African American Wig Without Bangs

White:Although the white skin color is natural, if the color of the wigs is not properly selected, it will make you look unhealthy. Remember that the reddish and soft colors such as light brown red and light brown will make your face ruddy. Angry.

Yellowish:If the skin color is yellowish, you can use darker colors such as natural black and light brown, which will make the yellowish skin look whiter. Don't choose a yellow hair color, it will make the skin that is not good looking even more ugly.

Natural skin tone:This kind of skin is the best, it looks healthy and shiny, and there is a lot of room for choosing hair color, such as yellow, brown red, wine red, deep purple, deep coffee and so on.

Black:The pigmentation of the skin is serious, which will make the skin tone dull and dull. When using the natural black and dark orange on the hair wigs color, it will make the face bright.

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