Your hair has been thinning, maybe for years, and now it’s gotten too thin to look how you want it to. You’ve tried thickening powders and makeup to no avail. But you’re not ready or willing to go head first into a wig. You do have some hair and either it’s thinning and showing more of your scalp than you’d like, or it’s just getting harder and harder to manage your slow hair loss. What other hair options are out there? There are some awesome options that add to your existing hair and help you have beautiful, thick locks that look amazing (and stay in your hair for weeks at a time.)

Toppers, also called toppettes or hair pieces are a small section of hair that covers only the top portion of your head. Toppers are attached to your own existing hair by gluing, weaving or clipping. The type of topper that you choose will dictate the length of wear. Long term wear toppers will be woven or glued in, shampooed and styled with your own hair and removed and replaced by a professional every 4-5 weeks. Short term or daily wear toppers will be clipped in and taken off each day and shampooed after 10-12 wearings. Far from your idea of a 'wiglet' or ‘toupee’, the topper is perfect for women with thinning hair due to age, hormones, or androgenic alopecia. You’ll be shocked at how GREAT you look with more hair! It blends in with your natural hair and it’s comfortable and easy to care for. Toppers can be human hair or synthetic and no matter which one you choose A Wig and a Prayer has amazing options!

Like toppettes, extensions add fullness and body to existing hair. They can lengthen short, thin locks, and turn them into gorgeous, thick ones. They’re perfect for when you need more hair but due to androgenic, hormonal hair loss, just can’t grow it any more. Keep in mind that with extensions you have to have enough hair to hide the extension attachment. Extensions are best when your own growing hair is strong enough to hold them. If you have any questions about whether you are a candidate, give us a call! Your hair CAN look better. Odds are you’ve gotten used to the thinness of it, maybe haven’t noticed just how much of your scalp you can see. With a topper or extension, you can have the beautiful hair you had (or maybe always wanted!)