid being a part of any event, visiting any friend, planning for a romantic evening out. There are different other problems that may take place; while it may also result in a gap for social bonding. If you are suffering from this problem and don't have any option of get your hair re-grow on full head, you should be think about it.

It is more than just a visual problem as a considerable number of people who are affected by it can also begin to feel insecure along with some other problems. Not forget to mention lack emotional stability, avoiding swimming or attending major events or parties. It also result in premature ageing; while affect your self confidence. It a worst case scenario, it may also result in depression.

There are different problems that may take place and may increase your irritation level. Some people don't bother to have any surgical procedure; while you will also find some people prefer to have wigs to restore their confidence and overall appearance. If you are also one of them looking for such solutions that can provide you the best ways of increasing your confidence level, you will have some better options of choosing the best one from the comfort of home.

Now, you can also get the best and effective non surgical hair replacement in London that is the way of restoring your confidence and overall appearance. You have to simply reach at the right platform or search for the right clinic from where you can get the desired result.

With the demand of such services increasing day after day, numerous renowned clinics have come up with the best treatment; while they are also providing you men wigs in the USA that will surely fit well your budget and provide you a better reason of be the part of any event or party in the way you like. From a reputed clinic, you will also get the right ways and a guide to use them properly.

Adorable Human Hair Straight Capless Wig Magnificent Human Hair Long Straight Lace Front Wig Description
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Don't Wash Lace Wigs Frequently

Friday, 3 March 2017 08:42:45 Europe/London

When it comes to lace wigs, for instance, most manufacturers give them an average of 6 months to a year, after which the quality and appearance will gradually start to deteriorate. If you want to keep using your lace wigs beyond this predicted lifespan, all you have to do is following the tips below:

Before using the wig for the first time, place your hand inside the cap and shake the wig gently in order to loosen the hair. As much as possible, just use your fingers to take away any tangles. If you absolutely have to comb the hair, use a special wig brush that you can also buy from the wig store.

Washing a lace wig should not be done frequently. You should only do so when the hairs start to become visibly limp or sticky. Soak the wig for a few minutes before washing. Wash the wig gently in a basin or under running water, making sure to use only a special wig shampoo.

Some lace wigs are said to be alright to wear even while you sleep but if you want to keep the hair shiny and beautiful for as long as you can, it is best that you remove them before going to bed in order to avoid damages caused by friction.

It is frequently said that synthetic wigs may not be exposed to heat in any way and that human hair wigs can. But like your real hair, human hair wigs can also succumb to damage due to heat exposure over time so you should avoid using hair blowers, irons and other heating devices on them as well.

Popular Wavy Lace Front Synthetic Wig Popular Human Hair Straight Lace Front Wig
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Seek A More Customized Look By Wigs

Wednesday, 1 March 2017 08:32:50 Europe/London

If you plan to make wigs, the first thing you must learn is how to ventilate hair. Hair ventilation is the process of attaching individual strands of hair into a wig cap base or netting. It will take time and patience to master the new skill, but once it is learned, you are well on your way to become a master wig maker!

Learning how to create custom wig caps is also an essential skill. Many people choose to wear conventional wigs purchased from the local beauty supply, while other people seek a more customized look. Conventional wigs take the "One Size Fits All" approach and customized wigs are designed to suit each client on an individual basis. Being skilled in making custom wig caps will make you very marketable because your high-end clients and business professions will want a wig designed that looks very natural and not "wiggy".

The most popular type of wig on the market today is the lace front wig. It is in demand because the lace around the perimeter of the wig is extremely thin and the hair looks as if it is growing directly from the scalp.

Installing the wig unit is very important and you must be familiar with different installation techniques. All clients are different and one technique may work for one, but not for another. Make sure that the unit is secure and does not shift.

Increasingly becoming more popular with full lace/front lace wig wearers and medically safe is here, contact liquid adhesive and Supertape, which is formulated with a water-based adhesive that is skin and environmentally friendly.

By being educated about the ingredients used in lace wig adhesives and our bodies' reaction to them, we are preserving our health while maintaining a great look.

Medium Silky Straight Human Hair Lace Wig Popular Wavy Lace Front Synthetic Wig
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A Woman's Relationship With Her Hair

Monday, 27 February 2017 08:59:07 Europe/London

I think everyone would agree that hair loss may be an ultimately small price to pay for your life, yet I am equally sure that there are few women who wouldn't sympathize with this very natural and instinctive response. Science explains hair loss due to chemotherapy as the drug attacking ALL rapidly growing cells- that includes cancer cells and... those in your hair roots. So now you know. But a woman's relationship with her hair is a far less simple thing to rationalize.

A woman's relationship with her hair is a deep and complex one. Who among us can't identify with the agony of a bad hair day? That one day when it doesn't matter one iota that your shoes and bag perfectly complement your outfit, or that said outfit includes the jeans you haven't been able to fit into since you were 18, or that (miracle of miracles) you are spot free on the very day you happen to run into your ex-boyfriend, because- and I pause to let the full weight of this injustice sink in- you are having a bad hair day.

I have smart, practical friends who keep hats and scarves in their closets for just such an event. I also have friends who will go into hiding, cancelling business appointments and dates, and taking refuge under their duvets until the ordeal has passed. Mystifying and incomprehensible as it may be to men, the fact is that our hair is part of who we are. We use it to frame our features- highlighting or hiding where necessary. We use it to express our personalities and to project the image of ourselves that we wish the rest of the word to see. Erroneous and unreliable as this may be, we are all hard-wired to presume something of someone's character from their hair- you only have to consider a few of the persistent stereotypes associated with blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Having long hair in particular is still viewed as a specifically feminine trait in many cultures. Just think of Lady Godiva, Rapunzel, or Botticelli's 'Venus'. On the other hand, short hair is perceived as 'boyish' or 'manly', making it understandable for many female chemo patients to feel as if they have lost some part of their womanhood. This is something that I can relate to. On an impulsive teenage whim I asked the hairdresser to recreate my beautiful cousin's delicate and elfin pixie cut. I got something resembling an afro.

Except only to the sides. In short, I looked like Hey Arnold. The mental and emotional scars accumulated over the formative two-year period in which it took me to re-grow it remain with me to this day. I can't parade through airport security without having flashbacks to family holidays in Asia and being asked "Sir, please queue for the men's metal detector over there..." And, once on the plane, being given the Beano rather than the Barbie comic. Well, actually, that's where I scored. But I think you see what I mean. Not once in that time did I ever feel pretty- two years of being mistaken for a boy does some serious damage to a girl's self-esteem.

Elegant Capless Brown Human Hair Wig Lace Front Straight Remy Human Hair Wig
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How To Make Lace Wigs Look More Natural

Friday, 24 February 2017 08:52:41 Europe/London

With the increasing demand of these wigs, manufacturers are willing to prioritize quantity over the quality of their products. Due to this reason, there is a big possibility that you will be able to get a lace wig that does not look very natural or is not of good quality. But there are still remedies to this problem. Here are just some of them.

The first thing that you can do to make your wig look more natural is to tweeze the hairline. There are two ways to do this. One is to have your wig adjusted by a professional lace front wig maker. By doing so, the density of the wig may be adjusted and then you will then achieve the results that you want. However, this option can cost you a lot. If you cannot spare a lot of money, here's another option that you might want to try. When you are at home, create a pony tail out of the lace wig.

After that, start tweeting the strands of hair at lace's front row. Make sure to alternate the rows and put on the wig every now and then until you achieve the desired wig density. Another good technique on how to make lace wigs look more natural is by washing them with apple cider vinegar. What is the effect of this kind of vinegar to your wig? Actually, it will not just cleanse your wig but it can also soften it and take away its shine. To wash the wig, just make a mixture out of cider vinegar and water.

Mix together one cup of water and one tablespoon of vinegar. Soak your wig in this mixture and be amazed with the results. The last option that you can take is to brush the wig with baking soda. You must do this after your wig has completely dried up. Just use a small amount of baking soda when you brush the wig. This will help remove the excess shine on your wig.

Lace Front Amazing Short Wavy Ideal Wig Popular Wavy Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing a Wig(2)

Wednesday, 22 February 2017 08:32:20 Europe/London


Now it’s time for the good news. We have loads of good news for you. I. Using a wig saves you the trouble of experimenting with your hair. You do not have to dye your original hair and destroy them with the hair coloring chemicals. Also, if you possess straight hair, you don’t have to trouble your hair to create waves or curls or vice versa.

II. You don’t have to cut your hair short or wait for them to grow. If you possess short hair and do not want to change that or have trouble with hair growth, you can easily buy yourself a wig of the desired length of hair and vice versa. No need to lose your original hair.

III. The wig can help you achieve hairstyles that would otherwise be painful on your real hair or prove damaging to your natural hair.

IV. Because Real Hair Wigs are made of human hair, they give a natural feel and look to the wearer leaving you a look you desired to achieve without looking fake.

Even though the price of a human hair wig is slightly higher than a synthetic hair wig, it is a better option when putting to question the durability, realistic look and flexibility to styling. Now that you have the advantages and disadvantaged before you, the choice is all yours.

Natural Straight Lace Front Remy Human Hair Wig Glamorous Wavy Lace Front Remy Human Hair Wig
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing a Wig(1)

Monday, 20 February 2017 09:01:22 Europe/London

When ready to buy a wig at the market, it is always helpful to look through the facts and find out what could be the advantages and disadvantages of using a wig. This will not only help you properly analyze what you are putting yourself into but will also help you know what the benefits are of having a wig and what will be the drawbacks of owning this commodity. So before you go out to get your own wig or even if you may have already bought one, listed below are a few advantages and disadvantages of using Wigs to help you.


It’s always best to start from the bad news, but luckily we don’t have much sad news for you. There are a few disadvantages to wigs and those are listed below:

I. Wigs, especially for Human Hair Wigs, need a little more care as compared to the natural hair. When we care for our natural hair, we take as many precautions as possible to keep our hair intact and out of harm’s way. Similarly, wigs need special attention. Although we don’t have to treat it with hair creams or masks etc. but we do need to handle them with extreme care.

II. Frequent use of the wig can cause the natural hair to be suffocated or be damaged. The damage can be breakage or thinning caused due to tight braiding or leaving under the wig for long periods of time.

III. It takes a longer time to wear as compared to your natural hair. This is because first you need to wear the wig then style it.

Popular Wavy Lace Front Remy Human Hair Wig Durable Capless Remy Human Hair Wig
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Creating a Strong And Excellent Curly Hair

Friday, 17 February 2017 10:04:38 Europe/London

The crucial feature is the hairline, roots and when parted, it seems as if the curly hair is increasing correct out of the scalp! That is down to the reality that each and every frizzy hair is hand tied onto the ribbons base.The two most frequent wig bases are ribbons and polyurethane (thin pores and skin). Lace bases enable the scalp to breath but are fine. There are 3 varieties of lace bases, French, Swiss and Lux Illusion I've discovered that Lux Illusion wigs are created with a unique triple knot method that makes the knot completely invisible so the curly hair looks like it is coming straight out of your scalp! French lace is produced with larger squares and a thicker lace materials.

Swiss lace is created from a sheer ribbons substance that is somewhat thinner in fabric thickness than French and has smaller squares. French and Swiss laces are each great for moderate to very active lifestyles. Equally are fantastic for short term wear. Nevertheless, French is most generally applied and recommended for new ribbons wig wearers or those of us with a much less delicate touch.

Polyurethane wigs give the greatest realism of frizzy hair developing directly from your scalp. The drawback to choosing polyurethane for your ribbons wig bottom is that it does not allow your scalp to breath. There are no holes in the product. When your skin color sweats, there is no way for the moisture to escape. If you are moderately active, reside in a warm or hot climate or have sensitive skin color, this could come to be uncomfortable.

The Super good Swiss ribbons is the thinnest in quality. It is also the most fine base obtainable. Best for use in the top, as it is invisible and does not demonstrate.Swiss ribbons is slightly thicker as compared to the Super Good quality.This does not mean that it is visible. In reality this ribbons is also a excellent ribbons for the front, as you can not see it. The gain is that It is also a lot more tough in strength.

