Do you want to make that curly-haired wig straight, instead of spending more on a straight-haired wig? A lot of people looking for how to straighten a wig are generally cosplayers and have modlon, kanekelon or tokoyalon fiber wigs, so this article offers more than one different methods.

Method 1: Straightening Iron Method

1. Get out your wig. Make sure it's clean, dry, and heat-safe.

2. Heat up a straightening iron by following the directions that come with it. Be patient. Make sure it's nice and hot. Remember not to make it hotter than the recommended temperature for the wig.

3. Set the wig on something to make it easier to work with, like a wig stand or a mannequin head.

4. Starting with the bottom of the wig, straighten small pieces of hair at a time. Be careful not to hold the straightener on the wig for too long because it will burn.

5. Move on to the middle area after you finish straightening the bottom pieces.

6. Straighten the top pieces. The idea is to work from bottom to top, since it's much easier than straightening an entire strand in one go. It is also easier to do this because wigs normally have wefts sewn on in layers.

7. Let the wig cool completely.

8. Comb it out carefully. Check for loose hairs.

9. Groom the wig by cutting the flyaway hairs.

10. Spray a light coating of hairspray over the entire wig to keep it from reverting to its former curliness. Spray from several inches away to avoid using too much hairspray.