Before styling, always tuck all of the hair behind your ears.

Bring forward only as much hair as is needed to make the wig look natural.

If needed, have a hair dresser trim the bangs and thin the human hair wigs to make it look more natural.

Shorter wigs—use a brush sparingly; your fingers will work better. Use Wig Styling Creme for hold, if desired.

Long, straight wigs—spray lightly with Wig Conditioner and brush with a Wig Brush, starting with the ends first, before styling.

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For touch-ups, lift hair with a Hair Pick, included in our Wig Styling Kit. The Kit also includes a Wig Brush, a Collapsible Wig Stand for drying wigs and other useful items.

For a more natural look, don’t try to have every hair in place.

Use scarf bands and other hair accessories as you would with your own hair.