I have identified that several men and women prefer to use French ribbons as a bottom. This is very tough and can't be observed from the top, some individuals get Swiss ribbons in the the front and French in the back of the wig.You can get this bottom in distinct colours, perfectly matched with the exact colour of your scalp and face.The offered colours include things like peach, beige, transparent, white, brown and black.

When picking a Full lace wig, it is essential to select a single with the maximum high quality lace. My recommendation is the tough and undetectable French Ribbons or Swiss lace created with Remy frizzy hair. Remy frizzy hair is the total strand of curly hair that has not been stressed or weakened by stripping.The creation of Remy wild hair is a careful course of action, which leaves the cuticle intact, creating a stronger, a lot more tough and excellent curly hair.

Modern Wavy Lace Front Remy Human Hair Wig Affordable Curly Lace Front Synthetic African American Wig
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The Flexible Hairpieces-Human Hair Pieces

Thursday, 16 February 2017 08:13:14 Europe/London

human hair wigs are considered very flexible hairpieces. You may use them anytime you want and have the items in your possession for a long time.

But, you also have to take note that you should take care of them like you would your own hair. You can purchase long wigs because you want to cover your short natural hair. Of course, you also have the option to style these hair accessories just to make sure you will get the look you want.

Here are some hints and tips on how to style your natural hair counterparts.

Styling tools. Just like you are allowed to use curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers for your natural hair, you can do the same thing to your real hair wigs. You must take note, however, that your wigs should not be excessively exposed to these items. If you do so, the hairpiece will tend to be brittle. Unlike your own hair, the heat damaged hair cannot be cut and re-grown. This means that you may not be able to use the accessories for as long as you want. Styling with these tools requires conscientious efforts from you as the wig wearer.

Combs and brushes. Use a wide tooth comb to work on the tresses of these human hair wigs. Combing is a part of styling your natural hair. You may do the same thing for your wigs. There is however a limitation to doing that. Using a wide tooth comb is recommended over other types of comb.

Hairbrushes are a no-no too. Try to imagine what happens when you brush your hair. You cannot avoid the fact that hair strands fall out with the brush. Remember that natural hair grows while a wig does not. Comb from the bottom working your way up and do not comb while the hair is wet.

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Catch The U-part Wigs And Give You A Natural-looking

Monday, 13 February 2017 09:02:03 Europe/London

U-part Wigs can give you an amazing instant beauty because of it natural-looking and simple up and down. U part wig, also called U part full lace wig or U part 3/4 Wig. It fits like full lace wigs with the center or left or right shaped in a “u” similar to weaves. So you can leave some of your own hair left out to cover the tracks.

Natural–looking is the ultimate advantage of U part Wig. Because the hairline is your owns. Just like sewing in weaves when wearing. The hair is left out as much or as little as you want in the middle or left or right side and around the perimeter.

U part wigs are more convenient in some ways than a sew-ins because you can take it off and care for your hair beneath but mainly because it is less time consuming to install than a sew in. Sure, Making one initially takes a lot of time but once completed your u-part unit can be worn the same way as a sew in over and over again, without having to have a full weave installed. You save time and for non-self installers, Money!

U part wigs from our store is similar to its full lace wigs. Each hair is hand knotted on Swiss lace, With clips around the perimeter to keep it safe better. All of their wigs is human hair wigs, really great hair quality, very soft and natural.

As a leading vendor of lace wigs and hair weaving, our store for the wigs online accept both stock order and custom order. For stock order, it can be shipped out immediately after your payment. And they have large amount of and ride arrange of stock wigs and hair weaves. Different hair length from 8 inch to 28 inch, Different color combination, Unique color, T color, F color and so on. Different hair texture, wavy, curly, straight and so on. All of them are amazing! It is the collection of hair world.

Except full lace wigs, lace front wigs, silk top wigs, u part wigs, they also catch Jewish Wig, hair weaves, lace frontal, top closure, clip in hair extension and so on. When you have the time, Just visit their website to know more about them. Your time is valuable if you want to catch this information.

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Kinds Of Hair Styles For Your Parties

Friday, 10 February 2017 08:44:37 Europe/London

A lot of people love playing around with different kinds of hair styles or wear their hair in many different patterns when they go out for dinners or parties. However, it isn’t really necessary to put your hair through the trouble of frequent hair styling. You can now imitate the hair style of your favorite celebrity by using a lace wig that can open up a whole new world of possibilities. You can go for a variety of lace wigs such as the 22 inch water wavy full lace wigs or the 14 inch curly wigs.

It is interesting to note that there are many varieties of lace wig categories too that are designed in tune with the latest hair styles. These wigs designed with recommendations and inputs from top hairstylists are perfect to give you a great look ahead of the big date or the casual party you are heading to this weekend. Whether you have had a bad hair day or want to sport a new look just for that one occasion, these human hair wigs can be really handy. There are curly full lace, straight full lace and wave full lace varieties which can be ordered in different styles and lengths.

There are custom colors as well to appease a very discerning clientele as well. There are custom cap sizes as well which are measured in many different ways. You could go for ear to ear cap size, temple to temple cap size, entire circumference of the head or front to nape cap sizes. You can choose a lace wig with parting anywhere that you prefer with different kinds of bleached knots that add a natural look to the hairline.

With so many options for lace real hair wigs, you can virtually pick and choose a different style everyday if you have the mood for it. There are plenty of lace color options. There are other lace construction options too like the glue less lace and lace front wigs. Other than lace wig varieties, there are also synthetic varieties which could be purchased in sizes such as short, medium or long. You can go for cap-less, short bob or short curly styles depending on what suits your face the most, with a variety of shades as well.

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Catch A Cool Feel From Our Wigs

Wednesday, 8 February 2017 08:47:32 Europe/London

Their wigs sport the latest hair fashion trends that combine human hair wigs with synthetic wigs that are easy to wear. The wigs that are manufactured by your product include short wigs, long length, monofilament, medium length and smart lace front wigs.

All wigs are made to withstand heat and are available in a wide array of natural options. You can use a flat iron, blow dry, curl or crimp the wig just like you would your natural human hair. This allows you the flexibility of styling your hair daily to suit your whims or preference.

Wigs are also prescribed medically for women who have problems with thinning hair, alopecia or those who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The open cap or cap less constructions makes the wigs lightweight and provide a cool feel that are suitable for women who have scalps that are highly sensitive. These types of wigs are soft and have enough memory to retain the style chosen as well as provide bounce and vibrancy.

The texture of the wigs is silky and the structure proves resilient as the fibers used are made using advanced technologies. The outstanding craftsmanship makes the wigs look realistic and true-to-life. You can chose from lightweight cap construction or the monofilament hand-tied quality. The colors that are available with the brand will suit any shade of normal hair. You can also opt for shaded colors or streaked “syrup” colors.

Before selecting a wig from us you should know the size that you require to wear. Instructions on how to measure your head are available online. Select the style from the 1000s of styles available and select the color according to your preference. Check the color that you would like to wear online by checking out the shades available. Take the wig made by you to a professional stylist and have it styled to suit your features.

The wigs are available in different blends, layered or shaded colors, two toned or with highlights. They have introduce the lace front real hair wigs of the highest grade as they look almost life-like and provide lasting comfort due to their exquisite hand-crafted construction. The wigs are also available in natural colors which are made without using any dyes. The hair goes through a gentle process, which lifts the original color, till they achieve the desired hue.

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A Smart Choice - For Ladies

Monday, 6 February 2017 09:06:26 Europe/London

Even women who have voluminous hair find these wigs useful on the days when they have bad hair. Curly haired women often complain about the unmanageable tangles that even straightened and stylers fail to untangle. Thus, a lace wig can come to your rescue if your hair is in a total mess, and you do not have enough time to soften it with sleeping pills. An extremely smart choice, using these lace wigs are million times better than attending an hour-long parlor session.

These extensions blend with the original tresses very easily and hence look very original and realistic. The artificiality of the wigs will only give in to minute scrutiny. Broadening the choices, makers have introduced wigs of diverse styles to make them wearable by all types of females.

The wide diversity in the cutting of a wig provides a pleasant solution for all facial shapes. A lace wig appears to be of the similar tone and texture as natural hair, thus making the appearance all the more convincing.

Women of all ages can don them without hesitation. Ideally used to hide bald scalp patches, you can also use them to appear gorgeous. Under the thick mane of glossy, colored human hair wigs hair, you will barely remain recognizable as the bad-hair-girl among your mates. What makes a lace wig versatile is its ability to blend convincingly with all hair types.

The choice of lace real hair wigs does not remain limited to the cutting and style, but also color. You can obtain a wig of any color that enhances your complexion and compliments facial features. Ideal for American, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, British, European and other hair types, even men can make use of lace wigs to appear smarter and presentable. You can wear the wigs to work everyday, or use them occasionally in parties and social gatherings.

Unlike normal wigs, these hair extensions are easy to wear and do not make your scalp sweat, which leads to hair fall. The wigs are made of original hair strands that are donated by men and women who have remarkably good hair quality. Besides, the sellers take great care of the lace wig extensions by treating it with oil and ointments to preserve its beauty.

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To Keep Your Hair Wigs Style Better

Monday, 23 January 2017 08:12:56 Europe/London

From regular brushing overtime or a possible lower quality lace wig, the knots will loosen and the hair will shed. Even though your natural hair sheds as well through the typical hair cycle, your human hair wigs cannot actually grow hair to replace shed strands. You will have to pay for a specialist to repair your lace wig in a process called ventilation. This can be timely and costly. To avoid this, sealing the knots will keep hairs in your lace wig versus your brush or on the floor.

You should seal your knots after bleaching because hair coated in sealant will be harder to bleach. To seal, purchase a knot sealant such as mens wigs knot sealer. These products are easy to use and have a good reputation as a quality brand. You can essentially follow the directions on the product.

To seal, turn your wig inside out so the cap is visible. Spray the sealant on the cap enough to lightly saturate the cap but not soak through to the hair. Allow to dry and then repeat. After the second application, a 24 hour waiting period is best but not required.

For a quick seal in case you do not have time, you can apply an extra hold hairspray. Following the same process, apply one coat allow to dry and repeat. Instead of waiting for 24 hours, apply 3-4 layers quickly. If you remain careful as to not brush too much, this should last until you have the time to properly seal.

Sealing the knots is an ongoing process that should be included in regular maintenance. Sealing should occur prior to the first application, before and after washing, and before any repairs. Since sealing the knots is a relatively easy and short process, this will not be difficult to do multiple times. Knots should be sealed for any activity where the hair will receive significant stress such as conditioning and receiving color correction.

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Cheap Wigs For Your Unique Hair Style

Friday, 20 January 2017 08:19:16 Europe/London

You look for wigs that are made of pure hair from the young girls. Those who want to make their own hair style also prefer to buy such wigs to make their unique personality and appearance.

If you are also one of them looking for such wigs for your own unique hair style, you will get the best one from the comfort of home and according to your requirement from a reputed store. There are different types of wigs that are divided into different categories to make selection easy for users. They include custom made and readymade, human hair wigs, synthetic, lace front wigs, full lace wigs, capless, curly wigs, wavy wigs, straight wigs, layered wigs, bob wigs, boycuts wigs, with bangs, short, long, chin length, shoulder length and a variety of colors.

They are available for people of all age groups. Some of the commonly preferred colors include auburn, blonde, white, silver and grey, black, blue, red and the list goes on You have to choose the best one according to your choice and requirement. In order to buy the best one, what all you have to do is simply reach at the right store according to your choice.

Whether you are looking for long white wig or short white wig, the first and important thing is the selection of the right store from where you can purchase the right wig or get any kind of hair care solution. Going local is one of the convenient ways of choosing the best wigs according to your choice and at the same time getting the pure hair made white wig according to your choice. However, for those who could not find the store or prices very high, another option is available for them.

Yes, online search for the right stores of wigs online for such hairs and hair extension solutions is the right way. For this, what all you have to do is simply do online search, find the right store, go through the details and place your order online. Leave rest of the work on experts working there. Among some of the top stores that are bringing you a variety of wigs and hair extensions, name of Wigs Hairs comes on the top. Having been into the profession for last many years, the leading store has gained immense popularity for offering you a variety of wigs in different colors that you can choose according to your choice and requirement.

