If you want a more natural hair, human hair wigs are the proper choice. These wig products can be styled and colored like your own hair.

Human hair wigs are considered to be the most valuable wig type among the different variants of wigs available today. What makes them so expensive is because of the fact that collecting and making high quality human wigs is a sophisticated endeavor. Human hair wigs are the most realistic among the different types of wig products available. They are usually collected from donors all over the world depending on color but are more commonly from Indian and Chinese donors.

When using human wigs, proper care is very important. Unlike synthetic wigs that do not require much care and maintenance, remy hair wigs follow a strict regimen of washing. when washing your human hair wig what you will need is lukewarm or cool clean water. You may use your own bathtub if you have one or simply a sink will do. When washing your remy wigs move them back and forth while they are gently submerged in the sink or tub. You may use a mild shampoo in order to clean any dirt or debris from the wig. Do not scrub it very harshly because you might damage it irreparably.

Once washing is done you can use some cool water to rinse off any remaining shampoo residue left from the wigs. In order to decrease the incidence of tangling, you can use a mild conditioner on the wig. Once all of these steps are finished you need to air dry the wig. Never ever wring it just so you can remove any excess liquids. Or you can place the wig on a dry towel so that it can absorb any excess liquids. Typically the human hair wigs need to be washed at least once every fourteen to eighteen uses.

If you don't use human hair wig, you should better take it on a wig stand to maintain the hairstyle.