Synthetic wigs tend to be supplied in 'set' styles i.e. they hold a particular style even after washing. This makes it easier for you to be confident with your wig, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. It is recommended that you avoid using heated appliances on ready-to-wear wigs and most manufacturers recommend towel-dry only.

Human hair wigs are not usually supplied styled so that they can be cut according to your desire. Like natural hair, real hair wigs can be washed and blow-dried. Heated appliances can be used but only according to manufacturer guidelines.

Real hair wigs are ideal for women and teenagers who are looking for a simpler, unfussy hairstyle. Real hair, ready-to-wear wigs come in different lengths and shades; custom-made human hair wigs can copy your own colour combination and highlights. Ultimately, choosing a wig is really a question of personal preferences and lifestyle!

These days, wigs for cancer patients are supplied in a wide range of base materials. A good quality base from a reputable manufacturer will be made from fabric that is breathable and allows heat to escape. Most bases are made of a fine mesh on top with a more spaced out back for fitting and breathing. Bases often feature a complementary material: you will often see wigs for cancer patients with 'monofilament tops'.

This means that the base on top is made of monofilament nylon allowing a variation of partings and fringes and affording a scalp like appearance. The technique allows for individual styling as a lot of women like to change their parting or style a fringe. 'Lace front' wigs, where the hair is knotted onto micro-fine lace around the temple, offer a virtually undetectable hairline. No base material is better than the other and each offers different benefits - so you're better to try as many as you can until you feel comfortable! Here are some wigs for sale.