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High Quality Full Lace Wigs Online

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 08:16:39 Europe/London

Try to keep away from using standard brushes that may tangle the hair. From the beginning of your person, it gave the opportunity Beauty piggy on reducing costs low and produce high quality products. Remember always customized lace front wigs a little more money, it is nothing compared to the comfort and defense.

Fees for these full lace human hair wigs fluctuate with resources and even coated variety used to. To answer one type of wig and function, a wig can be made from fibers of inferior quality unlike others that could be made from fibers of the highest quality.

Latest hair trends for women can include a lot of haircuts style that reduce the time required to manage hair while giving you a new look. The elf and lob are also new haircut and midway between them seems impressive. Layers and layers are also lined straight in the trend. Different types of falls long and short length also give a dazzling look.

Comb or brush your real hair wigs just with all the following guidelines: It is quite a bit different amounts of starter kits while using the smallest kit that meets important needs you. They do this by using an innovative device to replace wild hair lace wig considered.

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Stylish Synthetic Wigs For Individuals

Monday, 16 January 2017 08:22:45 Europe/London

In recent years synthetic hair has achieved popularity with wig wearers because they have been altered to last longer and become heat resistance, which provides more style versatility for the wearer. Previously, synthetic wavy and curly lace wigs seemed to be very artificial due to its shiny appearance and the inability to last longer than a month.

However, the current quality of synthetic fibers is much softer and wavy, making the curls more prominent for the curl lovers. A texture such as wet and wavy can be manipulated according to your preference, and you can style it at your own comfort by using quality styling products. Washing it is also quite simple with the use of a mild regular shampoo and conditioner to avoid damaging the wig.

In addition, maintaining such a product has also become easily achievable from the comfort of your home. With very little care, you can easily manage the angling of the hair, with gently brushing and moisturizing. If you prefer frequent changes in styling, you can opt for the synthetic lace wigs as they are very cost effective, providing you the ability to obtain collection of wigs to suit every occasion.

The main difference between synthetic and human hair wigs is the hair quality and sometimes the cap construction of the wig. Generally human wigs are developed through the use of genuine human hair and synthetic is developed from fibers altered to mimic the texture of real hair.

This is the best option for individuals who are fashion forward, like to change their style very frequently and would prefer disposable wigs online. If you want to use a wig as a fashion accessory, then getting numerous synthetic lace wigs is recommended. However, before doing so, it’s best to consider the quality of the product. Choosing a very cheap quality will only leave you disappointed and will eventually cost more in the long run. Choose a unit that is heat resistance and is unknown to last longer than a month.

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The Finest Human Hair Wigs On Celebrities

Friday, 13 January 2017 08:10:22 Europe/London

Wigs are used by millions of people everyday for a variety of reasons, such as cultural and religious observances but more often for reasons of hair loss or simply for the many styles available. Many people use to wigs to cover up the fact that they are losing hair from natural attrition or from an illness that causes hair loss. There are many ways of restoring hair from natural hair loss, but they are often intrusive and very costly. Some women just use real hair wigs as an accessory because they are easy to find, relatively inexpensive, and they come in so many lengths, colors and styles.

Most ancient Egyptians and some other ancient cultures used wigs to protect their shaven heads from the sun. Even the Geisha girls from Japan used wigs to enhance their lovely locks. The British members of Parliamentary used them to make them selves anonymous to keep them safe from harm. It became a symbol of sorts to the fact that they were an official member of the municipal of office. Barristers and judges continue to wear them in parts of the world as a part of their court dress.

More currently you will find some of the finest human hair wigs on celebrities such as Raquel Welch and Cher. Raquel Welsh has even created her own line of synthetic and human hair wigs that are sold world wide. You can find her line of wigs online and in stores. Halloween is one of the most popular times of the year to find wigs used in costume dress in many outrageous colors, lengths and styles.

It is estimated that over 30 million American women will turn to the use of wigs due to naturally thinning hair problems. Losing your hair, especially for women is extremely stressful however with the help of the millions of wigs available it can also be their chance to have the hair they have always dreamed of having. Women who have straight hair always wanted it to be curly, but women with curly hair have always wanted theirs straight. The same applies for women who cut it short and then wish it was long, or who grow it long and then wish it was short.

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Fabulous Blonde Wigs For Women

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 08:56:50 Europe/London

Many dark haired women are, at the very least, curious about how they would look as a blonde. Many go as far as striping and dyeing their hair, sometimes with less than stellar results. The fact is, if you are a woman who would like to experience being a blonde, but don't want to actually modify your natural hair, you still can make a dramatic change in appearance without any dramatic means other than buying a great looking blonde wig. What a simple solution: fabulous blonde wigs.

Blonde isn't just one color. There are many variations of "blonde" such as flaxen, yellow, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, golden blonde, strawberry blonde, dirty blonde, and ash-blonde. In addition, designer blond wigs come in unique fashion colors that were developed by the designer's wig manufacturer. They have developed with Raquel Welch many variations of blonde colors that run the gamut from the palest shades to rich red and brown cast blondes.

The Raquel Welch swatch color names reflect the range from palest blonde, Swedish blonde, ginger blonde, glazed sand, ginger blond, and butterscotch to glazed strawberry, and glazed apricot. All of these extraordinary varieties of colors fall under the blond category. Every wig manufacturer has their blond wig category of both synthetic and human hair wigs.

When it comes to shopping for blonde wigs there is no better wig boutique than here. You will find short styles, medium styles, and long styles of blond wigs. You will find a vast array of blonde wig shades and variations. To help you pick out the exact blonde that you are looking for our suggests you purchase a color ring. Each wig manufacturer's color ring(s) lets you see exactly what their real hair wigs’ colors look like.

We offer this option because they understand that the color you see on your computer monitor may not be accurate. The best part is once you have chosen a color, you are able to return the color ring, and you will receive your money back minus the shipping cost.

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Enjoy The Fashion Short Hair Wigs In Summer

Monday, 9 January 2017 08:23:18 Europe/London

Hair styling plays a vital role in every woman's life. It breaks or makes the way you want to feel about yourself. May it be any reason; a woman will never miss a chance to make her look beautiful and stylish. Say, your hair is passing through a bad state and it is hampering your style and overall looks as well. In that case, nothing could be a better substitute than a wig or better known as Du. No wonder this will help you to get lovely hairstyles in no time. Research says that wigs for women give every woman the boost to start a day with a new inspiration.

It is almost like an instant transformation from a blue Monday to a bright day. Summer is the time to enjoy short hair fashion, so women look for short wigs to find their own platform. For every women, looking great is not just reserved for special occasions but for any single day. Summer is in fact the ideal time to transform your long look with stylish short wigs. This form of wigs comes in various styles, shades and appearances. So style your hair the way you want to look.

There is truly no reason as why people would experience bad hair day when they get a substitute of it. You just do not need to spend unnecessarily on hairdressers or at parlors to keep a track on your bad hair. In order to enjoy the summer season and feel comfortable, you do not require cutting your hair if there is a wig for sale at your store. These wigs will help you gain volume in its shortest length as well. In fact the best part about women's wigs is that they will bring quick transformation in your look and make your life as simple as possible. As short wigs come in a wide variety of colors, you should not really worry about dying your natural hair.

In fact every single women can bring a dramatic effect instantly just by wearing the stylish women's wigs. Why don't you try it this way? Add a small collection of ladies wigs/hair extensions to your wardrobe and find a new 'you' in yourself today. Say you are looking for a long wig for your evening party. In that case just delve into your wardrobe and find the ideal long hair wig that suits your outfit and overall look. You can say that it is an 'instant confidence booster' that will make you feel fresh and stylish as well. This kind of wigs/du is available in two forms; synthetics hairs wigs and human hair wigs. Now it is up to you to choose the right one as per your availability. Both has its own advantages and disadvantages so you need to be very wise enough to pick up the suitable one for yourself.

There are several styles of women's wigs ranging from the 'longer eye-catching styles' to 'short bob'. No wonder whatever hair extensions you wear from this category is bound to enchant people around. Whether it is a synthetic hair or human hair wig, you are sure to acquire a complete different look in no time. Browse through the online stores to select the best hairpiece that suits your requirements. Say you are in love with long hair but somehow you are unable to maintain the length and would like to get a look of that kind. In that case the online stores would be the ideal place to pick up the long hair wigs that caters to your appearance and personality as well.

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Choose The Right Wigs According To Your Face

Friday, 6 January 2017 08:14:11 Europe/London

Nowadays, more and more people wearing wigs. There are so many kinds of wigs we can choose in the market. Lace front wigs are one of the most famous wigs. Lace front wigs can make out different hairstyle in short time, even can satisfy the desire of you change hair style every day.

When applying a lace front wig it does not have to be done by a professional, although it is recommended, that you seek services from someone who specializes in lace front human hair wigs. You can easily apply one at home by yourself, but remember that you will need to be patient in order to perfect the technique. Best lace front wigs are delicate so they should be handled gently and with care so they do not rip.

When combing your lace front wig you should always use a wide tooth comb. You should comb the hair gently, but not excessively, nor should you tug on the hair because it will cause damage to the lace front. Combing it excessively or tugging on the lace front may cause the real hair wigs to shed.

When choosing a lace front wig, you must consider your face shape. If you are have a round face, then you can choose some lace front wigs that covered the cheeks, to make your face looks longer, it plump face seemed petite many. Curly lace front wigs are good choice!

If you are oval face, you'd better select some lace front wigs of bangs separated by four and six,or bangs separated by three and seven.The overall wave-style lace front wigs,smooth lines to set off at the following amount, makes the whole face looks vivid sense of flow lines.

If you are square face, you can choose some lace front wigs that low level on both sides, slightly curly hair makes the face look soft.Make the square face of a woman is more gentle, charming.

If you are Heart-shaped face, the best choice for long hair type is more suitable,for example, wave lace front wigs ,and the forehead part can be fluffy, the lower jaw also fullness of hair, so the overall feel will be coordinated.

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How to Protect Your Hair in the Winter (African Hair Types)

Wednesday, 4 January 2017 08:38:29 Europe/London

Some types of Afro hair tend to be climate sensitive, for example the cold weather can cause slow growth, dry hair and breakage. Unfortunately, many people have a lack of knowledge on how to promote growth and prevent breakage during the winter months. Below are some simple and quick steps to maintain growth within the winter.

There is always a special offer for the wigs online.

1. Get into a routine. Try creating your own step by step routine for the mornings and nights, your hair will benefit from this during the cold months. (Your routine should include some form of moisture and protein)

Good quality human hair wigs use super hair material, more delicate production process. 

2. Cover your hair at night. Some people wear satin wraps or bonnets to prevent friction with the hair and pillowcase; others sleep with a satin pillowcase. However during the winter the air is colder at night, covering your hair at night will help keep the moisture in, if you want to you could try covering your hair with two satin scarves or bonnets.

3. Avoid chemicals. Chemical and hair coloring treatments can damage the hair! Try to use protective hair styles such as braids, buns, twists, and ponytails. You can also use added hair if you choose to. Wigs, weaves, and braid extensions can be helpful if you correctly take care of your real hair as well.

4. Oil your ends a little bit more. This doesn’t mean over oil your hair, use thicker oils such as castor oil (or Jamaican black castor oil) which better seals the moisture in.

5. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. You should already be moisturizing your hair daily however, during the winter months it is crucial to keep on doing so. Afro American hair needs as much moisture as possible.

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Lace Wigs For Long-Term Wear

Friday, 30 December 2016 08:26:56 Europe/London

More and more people will choose to wear lace front wigs, because they are fashionable and various, and Women would change their hair style very quickly. Glamorous stars like Beyonce and Tyra Banks have started wear the lace wigs for their daily life and important occasions. No matter what your face shape is, you will find they do suit your face.

Wigs for women are the same as women love fashion clothes, it can help them love the flexibility of being able to express themselves in different ways. There are dozens of reasons for women why choose lace front human hair wigs. Most importantly, they can hide your hair thinning. No matter if you have got a recessed hairline or total hair thinning, you can choose different wigs for each challenge. The proper wigs can make your hairstyle look filling with hair.

Here are some important reasons why they become so popular in many people's daily life.

1 They are durable, designed for long-term wear.

2 They are fashionable and various.

3 Lace wig is virtually invisible. Poorly blended weaves can be unattractive and embarrassing.

4 They are custom made and conveniently delivered to the wearer.

5 It can be combed and made into ponytails or braids. Both wigs are made of fine strands of hair that can be formed as per your choice.

