To make Afro appear large and fluffy, picks or combs are typically slid through the hair, which creates the distinctive look. African american wigs can be found in different locations, from wig stores to costume shops, which depend on the use of the wig.

A wig store is the first place when it comes to looking for an Afro wig, which can be worn everyday while seeming like human hair wigs. These are usually made of real human hair or of a high-quality synthetic hair substitute that fits on the head securely. Such comfortable African American wigs allow you to do daily activities without the uneasiness of the wig sliding or moving off your head. Oftentimes, wig stores offer such hairpieces in different sizes and forms.

A wig store assistant can help you measure your head properly and look for the right cap size for you. If you have made an order from an online store, you will have to measure your head by yourself to determine the right size for you. By simply using a tape measure, starting from your forehead, stretch the tape measure towards the front center part of your hairline.

Then, run the tape behind your ear to your nape downwards, then back up again around the other ear all the way to the starting point on the center of the forehead. This will provide you the circumference of your head, which is how the cap size is determined. Online wig stores often have chart for determining cap sizes for African American wigs.

Costume shops sell Afro wigs that are worn during costume parties. These wigs are usually not made of real hair or any material that perfectly resembles human hair. Ideally, they should be only worn as a costume hairpiece. Even though most costume shops are only open for a few months, some stay open all year round especially before the Halloween.. Costume African American wigs usually come in a general size with a stretchable cap.