With a wig, the first step is to make a real hair. It is recommended to tie your hair to two sides, and then fold it on the top of the head with a clip. After the hair is clamped, make sure that there are no broken hair on the forehead, and then bring a headgear to further support the hair. In this way, with a hair wigs will never reveal the true hair. And the technique of binding the left and right sides ensures that even if the hair is long, it can be safely stowed.

When combing the wig, remember not to use a plastic comb! You can use iron comb, wooden comb, horn comb, as long as it can prevent static electricity. (Because static electricity will make the wig severely knotted) If there is no need to arrange the wig at the animation exhibition site, it is better to use the hand to sort it than to use a plastic comb.

Buy a bottle of wig-specific hair oil, and when it is combed, it will be easier to pass.

Never expect to be able to completely comb the wigs - that is, after all, there is no life, how can it be so easy to be completely smooth? The longer the wig, the easier it is to tie the knot. Therefore, the principle of grooming is: as long as the surface looks smooth, it is OK. (COS is also the surface of the effort.)More human hair wigs content can be found on the web:https://www.ewigsna.com