There is always a special offer for the wigs online.

Some pursue wigs with their temperament, consistent identity, even some want to require a little artistic wig. Wigs company also produce a special form of specialized costume mask, martial arts style lace front wigs, to meet community requirements.

Do you know that the quality of hair to the whole person's temperament is very important? So you can easily design different style for your own change, wigs can bring you instant minus the age to good teens. As the result, beautiful looking and no one can easily identify your wigs on your head.

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Tips for wearing a wig

Wednesday, 28 December 2016 08:30:22 Europe/London

Although good quality human hair wigs use super hair material, more delicate production process, but after all, wig, is not real hair. Wearing long will bring bacteria, and other dirty things. Therefore, for these who have hair disease need more attention.

1, Do not close to high temperature for the wig material can not bear high temperature (except those noted for high temperature materials);

2, Do not dye your wig. If you need to trim, please go to professional stylist to trim the hair;

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3, Be careful when combing. You should comb it after you wear it, or put it on a wig stand. Besides, you need to choose a relatively sparse comb, and your movement should be very careful;

4, Do not use hair clips. Strong wind may blow off the wig, so someone use the hair clips to strength the wigs. But please be careful when choosing the clips for the clips may do damage to wig cap. It would be better for one to use the hair band instead.

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How to Choose a Bob Wig

Monday, 26 December 2016 08:04:04 Europe/London

According to your own willingness, you can choose long Bob wigs or short Bob wigs.

1.For short bob styles, 12 or 14 inches will be better. As we all know, if the hair is too short, the cap trim might be appeared in the back. So it might be perfect to leave 1-2 inches longer than cap trim in the back. 

For some people, who want the hair looks longer, like layered cut bob style wig , you can choose longer hair, because the hair length says the front length.

2. Hair Texture & Density 

For bob style wigs, we suggest you to choose human hair or texture, human hair wigs provides a nature look, and soft touch feelings. For hair density, heavier hair density will look more like the pictures show, and it’s convenient for you to style it. 

There is always a special offer for the wigs online.

3.Ways to Style a Bob

Ewigs bob hair style features its even and curving hair trim. But it might be squeezed out of shape when shipping. You can comb the wigs and stylish it, then you can get good looking likes the picture show.  

4.Tips for Wearing Bob Wigs   

The experts suggested that cleaning the wig takes every two weeks for the people who wear the wig frequently.When cleaning the wig, you need to make sure that wig should be soaked in a small amount of shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes at first, then softly rinse and clean out the dirts adhering on the wig with comb. Don’t clean it with excessive strength.

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How to Protect Human Hair Wigs?

Friday, 23 December 2016 08:04:49 Europe/London

1:Wash a human hair wig infrequently; wear it for about six times between washings. However, if it starts looking oily or dirty, then decrease the wearing time between washings.

2:Protect the wigs from an oily appearance by keeping your own hair clean. Besides washing your own hair, you can also wear a wig cap under the wig.

3:Remove tangles from the wig before washing. Use a wig pick for a curly wig or a wig brush for a straight wig. Carefully comb/brush through the tangles.

4:Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add wig shampoo. Soak the wig for five minutes in the soapy water. Gently squeeze out excess water. Rinse well in lukewarm water.

5:Place the wig back in the sink. Pour shampoo in your hand and gently massage the wig. Be careful not to overdo the massage. Rinse well in lukewarm water.

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6:Pour conditioner in your hand; the amount will depend upon the bottle’s directions. Massage it into the wig and allow to stand for five minutes. Rinse well in lukewarm water. Gently squeeze out excess water.

7:Place the wig in a towel and blot gently to towel dry. Place the wig on the wig stand to air dry. If you need to wear it soon, a human hair wig can be dried with a blow dryer set on low.

8:Comb or brush gently through the wig. Style using hot rollers or curling iron or Velcro rollers. Set with a wig spray or light hairspray.

Human hair Wigs or Synthetic Wigs?

1. You should choose human hair wigs if: You will keep your wig more than a few months and plan on primarily wearing that wig style everyday You enjoy playing with hair and want to style your wig in multiple hairdos with curlers and dying it You don't mind spending time maintaining the wig You are very concerned about your wig looking natural and possible want others to think it is your real hair.

2.You should choose synthetic wigs You don't want to spend lots of money on a wig You plan to try many wig styles and will not wear your wig consistently for more than a few months You wear wigs for fun and aren't too concerned about them looking natural You do not want to maintain and style the wig on a regular basis.

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Maintain Your Hair Wigs And Extensions Carefully

Wednesday, 21 December 2016 08:19:37 Europe/London

We had an aloe vera plant in the house, and if lace front wigs I get a cut or scrape my mother cut a piece and apply aloe. I saw firsthand how these things really work. Now we are at a time when we have Whole Foods, everything is green and everyone is going organic. So I am pleased to Pantene is the incorporation of natural ingredients in their products. "Scroll down the list of dishes Lathan on his diet for hair, lipstick and bold the secret of her beautiful games.

Maintaining her thick hair: I always provided deep. It's really important to keep my hair hydrated, not too much heat on it and keep the ends trimmed. Also, I want to turn my hair. I will do straight, then when I'm in-between, I'll wear my human hair wigs. On hair extensions: I'll wear parts and armor in movies, full after care and sales as well as home visits for ladies that are in the West Midlands area.

There is always a special offer for the wigs online.

Totally integrated, made to measure lace wigs and top of the line natural looking results is exactly what Hough's Hair Salon's popularity is built around. Hough's Hair Salon has several decades of experience offering answers to hair thinning and also baldness for males and women. but I'm loving my own hair in particular because I take good care of it and can go lace front wigs without [Extensions]. I like to wear in a bun fresh or really wild.

On its Pant favorites: I like the balance Nature Fusion shampoo and conditioner moisture and calmness and natural moisturizer.On daily oil cream her sexy red pout: it's Mac Ruby Woo. I like the matte finish and it looks different on the skin tones so many years. Part of the fun of being an actress is that I can have as many characters. I think every woman should be that way. Yet when it comes to my lace front wigs, there were two go-TOS: The Dark Eye with nude lips or lipstick red. On her flawless complexion: For my skin, I like to use organic, because it goes directly into your bloodstream.

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How to Cut the Extra Lace off Your Full Lace Wig

Monday, 19 December 2016 08:10:54 Europe/London

When you get your new wigs, one thing you should do is to remove the lace. Here are some steps I think will help you.

Preparation: During this process, a scissor is needed.

Before cutting, please kindly ensure you have tried the wig and love it. Because, we just accept the return & exchange for the wig which lace is not be cut.

The human hair wigs are more comfortable.


1. Cut as close as possible to the hairline of the wig;

2. Take care not to cut yourself and the hair;

3. Take off your wig to cut the lace instead of putting on.

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For different cap constructions, there’re different parts of lace need to be cut. We provide almost all kinds of full lace cap constructions, the cap3b glue less full lace cap with ear tabs only has an extra lace in the front of the cap.

After cutting the lace, your wig will be ready to wear.

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How to Choose Wig Color

Thursday, 15 December 2016 10:49:12 Europe/London

If you're thinking about dyeing your hair, purchase a wig is a fantastic way to try a new color without harming your natural hair. Wigs can give you the chance to change your look without doing it.

Then how to choose a wig which the colour is suitable for you? Here are several factors that have to be taken into consideration when choosing wig colour.

1.Wig Materials: human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. Human hair wig colors tend to be a shade lighter than synthetic hair colors. 100% human hair wigs can be dyed, while synthetics cannot. Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs owing to it looks more natural, so flaring colors are usually only available in synthetic wigs. If you want a more natural look, you can choose basic colors.

2.Stay close to the color of your eyebrows. If you want to achieve a natural look, choose a wig that is the same or almost the same color as your eyebrows. It would be strange if your eyebrows are blond and you are wearing an black wig.

3.Choose a color that goes well with your skin tone. Skin tone is an extremely important consideration when it comes to choosing a wig color. The level of contrast you choose is a personal choice, just keep in mind that strong contrasts attract the eyes to focus on your face. Although it is becoming more common these days for women to change their hair color to something that does not ordinarily go with their skin tone, you should still realize that there are certain hair colors that are more complimentary than others based on the color of your skin.

4.Wearing occasion Just as we try different clothes in different occasion, the color of the wig also depends on the occasion and whether you want a wig that is great for work and professional attire.Even an unusual color combination can be gorgeous depending on the occasion and even the clothing you wear. If you take part in a birthday party, you can wear a wig with inflated colour, but we still suggested that you stick with neutral wig colors for professional activities where you'll want the focus to be on what you have to communicate instead of your hair color.

For the coming Christmas, all the wigs for sale are waiting for you.

5. Age Bright colours of wigs suit to younger women, and quieter colour is a good choice for senior women. If you want to look younger, you can use golden and warm shades of a wig. In the end, there really are no fixed rules on how to make your decision. It depends on what you think looks best on you and what makes you feel most comfortable.

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How do I style my wig?

Wednesday, 14 December 2016 08:45:12 Europe/London

Before styling, always tuck all of the hair behind your ears.

Bring forward only as much hair as is needed to make the wig look natural.

If needed, have a hair dresser trim the bangs and thin the human hair wigs to make it look more natural.

Shorter wigs—use a brush sparingly; your fingers will work better. Use Wig Styling Creme for hold, if desired.

Long, straight wigs—spray lightly with Wig Conditioner and brush with a Wig Brush, starting with the ends first, before styling.

For the coming Christmas, all the wigs for sale are waiting for you.

For touch-ups, lift hair with a Hair Pick, included in our Wig Styling Kit. The Kit also includes a Wig Brush, a Collapsible Wig Stand for drying wigs and other useful items.

For a more natural look, don’t try to have every hair in place.

Use scarf bands and other hair accessories as you would with your own hair.

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Cheap Human Hair Wigs Of Different Types

Monday, 12 December 2016 08:15:19 Europe/London

If this will be your first time purchasing human hair wigs then you might be surprised to learn that there are multiple types of wigs. Of course, it is quite evident that there are many different styles of hair wigs, such as wigs for women versus men’s human hair wigs, expensive human hair wigs versus cheap human hair wigs.

Let’s come to the simplest way to achieve an entirely new image for yourself. Whether you are looking for a brilliantly fun way to sprinkle new style throughout your fashion accessories or you would like to research a discreet yet beautiful means of addressing hair loss, such as real hair wigs for cancer patients, you are virtually guaranteed to find a solution that is ideal for your personal needs and preferences.

The first of these fundamental human hair wig design types is the cap wig. A cap wig is essentially the foundation of a full wig. You might think of this type of wig as providing a means to build your own dream wig. This is because you can then order any style of hair you choose and have it attached to this base according to your exact specifications.

The hair that is attached to this foundation or cap is known as a weft. The process by which this hair is attached to the cap will largely depend on the overall quality of the cap and, of course, how much you are willing to spend on your wig. For example, cheap human hair wigs are more often than not affixed to the cap by means of a machine.

But if you are searching for a high end option then you should take care to look for those that feature hand sewn or even hand tied wefts. While you can still find a good number of very high quality machine sewn or machine weaved wigs, those that have been sewn or tied by hand will be able to offer you a much more elegant approach to style. Handmade wigs almost always feature a much greater attention to detail. offers high quality human hair wigs for black women.

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Can You Dye a Wig

Friday, 9 December 2016 08:10:44 Europe/London

Wigs are a great fashion accessory or costume accent. The right wig completely changes a person's look or puts the finishing touches on creating a character. Sometimes, it is difficult to purchase a wig in the desired color. In addition, sometimes it helps to change a wig's color to use it for a different costume, or to create a different look. Shoppers can dye fashion wigs made from acrylic in several ways. To preserve the wig's structure and appearance, it is important to follow precise instructions.


Shoppers cannot dye acrylic wigs with regular hair dye. This is because regular hair dye is for real hair wigs, and acrylic hair will not absorb it. In addition, it is important to note that shoppers cannot dye wigs to a lighter shade. Darker color is the only option, so it is not reasonable to attempt to dye a very dark brown or black wig. When buying a wig to dye it, it is better to purchase blonde or white.

Wig-Dyeing Methods

There are three popular ways to dye human hair wigs by hand. Each method uses readily available materials. The best method depends upon the color desired. Regardless of the method used, it is possible that the wig comes out with an uneven color. Allowing plenty of time for the process allows the opportunity to touch up the color, as needed.

1. Acrylic Ink Method

It is important to note that this method uses acrylic ink, not acrylic paint. It is available in many colors. This ink comes in small bottles, usually fitted with a dropper. To make the dye, start with eight droppers filled with ink to 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. Combine the two ingredients in a spray bottle. If the color does not look dark enough, add more ink. If it looks too dark, add more alcohol. Place the wig on a Styrofoam wig holder and spray the dye onto the wig. Do this step outside because it is messy.

Allow the wig to dry thoroughly and then rinse in cold water. Rinse the wig until the water runs clear. This keeps the wig from feeling stiff. If the dye consists of a very high concentration of ink to alcohol, it may be necessary to let the wig dry and then rinse a second time. After rinsing the excess color out and drying the wig, brush it out to improve the texture. Never brush or comb a wig while wet, as it makes the hair look frizzy.

2. India Ink Method

People also use India ink to dye wigs. Make this dye in the same fashion and proportions as dye made with acrylic ink. India ink dye dries very quickly, but creates a less opaque color. It is often necessary to dye the wig a second time to get a deep enough pigment with India ink, particularly if the color should be dark. Mixing up a large batch of India ink dye and placing it in a large tub or container allows dip dyeing too. This method is faster than spray dyeing. India ink does not create the "crispy" hair texture that results from using acrylic ink dye, so there is no need to rinse the wig.

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Be Fashionable By Wearing Wigs

Wednesday, 7 December 2016 08:21:14 Europe/London

Do you want to try a new hairstyle without cutting your hair? Color your hair to match your style just for the day? Well, black wigs for black women can help you change your look in an instant without changing you natural look. Wigs are fashionably elegant and the new fad these days!

Nowadays, wigs are not only for people with hair loss problems. It’s also the simplest option for people who wants to try a new look, dream of having their favorite stars’ hairstyle or they’re just fashionable and creative and wants to look different every day. Now anyone and everyone can try and wear wigs!

Human Hair Wigs or Synthetic Hair Wigs?

Human and synthetic hair is available in different lengths, styles and colors. Synthetic wigs costs less than human hair wigs but most people usually prefer using human hair wigs, like bob wigs for black women, because it looks more natural and they last much longer than synthetic hair. Men and women with hair loss and thinning problems mostly prefer real hair wigs than synthetic one because human hair can be used daily while synthetic hair only lasts a few months with daily use. Changing the style or color of wigs is not possible with synthetic wigs while human hair wigs can easily be changed or colored.

Get as many wigs as you want and change your hairstyle anytime in the simplest and easiest way!

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A Good Quality Wig Will Be Beneficial For You

Monday, 5 December 2016 08:06:10 Europe/London

It was also used for the purpose of covering bald heads. Today, these false hair pieces are particularly used for protecting bald heads from sun damage. People also wear it to cover their baldness. There are also places, where Wigs are considered as a thing of prestige and social standard. Many men and women, who have thin hair or suffer from baldness, use wigs. Apart from that, these false hair pieces are also used in various occasions, like Halloween. People wear it with colorful costume and enjoy the Halloween parties.

While buying any wig, you need to keep in mind certain important things. If you are purchasing it for basic purpose, it is better to look at the quality. Buying a wig that is made of good quality material is wise. Cost is another important issue that you need to consider. You can find different types of wigs for sale. These days, wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions are designed with great effort. They look real and beautiful. But you need to treat them differently from the original human hair.

We shampoo our original hair when it becomes straggly, frizzy or tangled. For the false hair you do not need to use the shampoo or conditioner. It is better not to wash the fake hair as it can cause damage to the hair.

Wearing good quality human hair wigs can prove to be beneficial for you. It can really enhance the elegance and charm of your face thereby making you look beautiful and attractive. Fake hair pieces are mainly used by the people who want a change in their look or who are bald or who want to change the style and color of their hair. People with thin or bad quality hair can also use these false hair pieces to make their hair appear thick and long. It can serve all these purposes.

A good quality and attractive wig can make you trendy and stylish. But many of us get confused while selecting the right wig. There are some valuable tips and advices that will help you to choose the right fake hair piece. You need to consider some important factors while selecting a wig. These include:

1. Select a wig that goes well with your face structure- You can find various kinds of wigs in the market. They come in different lengths, colors and forms. People with squared shaped jaw line should choose a fake hair piece that swings towards their face. It is better to select longer hair wigs if you have round shape face.

2.Consider your style while choosing a wig. There are various types of styles (including long, wavy, short, sleek, straight and curly) that you can find in the wigs. Select the style that you consider good.

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Friday, 2 December 2016 08:44:53 Europe/London

human hair wigs

PREMIUM & REMY HUMAN HAIR are the highest quality human hair available

hair cuticles kept running in uniform direction resulting in less tangling

more careful collecting and processing techniques result in higher quality product and contribute to higher price

the most durable hair type


The Wigs of HEAT-FRIENDLY SYNTHETIC HAIR offers more styling versatility (hot tools may be used - max 350°)

can be more challenging to style than human hair

special care must be taken to avoid tangling

colors may vary from non-heat-friendly synthetic hair

less durable than regular synthetic hair — 2-3 months with proper care

You can check: , there are wigs for sale wait for you.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 09:38:29 Europe/London

When considering composition, or how a Wigs is structured, think about the hair type as well as the cap construction. While you may have preconceived notions about human hair and synthetic hair, the truth is that they both have advantages and limitations, which make them the right choice in different situations. You can look there are wigs for sale.


offers the most natural look & feel

presents the most styling versatility

requires more styling - especially after washing

typically more expensive than synthetic hair

very durable - can last over a year with proper care


higher quality synthetic hair offer a look and feel quite similar to human hair wigs

offers limited styling versatility (hot tools cannot be used)

requires little maintenance & can usually be worn right out of the box

typically more affordable than human hair

less durable than human hair — 4-6 months with proper care

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The Perfect Lace Wigs For Your Hair Loss

Monday, 28 November 2016 10:27:24 Europe/London

After all, with something as stunning as your new found fashion accessory the better care you take, using a lace front wigs guide, the longer they will stay looking amazing and giving you a fantastic hair day every day.

If you think about it logically, because of the time and craftsmanship that goes into making every lace wig be it synthetic or lace front human hair wigs, although they are durable they are still delicate enough to need a certain amount of looking after. So, to be able to refer to any amount of hints and tips that really help you to protect them properly is a must.

Maybe you have not 100% settled on the type of wig that you want to buy, after all something of this quality is not cheap to purchase but, when you consider the amount of work that goes into each producing each one, I think the cost is more than justified. Besides, it might surprise you when you think how much you actually spend on frequent salon visits to get your hair fixed.

The best thing about having a lace wig is the fact that you can have such amazing hair styles whenever you like, being able to look good all day every day is a fashion dream. We all know how hard it can be to keep up with changing fads and styles without subjecting our own hair to excess heat and chemicals that can quickly reduce it to a straw like mop on top of our heads; despite our best efforts to keep it in tip top condition with as many products as we can.

Maybe you are unfortunate enough to have lost your hair after chemotherapy or you have to live with a distressing hair loss condition such as alopecia or trichotillomania. I cannot even begin to imagine how devastating this must be to have to cope with on a day to day basis.

By using front or full lace wigs you really can make such a difference to the quality of your life. They really are such a natural looking product that, the only person who needs to know that you are using one, is you.

So, whether you are looking to boost your confidence as a result of hair loss or just to feel good about yourself, I really think that front lace wigs have the perfect solution and we all deserve to be able to do this.

100% Remy Human Hair Full Lace Bob Wig Charming Wavy Full Lace Human Hair Wig
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A Stylish Alternative Hair Option For Any Women

Friday, 25 November 2016 09:48:30 Europe/London

Our cheap wigs are designed to offer a stylish alternative hair option for any women. At the head of the Our cheap style empire is the model turned mogul herself. Ireland's career started when she was 17 years old and began working as a model. She was featured as a Sports Illustrated model for thirteen consecutive years. Appearing in television and full-length feature films, She has written six books including three children's books.

Her brand "Our cheap Worldwide" markets products ranging from furniture, clothing, jewelry, to wigs. For her wig enterprise she teamed up with world famous Jon Renau. The foundation of this relationship lies in the "realization of dreams for beautiful people" says Ireland.

Our wigs Company has been in business since 1969, becoming a leader in the alternative hair industry. Our wigs are known for their fine craftsmanship, innovation in the use of color, and overall beautiful wig designs. This collaboration between Jon Renau and her has led to a refined collection of wigs.

With the wearer in mind, Our cheap wigs feature the "free to be me!" cap. These wig caps weigh significantly less than the cap of a traditional wig. The reduced weight allows for a more comfortable fit. The Our cheap wigs' lightweight cap also reduces friction against sensitive scalps as well as allowing for more cooling ventilation. This "capless" construction, as it is sometimes referred to, keeps the wearer comfortable while at the same time looking fabulous.

The new collection includes such styles as Romantic Splendor, Leading Lady, Angel, Palace Splendor and Sophisticate. There are a wide variety of wig colors from which the buyer can choose.

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The Structures About Wigs And Hair Extensions

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 10:30:58 Europe/London

Wigs are artificial hair structures that are placed on the scalp to conceal thinning hairlines. Some think that wigs and hair extensions are one and the same, but wigs are often more useful than hair extensions. Wigs are composed of hair strands that are woven on a cap. To hold the wig in place on a person’s head, the wig is secure to the scalp through clips or bobby pins. Extensions, on the other hand, are usually attached to natural hair strands to make the hair look longer.

There are two major categories of wigs and extensions: human hair and synthetic. They differ in quality, texture, and appearance. Human hair structures are composed of natural hair strands. The strands are individually woven on the cap, giving the strands a natural flow and body. Human hair strands used for these wigs have vital hair components such as keratin and cuticle, which enhance the strands’ appearance.

Synthetic wigs and hair extensions have artificial and processed strands of both animal and human hair. The most commonly used strands come from horse, yak, and buffalo. The strands are bleached, dyed, and permed. Because they are processed, these strands cannot endure heat during styling. This means that curling irons, blow dryers, and straightening irons can’t be used on synthetic hair structures.

Aside from strand composition, wigs such as Tony of Beverly wigs and hair extensions are categorized based on style and appearance. Some common wig styles include Asian, European-quality, European, and Russian wigs. Most hair structures with black, straight strands fall under the Asian category. Because of their easy availability, Asian wigs are often more affordable than other types of wigs.

European-quality and European wigs and hair extensions, despite their similar names, are two dissimilar types of hair structures. The European style is the popular choice for hair extensions. They come in various textures and lengths. High-class European wigs such as Tony of Beverly wigs are commonly produced in Italy and Spain. When they are properly taken care of, these wigs are more durable than others.

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The Benefits Of Short Wigs

Monday, 21 November 2016 09:30:26 Europe/London

Each wig is a complete work of art, after all if you are wearing one and the paparazzi do not pick it up in their shots then that really is a testament to the product itself, it looks so natural that none of us have ever realized.

Let us be honest here, who can blame all of these lovely ladies who are in the public eye for latching on to such a fantastic product, after all the pressure to look good never goes away and that is the same for you and me too is it not?

This does not mean that short wigs are an option below. On the contrary, there are many benefits that you can experience select more than one short wigs long.

Firstly, short wigs are much easier to maintain than long. You do not need to spend as much time as hairdressing, washing and drying. Most of them are actually wash and wear type of wigs. After cleaning, a short wig, all you have to do is put on the wig stand, where it will be ready to wear the next time you need it.

Of course, your friends will want to do well but the decision is really up to you and not them. If you feel much better wearing a short hairstyle, then by all means take the short wig. After all, wearing a wig is not all about looking at how other people look at you, but rather to look good for yourself and feel good at the same time.

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How to Straighten Curls on a Wig

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 10:30:13 Europe/London

Do you want to make that curly-haired wig straight, instead of spending more on a straight-haired wig? A lot of people looking for how to straighten a wig are generally cosplayers and have modlon, kanekelon or tokoyalon fiber wigs, so this article offers more than one different methods.

Method 1: Straightening Iron Method

1. Get out your wig. Make sure it's clean, dry, and heat-safe.

2. Heat up a straightening iron by following the directions that come with it. Be patient. Make sure it's nice and hot. Remember not to make it hotter than the recommended temperature for the wig.

3. Set the wig on something to make it easier to work with, like a wig stand or a mannequin head.

4. Starting with the bottom of the wig, straighten small pieces of hair at a time. Be careful not to hold the straightener on the wig for too long because it will burn.

5. Move on to the middle area after you finish straightening the bottom pieces.

6. Straighten the top pieces. The idea is to work from bottom to top, since it's much easier than straightening an entire strand in one go. It is also easier to do this because wigs normally have wefts sewn on in layers.

7. Let the wig cool completely.

8. Comb it out carefully. Check for loose hairs.

9. Groom the wig by cutting the flyaway hairs.

10. Spray a light coating of hairspray over the entire wig to keep it from reverting to its former curliness. Spray from several inches away to avoid using too much hairspray.

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Bob Cut Wigs:So Modern!

Monday, 14 November 2016 09:49:45 Europe/London

A bob cut is a hairstyle for women that is typically cut straight around the head, often with bangs or fringe at the front. The bob cut gained popularity in mid 1920 and signified a major social change and the growing independence of women, as fashions moved away from long, ornately dressed hairstyles to short, versatile looks with clean lines. Since then, the bob has remained an incredibly en vogue style because of its versatility and universally face-flattering shape.

But you don’t have to cut your hair or wait to grow it out or forgo the style altogether if you have thinning hair because you can get the modern bob look with fabulous bub cut wigs!

Bob style wigs can be short, falling to about jaw level, or bob wigs can be long, falling to the shoulders. In fact, the recent popularity of long bob cut wigs has resulted in a whole new style called the “lob,” or “long bob.”

Whether short or long, straight or curly, classic or cutting edge, we have bob wigs for every style, face shape, and budget. In addition, you’ll find bob style wigs in every fiber: from easy-care 100% synthetic wigs to heat-stylable 100% natural hair wigs. Shop Paula Young now and find your perfect chic, shorn, and oh-so modern bob hairstyle!

Striking Short Cut Bob Wig Erika Full Lace Silky Straight Bob Wig
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Look For Cheap Lace Wigs

Friday, 11 November 2016 10:41:24 Europe/London

No matter what you may be looking for, if you want to be sure you get the best deal on the market, then you have to spend the time and do all the research that needs to be done in order to be sure of the result.

For instance, everyone is on the look out for cheap lace wigs and people spend a lot of money on them, but if they do not choose the right source, they will waste their money for no quality. It may seem like they will get to solve the issues they are facing with a lot less money, but a cheap lace wig that does not last means you have to buy another.

If you buy a cheap lace wig every time you want to go out because the old one is no longer usable, then you can be sure you will spend a lot more than you have to. If you would take the time and do a little research in order to find a source you can trust so you can buy cheap lace wigs from them, then it would last a lot longer than any other option.

If you find a source you can trust, then it means you find a source for cheap lace wigs that offer quality. Even if they have a much lower price than the rest of the wigs you can find on the market, this does not mean you will get any less, but you will be able to get the same result as others do, but spend a lot less money on your own cheap lace wig.

But where can you find the best quality in cheap lace wigs? What is the source you can trust in order to offer you the perks of all the others for a much lower price? The local market is not one you can rely on since you are forced to deal with the items they offer, but if you want to see the real competition, you can turn to the web and look at wigs.

This is the place where you can find what others think about a cheap lace wig and where they have found the quality they needed and you will have a much easier time finding it.

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Popular African American Wigs

Wednesday, 9 November 2016 09:29:18 Europe/London

African American tresses are noticed as curly or kinky hair texture. Its color is a mixture of black color hue and red blonde, to become brown to reddish colored tone. The beauty of an African American hair lies in a mix of textures and color. Other people rather have long and kinky hair, with visible shades of red as highlights.

Due to these attractiveness, many individuals love wearing African American Wigs. College students use wigs for daily fashion in collegiate civilian wear. Style-conscious women put on those to portray an authentic personality among a swimming pool of Caucasian and Asian hair-dos.

Among women’s most favorite wigs range from the front lace wig and full lace wig. These wigs have a very long hair body, having a reddish colored dark brown tone. They appear natural when compared with other wig types. Hair strands are individually fastened towards the wig lace, making the lace appear to be nature. Lengths drop normally with the roots of hairs.

The lace hides using the scalp, making nice hair appear natural. Furthermore, expensive front lace wigs have baby hairs for that forehead area. This hinders wig lace and improves wig appearance. It may be used in another way. Ladies with long hair braid their natural hair body. This provides technique to the fastening within the wig for the whole scalp face. Short hair may be covered with a wig cap. A wig cap hides your hair and scalp. However, the wig cap should suit your natural appearance color. By doing this, the wig lace can readily blend while using scalp face.

They are one of the most fashionable wig products out there. Because of this, many Caucasians and Asians purchase them for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Finally, if you plan to acquire African American wigs , make sure you take note within the particular manufacturer's instructions regarding how to get care from it in order that it will previous lengthier.

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Famous Celebrity Lace Wigs To Change Your Public Styles

Monday, 7 November 2016 08:31:38 Europe/London

What do famous celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez and Tyra Banks have in common? They all love to wear lace wigs. This is the ideal fashion statement in Hollywood. Although it use to be only available to a few celebrities due to its cost, they are now becoming more easily obtained by the general public.

This is considered the newest trend as the top hair replacement option. It's safe and painless compared to other hair extensions and replacement methods and provides you with the opportunity to have the ideal hair without going through processing with the use of harmful chemicals.

Deliberations have been made on which material is the best for lace wigs. The price of these units is primarily based on the kind of hair used, and other imperative details such as style and length. Though synthetic hair is also an option, real human hair is still on the top of the list. Real human hair is smooth and fine in texture, providing you with that natural look, which would go unnoticeable. The debate is now focused on whether the wigs made of virgin hair is better than those made out of Remy hair.

Let us first briefly differentiate the two hair types. Virgin hair is known as hair that has never been chemically treated. If it has not been dyed, bleached or straightened, then it's considered virgin hair. Remy hair on the other hand, is considered the highest-grade human hair and the most affordable, commonly used for wigs and hair extensions.

It can be found in many parts of the globe, but the most common is the Indian Remy hair. The most distinctive difference is the Virgin hair still has its cuticles attached to the hair, single-handedly collected from the donor. The Remy hair can be called a virgin Remy hair, if no treatments were applied during the process. However, it is sometimes treated to achieve another color or style.

Compared to other kinds of lace wigs, the unprocessed hair's appearance is smoother, shinier and even more natural than regular human hair. It is also easier to manage since it doesn't tangle when washed. However, no matter what kind of unit you choose, proper care must be done in order to maintain the quality. Especially for processed hair, since it's more likely to tangle and shed after a few washes.

Catherine Zeta Bob Straight Wig Taylor Swift Good Looking Wavy Lace Front Synthetic Wig
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Quality Synthetic Fiber Wigs For People

Friday, 4 November 2016 09:30:16 Europe/London

Thanks to modern technology and the emergence of wigs, the possibilities for hairstyles and hair care have just gone endless. Today, I can opt to wear a different hairstyle for the day without going to the parlor and go through arduous hours of styling and blow drying. I can achieve this by wearing wigs, which comes in two hair types, human-hair and synthetic for self-explanatory reasons.

Synthetic lace front wigs interestingly are made of fibers that are sewn into hair pieces of different lengths - short, long, shoulder length, etc. and styles- curly, wavy or straight and comes in common hair colors. Unlike human hair, there is less shortage of supply for lace front synthetic wigs, that's why they are cheaper.

And before I worry about a synthetic wig looking exactly like a cheap synthetic lace front wig, I soon realize that it does look natural which I think can be attributed to modern technology which is be able produce hair that's almost exactly like human hair. Depending on the manufacturer, kind synthetic material, brand and craftsmanship, synthetic hair wigs come in many varieties and options.

And although they are generally affordable, one can still be less expensive than the other because of its massive supply. I even know someone who collects this sort of wigs. Because of its vast choices, collecting them in different styles wouldn't be that much of a luxury at all. It's also best to note that a hairpiece of this kind is pre-styled unlike human hair wigs that can be cut, restyled and blow dried. With this wig, I definitely have to buy wholesale if I want more styles.

Synthetic wigs are available in high quality and low quality synthetic fiber. I think that it all depends on budget and use. For example those synthetic wigs everyone uses during the Halloween season are made of low quality synthetic fiber. However I would never use these nor suggest them to my friends for use to fashionable events.

What can be attractive and lovable at Halloween parties and trick or treating may be disastrous when worn at more formal parties and events. Know the occasion before choosing the synthetic wig. For those chic parties I would opt for synthetic lace front wigs with bangs. Spending an extra buck or two will definitely be worth it.

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Find A Really Nice Human Hair Wig

Wednesday, 2 November 2016 08:59:16 Europe/London

Do you want human hair or a synthetic hair wig? Do you want to wear the wig daily or just now and again for a change of style? Do you want to be able to style the wig in different ways just as you can your own hair?

One thing is certain and that is that the wrong way to decide is to go for a low price with no other consideration. Buying a wig just because it is cheap may lead to disaster in the form of a very obvious poor quality hairpiece which just looks "wiggy". Cutting corners when buying your wig is almost certain to lead to disappointment. A low quality poorly fitted wig will certainly not do anything for your appearance. Just the opposite in fact. What you need is a well chosen quality wig which will enhance your appearance and look absolutely super on you.

How can you go about finding a really nice wig? The first thing to look for is the quality of the hair which is extremely important. A synthetic hair wig rarely looks really natural, so human hair is the top choice although it costs more. It is possible that you will find a good looking synthetic hair wig at a reasonable price, which could indeed work well for you. If you can find something like that, then this is just fine of course. You will find that human hair wigs vary a great deal in quality.

Really good wigs have soft hair which has had the minimum amount of processing. Much of the hair used in making human hair wigs is imported from Asia, and in particular from India or China. This hair is heavy and black and quite thick which is ideal for making African American women wigs. This kind of hair is long and straight and can be shaped and styled just like you would treat your own hair by curling and waving, using a hot curling iron and blow dryer. It is not possible to treat synthetic hair with anything hot since heat ruins the synthetic material.

A good looking wig must fit your head very closely. A really well fitted wig looks just as if the hair is growing right out of your head. A poorly fitted wig with the hair too far out from the face is a giveaway and looks bad. A natural looking hair parting in the wig is essential. Usually a low quality wig will have a sewn parting which is very obvious and which is not in the least bit realistic.

The final factor is that the density of the hair must be right for you. A young person can wear a very dense wig which will look just great. In an older person the hair thins quite a bit and a dense black and very thick wig will simply not look right. The wig must be well chosen to match your age and your face in order to look natural and just right.

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Dress Your Hair According To The Occasion

Monday, 31 October 2016 09:06:14 Europe/London

With the introduction, it may not be difficult to find why people cannot make their choice. Actually, both of them have good quality and nice look in appearance. They can all wear daily without much trouble. It's suggested that to try both of them, they worth your investment. And let the appearance tell you which should be chose between the budget and effect.

The cotton ball will help you to dip the right amount of glue to your hairline and make sure the glue will not flow into your eyes. Then leave at least 30 to 45 seconds to dry the glue with a blow dryer which is on a cool setting. Only after this will you make the glue tacky and give you a better adhesion. Then press the front hairline to your skin where the glue has been applied and press down firmly until the wig stays in place on its own. Do the same to your nape lace part.

It is a kind of status symbol to have a full lace wigs and this is the reason why most of us think they are very expensive. Yes, they are expensive than other types of wigs as a synthesis, but they are also available at an affordable price. There are cheap full lace wings available in different stores especially in online stores.

These types of wigs can be used by people of normal class and they can hide baldness, and even they can wear them for style. Many people wear wigs such because they love to experiment with their looks and they love to dress according to the occasion. But certain category of people need to hide baldness. No matter what the reason. If you want to get natural wigs at an affordable price, you can get cheap full lace wings for you.

Taylor Swift Good Looking Wavy Lace Front Synthetic Wig Natural Capless Remy Human Hair Wig
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To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Friday, 28 October 2016 10:38:48 Europe/London

A recent report in the "Journal of Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology" states that our body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide; over time, it builds up in the the hair follicles. As we age we make less of an enzyme called catalase, which keeps the peroxide in check. The resulting H2O2 interferes with the production of melanin, the pigment that gives hair it's color, and we go gray.

To me, it makes so much sense that the cause of gray hair would be an enzyme deficiency, specifically a deficiency in the catalase enzyme. Enzymes are vital to our health. They are involved in every metabolic process our bodies undergo. If we run out of enzymes, we run out of life. The larger the enzyme reserve we have, the more efficient and beautiful our body is.

This is one main reason why the raw food diet has become so popular. By keeping the enzymes in your food you use less of your body's enzyme reserve to digest your food. However, in our modern society the raw food diet is often not enough to replenish our enzyme reserves which have been depleted by stress, processed foods, lack of sun and proper exercise over generations of time.

Many people realize this and also take enzyme supplements. Again, this is not always sufficient, either because the enzymes are not in a form that is bio-available or they are not the right kind of enzymes our bodies require.

The best way to receive enzyme nutrition is through natural means. Your body is able to recognize natural sources more easily and therefore absorb more. So the key is to add super enzyme rich foods into your diet on a daily basis. Bee pollen is an excellent source of catalase. It also contains many other enzymes when it is fresh and stored correctly.

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Clean Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Carefully

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 10:33:05 Europe/London

One of the most important aspects of caring for synthetic lace front wigs is to wash them in a proper and timely manner. Discussed below are the washing tips in detail to help enhance their life and keep the hair looking shiny and healthy.

In order to get the best results of shampooing, it is important to prep the hair for the process. This is done by brushing the wig in a gentle yet thorough manner with a wig comb to eliminate any tangles. Then the wig should be immersed in a basin of cold water in which one tablespoon of wig shampoo has been already added.

Care should be taken to not rub the wig but rather agitate it gently and clean the wig cap by gently by running fingers on its inside to remove dirt and oil. Rinse the wig thoroughly with cold water to remove all shampoo. Once the shampooing of the wig has been done, it should be conditioned. A good quality wig conditioner should be used and rather than applying it directly on the wig, it should first be applied onto the hands and then rubbed into the wig gently.

Care should be taken to keep the conditioner away from the cap, especially in the hand tied areas as it can loosen the knots. After thorough application, the conditioner should be thoroughly rinsed from the synthetic hair wigs by placing them under cold running water.

One of the biggest reasons behind the damage of wigs is their improper method of drying. It is important not to squeeze or wring the wig after it has been washed. Rather, the wig should first be shaken gently to remove excess water and then the method of blotting away the remaining wetness using a towel or air drying it by placing the wig on a wig stand should be used. It is also important to ensure that the wig is not dried under direct sunlight as it might damage the hair and the wig cap.

Pretty Straight Capless Synthetic Wig Fashionable Wavy Lace Front Synthetic Wig
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Choosing A Right Color Of Your Wigs

Monday, 24 October 2016 10:01:45 Europe/London

Choosing a new hair color is not easy for any woman. Besides the decisions about style, length and conditioning that you have to make, there is the very important one about color, and you have to use your head. Luckily, you can also use your head to wear a wig, which makes choosing a new hair color much easier and keeps all those chemicals out of your hair, as well.

If you have had a “color consultation” and know what the best hues and shades of cosmetics and clothes to wear, you also have a head start on choosing a new hair color. You don’t need to take any college courses for choosing that new color.

The same rules of contrast and compatibility that make you look better in one color blouse over another also apply to your consideration of hair color. Use your color smarts to choose a wig color that will offer a nice, attractive change of pace. Choose wisely, of course, but it’s all right to have a sense of fun and adventure, too. You can even afford to make a mistake, since wigs aren’t permanent, after all.

Your wardrobe, eye color, skin tone and choice of nail polish are all worth considering when you are choosing a new hair color. Most women who have cultivated a bit of fashion sense know what colors “work” for them, and which ones do not. As stated above, it won’t hurt to experiment a bit, since wigs are not permanent, but you should have a pretty good idea of what will be a good fit for you before your lay your money down.

If you desire some “glamour options,” a wig can be just the thing. For ladies who are simply looking for a change of pace, but are “afraid of commitment” (to a permanent, new hair color), a wig can certainly be the way to go. So whatever the case may be, wigs can help. Good wigs can also ease the minds of women who may be suffering some degree of hair loss due to a medical condition.

There are several companies that have joined the “human hair race” to give women the feeling of wearing actual hair instead of a traditional wig, which can feel itchy and look terrible when made of inferior quality. These days, the best wigs are made of real hair in a painstaking process that can take up to several months.

The range of hair colors on human-hair wigs is one of their biggest benefits. The color choices are, of course, virtually unlimited due to the natural nuances and subtle variations of color found naturally in human hair. Real hair or not, a wig can be another fashion accessory in your beauty arsenal.

Don’t be afraid to get some other opinions, too. Your family, friends and co-workers see you every day, and the ones you are closest to can offer a wealth of feedback about what suits you. If you are currently getting medical care, your doctor will certainly appreciate that you are opting for a wig if your hair is thinning or falling out, for other than cosmetic reasons. The fact is, neither your scalp nor your hair needs to be soaked in chemicals of any kind.

When you have made up our mind, proceed with confidence. Use the opportunity to rekindle that feeling of excitement about life, newness, and the sense of adventure that always comes when a woman finds a “new look.” With so many choices in styles, colors and lengths, you can be assured that finding the right hair color will be as easy as pie – and nowhere near as fattening.

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Purchasing The Comfortable Wigs For You

Friday, 21 October 2016 10:56:47 Europe/London

In order to buy the right thing for yourself, the first decision you will need to make is to select between two types of wigs: the synthetic ones and the human hair ones. Both of them come in many styles and colors and have their pros and cons. A synthetic wig is cheap, but it has a tendency to look fake and it is harder to maintain. While a human hair wig is more realistic looking and lasts longer, but it is more expensive.

Another important thing you need to consider when purchasing wigs is that what type of cap is used for the wigs. The cap is what you will pull over your head, a good quality cap can make you feel comfortable. Although there are many different kinds of wig caps out there to choose from, the lace cap is the most popular one. The lace cap will make you feel very comfortable since it allows your scalp to "breathe".

There are two categories for lace wigs, which are the lace front wigs and the full lace wigs. The main difference between them is the lace base, a lace front wig has a lace base on the front half of the head while a full lace wig has a lace base that covers the whole scalp. You need to choose carefully between them, a wrong selection may cause a lot of inconvenience.

Full lace wigs have many advantages, and one of them that stand out is that they look very natural and realistic. As long as it is attached to the head properly, it can be styled in the same way as real hair. A full lace wig is very lightweight. So you do not even need to remove it even if you wear it for several days. But what makes people feel headache is that it is so difficult to attach the wig to the head, which is one of the disadvantages for the full lace wigs. When you wear this kind of wig, it is a long process, because it needs to be glued all around the circumference of your head. So if you do not have a lot of time, a full lace wig is not suggested to be used.

A lace front wig can give you a natural and beautiful appearance without spending so much time putting it on. The lace base of a lace front wig can only cover the front half of the head. No one can tell that you are wearing a wig if you wear the hair down. Like the full lace wigs, lace front wigs also allow the scalp to breathe, so you will also feel comfortable when wearing them. If your hair is thick, you had better choose lace front wigs.

Both of these wigs are not expensive and they are affordable. But if the budget is an important factor for you when making the decision, you can choose the lace front ones since they are cheaper.

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Choose The Most Suitable Wig For You

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 10:35:28 Europe/London

Purchasing an in stock full lace wig will be a little difficult for a newbie. And if you are new to this type of system, it's always best to start with the basics, which is to know what your need and to decide which is suitable for you. While if you are an internet savvy, you will be able to find a large range of in stock cheap lace wigs in different wig shops.

Generally in stock hairpieces are pre-designed so you can take the opportunity to try it on at the local wig real shop. If you visit these stores, you may find that each unit is different from the length, color, density and cap constructions. Knowing what you need and be sure to choose the most suitable one. Just like African American women like Yaki, you may have your own preference.

In recent years, you can easily find a wig on clearance at an amazingly reduced price. Meanwhile, when new hairpieces arrive, the old stock units will be immediately placed on sale or clearance. Most people fail to realize that lace wigs are stocked at a low quantity so when a clearance sale starts, they will be sold out quickly. To purchase a cheap full lace wig on time, you had better scouting a shop that offers high quality wigs and keep a watchful eye on its promotional activities.

If you intend to order wigs online, carefully read the item's full description for it will provide you with details on the hair type, cap constructions, length, hair colors, texture and other information of the unit. The images on the other hand will supply you with visuals on whether the wig appears up to par.

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Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

Monday, 17 October 2016 09:51:16 Europe/London

When considering composition, or how a wig is structured, think about the hair type as well as the cap construction. While you may have preconceived notions about human hair and synthetic hair, the truth is that they both have advantages and limitations, which make them the right choice in different situations.

Human Hair

offers the most natural look & feel

presents the most styling versatility

requires more styling - especially after washing

typically more expensive than synthetic hair

very durable - can last over a year with proper care

Synthetic Hair

higher quality synthetic hair offer a look and feel quite similar to human hair

offers limited styling versatility (hot tools cannot be used)

requires little maintenance & can usually be worn right out of the box

typically more affordable than human hair, less durable than human hair — 4-6 months with proper care

lace-front Styling Synthetic Wig Magnificent Human Hair Long Straight Lace Front Wig
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Benefits of a Lace Wig

Friday, 14 October 2016 10:31:33 Europe/London

We've all heard about it. The hot discussion about lace front wigs, so many stars are wearing them, and now they are available to the public. Wearing lace wigs your natural growing hair is not stressed. (No pressure on the strands of your hair like it is with a sew-in weave.  And your natural growing hair can grow undisturbed underneath, it is more realistic. People will not believe it is NOT your natural growing hair unless you tell them and in some cases, show them. But how do you put them on? Can you wear them if you already have hair? How much do they cost? Where can I get one?

Lace front wigs are beautiful and natural looking wigs but only when applied professionally or with lots and lots of practice. Lace wigs cost a lot of money so its best to do your research before planning to try a lace wig.

The truth is,as beautiful as lace wigs are - They are hard work and take a lot of time and effort. So if you have looking for that miracle instant hair that you can just pop on and go-- this isn't it. As with anything else in life,there are a few drawbacks with lace wigs that you should consider before purchasing one.

Prices for lace wigs can range from $100 US to as much as $1000. Be aware of sites that up sell their products. You may start out with a price of $199 but the time you have added on a hair length, hair color choices, lace type selection, customization, you could be into the thousands of dollars.

I always recommend first time lace wig wearers to start out with only a front lace wig instead of a full lace wig and to buy a synthetic wig before a human hair wig. The reason being is that lace wigs take a lot of practice and until you know how to apply one correctly, you should save your money.

Synthetic hair is less expensive than human hair. Once you have perfected the art of how to apply a lace wig, then you should purchase a human hair wig and only Remy Braizilian Hair as it is the best quality. The difference between a front lace wig and a full lace wig is the front lace wig only has lace around the hairline from ear to ear. The less area you have to apply the more secure the wig will be on your head. Its easier to learn how to affix a smaller area first and then move on to the full lace wigs.

Full lace wigs are fabulous but can be very challenging as it is much harder to affix the back of the hairline without some assistance. It really can be a nightmare trying to apply a full lace wig and often will leave you discouraged. Don't worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Believe me, once you know how to apply a full lace wig you will never go back to traditional wigs again!

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How to Wash Your Wavy and Curly Hair Wig

Thursday, 13 October 2016 11:17:00 Europe/London

Curly hair is more difficult to wash & maintain than straight hair. In order to keep your curly hair strong and shiny we need to take care of them start from washing. Hope the eight steps are gonna help you.

1.Pick a shampoo which is suitable for your hair, foam the shampoo then washing it gently.

2.Rinse hair with warm water thoroughly.

3.Apply some daily conditioner to the hair evenly, massage for about 30 minutes. (PS. get a deep conditioner once a week.)

4.De-tangle your hair by parting it one thread and another. Please DONOT brush your hair.

5.Rinse the conditioner out of hair.

6.Lay-down, pat with towel to remove extra water, and then let it air dry.

7.Give your hair a great shake after your hair is totally dried, to restore the curls.

8.Apply some no-clean conditioner or oil, and style by your fingers, optionally use the matching curling iron to define your curls.

Sexy Youthful Fascinating Long Real Human Hair Wig Medium Curly Monofilament Blonde Fashionable Wig
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Buy Quality Wigs To Be Attractive

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 10:50:55 Europe/London

They are sporting different hairdos from which you can select. So, go ahead and buy quality wigs if you like to make a style statement. It has now come to be a wonderful fashion accessory.

There are fabulous extensions available from which you can choose from the market. There are different styles of wigs available from which the lace front hair extensions deserve special mention. There are mainly two forms synthetic and human tresses. You can go for either short cropped style or long style.

Some of the hair pieces come with a lace base. These are known as the lace front wigs. These are made from human tresses and it is tied by hand to the lace base. Some of them come with a full lace base while others have a lace base just where the hairline is visible.

The rest of the wig is made from a fragile material and is susceptible to tearing or ripping at times. These lace front hair extensions cannot be pulled into a ponytail as it will be obvious that it is a wig. The lace is generally on the front portion which allows people to part hair whichever way he or she desires.

Among different quality wigs you can choose to go for the Remy hair extensions. It is the highest grade of hair pieces that is made from natural human hair. This style of hair possesses the cuticle layer which is actually outermost part of the strand of hair. The Remy hair is categorized depending on length and processing.

This type of hair is considered to be most suitable for use in extensions. The Remy hair is absolutely natural. The most popular choice is Indian hair when we are looking for this kind of hair. It is the color and texture that can be easily matched to different people from all across the globe coming from varying ethnic backgrounds.

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Easy To Be Popularity Among People

Monday, 10 October 2016 10:48:48 Europe/London

Most of these products work well on other people's hair; however, some women have such issues that are difficult to overcome. When you are losing (or have already lost much of) your hair, it is easy to get down in the dumps. Women, who desire to have a greater and perfect look, prefer to add some sort of hair extension. One of the popular hair extensions that is gaining popularity among women are wigs.

Wigs are artificial arrangements for human hair loss as it helps to hide the bald patches. Many women around the world today wear wigs for different reasons. Some prefer to hide the fact that they are wearing a hairpiece, while others do not mind divulging this information.

Wigs for women are available in an endless array of styles and colors to suit either group of women, from very natural-looking wigs to outrageously artificial fantasy and party wigs. There are two types of wig material - synthetic fiber and real human hair. The main aspect in choosing the wig's hair type is to honestly determine what is the primary factor in buying a wig.

Either you want to buy synthetic full lace wig or a natural-looking human hair wig: the reason of investment should be clear. Each type of wig has pros and cons that must be evaluated before a woman can make the right buying decision.

The most appealing factor of synthetic is that it can often be worn right out of the box with little or no styling. The curl pattern is permanently set and it can even hold up in bad weather and can guarantee no drooping and frizzing. However, for women who want the most natural look with a wig, quality human hair wigs are the best choice.

Just like your own natural hair, a human hair wig can be cut, styled, permed, or colored to suit your personal tastes. Just as there are different types of synthetic hair wigs, there are different types of wigs available for women present in the market.

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Techniques of Human Hair Wigs

Saturday, 8 October 2016 11:03:35 Europe/London

Different hair knotting methods can produce many different results. The quality of the wig and its workmanship will have a great impact on the finished look of the wig and this is especially the case for human hair wigs. After receiving your order, the manufacturer will discuss its feasibility with the technician. If there are not any problems, your order will be arranged, and the necessary materials such as hair and base material, will be prepared and then, produced by our skilled workers.

Our wig quality controller in the factory will check the quality and accuracy according to your order details. Before the shipment, QC will recheck the merchandise and complete volume production results to develop the human hair wigs.

Human Hair Wig, as all hand-tied wigs, are becoming more and more popular because of its soft and comfortable cap material and high quality knotted workmanship.There are usually two main types of and knotting methods to attach hair to the wig cap, double knots and single knots.

Double knotting of the human hair wig is the most widely used technique in the current market. With double knots, the hair is attached securely to the cap and this avoids shedding. However, its disadvantage is that the knots are somewhat visible, so double knotted techniques are usually used on the top and back of the wig cap only.

For the front hair line area, single knots are more popular. Single knots are hard to detect because of its petite knot. However, as it is only one single hair knot, the hair is inevitably prone to shedding. To combat this issue, we typically increase the density of the hair at the hairline to ensure there is adequate hair volume and create a more natural look. And that’s why human hair lace front wigs is much more popular.

Wonderful Lace Front Human Hair Wavy Wig Modern Straight Human Hair Capless Wig
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How much hair weave you need?

Friday, 30 September 2016 10:25:44 Europe/London

Weave are attached to your head by sewing them to a tiny braid made out of your own hair. The track (known to hairdressers as a corn-row) runs horizontally around the back of your head. The tracks are done in the middle of your scalp underneath your hairline so you can’t see them.

The crown area of your own hair covers the top track making the hair extensions seem invisible. The number and size of tracks matches the number and size of wefts. The wefts and tracks ideally should be made in different sizes in order to match exactly the way your hair would look if you had grown it that way yourself.

Normally, Weft hair are applied in rows across your head with adhesive or sewed to braids. Some hairdressers prefer shrinkies/shrink-links and micro ring or fusion for pre bonded hair, the hair comes already separated into individual strands ready for application with glue on the tips.

How much hair you need depends on how many tracks you have. For example: If I had hair to my chin and I wanted hair to my bra line (about 18″ long) I might need 5 or 6 tracks/wefts depending upon my current haircut. If I had hair to my shoulders that was thin and stringy and I wanted it thicker and more luscious but the same length I might need 2 or 3 (or more) tracks/wefts. For hair weft under 18 inches, one packet is enough for full head. Over 18 inches, you should need more the one. If a hairdresser is doing your hair it is advisable to check with them as to how much you require for the hairstyle.

For the pre blonded hair, you should need 150-200 strands.Once again this depends on the style. For other methods eg strand by strand you will need to consult with your hair dresser. Once the tracks are done, the wefts are sewn to them and then your own crown area hair is blended with and combed over the extensions.

Sure, the Extensions should not be applied any lower than the base of your scalp (about even with the middle of your ears) and so your hair under this point covers the extensions while you wear it in pigtails, ponytails, french twists, french braids etc。 With proper care, Hair Extensions should last four months.

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Synthetic Wigs

Thursday, 29 September 2016 10:14:13 Europe/London

It is important for you to pick a synthetic wig which looks much like a human hair one. If you choose right, you can wear a realistic-looking wig that will fool others into thinking it’s really your hair. 

Synthetic wigs are generally easier to care for than natural human hair wigs. A synthetic wig holds its shape for a longer period of time, comes with a preset style, does not change the color because of the sun rays and can be restyled easier. One of the most important aspects related to the way you care about your synthetic wig is how you wash it.

It is pretty easy to style a synthetic wig, so don't be worried, almost everyone can style it if you learn the reading the following steps:

1. Try the "shake and go" method. Many styles need only a good shake or finger styling and they're ready to wear. 

2. For tight curly or ringlet styles, just give the wig a vigorous shake, then gently lift and separate the curls with a pick comb or your fingers. DO NOT BRUSH. 

3. For wavy styles with loose curls, brush lightly with a wig styling brush or pick comb using short, lifting strokes - just enough to relax the style. 

4. For long curly styles use your fingers or a pick comb to gently lift and separate the curls. DO NOT BRUSH. 

5. For straight styles brush in long, even, gentle strokes from the crown to the ends for a smooth, sleek look. 

6. After each wearing, spray the ends of your wig with wig conditioner. Gently remove any tangles. 

7. Never expose your wig to heated styling tools such as hair dryers and curling irons or other heat sources.

Remember, regular styling and use of wig products will help keep your synthetic wig looking natural and long lasting. If you have never tried  a wig before, you are missing out.

lace-front Styling Synthetic Wig Marvelous Synthetic Wig
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How To Washing A Wig

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 10:26:27 Europe/London

The procedure for washing a wig made of either synthetic or human hair is a relatively simple one, but don’t overlook the details. 

First, using a wig brush, a wide-tooth comb, or simply one’s fingers, gently brush out the wig’s fibers. You have to be sure that there's no knots anywhere and the water temperature is appropriate.  

Second, start by letting water run through the hair until it's all soaked, put a small amount shampoo in your hands, you can mix it with a little bit water. Lightly pat and massage it onto the hair.

Third, use the flow of water when washing out the shampoo, not a brush. The water should flow in the direction of the wig’s hair, from root to tip. Be patient because it will take a couple of minutes to wash the shampoo out.

Fourth, we suggest let it dry naturally especially synthetic hair wig, it must always be air-dried in an upright position on top of a tall, slender object. Wig stands are the best drying mechanism.

Hope this is helpful for you.

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How to Using Human Hair Wigs

Thursday, 6 February 2014 13:27:00 Europe/London

If you want a more natural hair, human hair wigs are the proper choice. These wig products can be styled and colored like your own hair.

Human hair wigs are considered to be the most valuable wig type among the different variants of wigs available today. What makes them so expensive is because of the fact that collecting and making high quality human wigs is a sophisticated endeavor. Human hair wigs are the most realistic among the different types of wig products available. They are usually collected from donors all over the world depending on color but are more commonly from Indian and Chinese donors.

When using human wigs, proper care is very important. Unlike synthetic wigs that do not require much care and maintenance, remy hair wigs follow a strict regimen of washing. when washing your human hair wig what you will need is lukewarm or cool clean water. You may use your own bathtub if you have one or simply a sink will do. When washing your remy wigs move them back and forth while they are gently submerged in the sink or tub. You may use a mild shampoo in order to clean any dirt or debris from the wig. Do not scrub it very harshly because you might damage it irreparably.

Once washing is done you can use some cool water to rinse off any remaining shampoo residue left from the wigs. In order to decrease the incidence of tangling, you can use a mild conditioner on the wig. Once all of these steps are finished you need to air dry the wig. Never ever wring it just so you can remove any excess liquids. Or you can place the wig on a dry towel so that it can absorb any excess liquids. Typically the human hair wigs need to be washed at least once every fourteen to eighteen uses.

If you don't use human hair wig, you should better take it on a wig stand to maintain the hairstyle.

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7 Tips to Care for a Wig

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 07:26:55 Europe/London

Now, more and more people love wigs to change their hairstyle or just for fun. How to care for wigs is very important. Now we will give you 7 tips as follow:

1. When you need to comb a wig, be gentle. Do not use regular brushes, and if you can, only comb it. It doesn't need combed every day, so let it rest.

2. When you not use it, take it off and put it on a wig stand. The reason is that the stand will help keep its shape.

Medium Length Curly Synthetic Wig

3. After washing it, do not shake it in a towel. Be careful and dry it piece-by-piece. Do not use a hair dryer. Air dries only. You may gently style the wig with your fingertips. This makes sure that strands of fibers don't fall off.

4. After saturating your wig in water, squeeze it dry. Don't wring it or the base of your wig could become mis-shaped and dry funny.

5. While washing your hair, use wig shampoo only.

6. You can condition your hair every couple weeks or so, to keep it shiny and soft. Make sure you don't do that every day and be sure to rinse it all out or it could lead to build-up in your wig.

7. Only wash your wig after wearing it for 25 times. If you do this daily or even weekly, it can lead to your wig looking less realistic and falling apart.

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Sign Up for £6 Gifts

Monday, 20 January 2014 06:13:00 Europe/London

To celebrate 2014 new year we have put together an amazing collection of wigs all at lowest price. Whether you are looking for a change of wig colour, wig style or looking at wigs for the first time, our wig collection has over 50 of our most popular, short styles and colours with an amazing discount. 

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Strong And Flexible Wig StandMesh-Like Wig Cap

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